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Shopee eCommerce App: From 200 to 2000 Conversions a Day

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For all the newbies out there fighting for their place under the digital marketing sky, know this – even the most experienced ones among us sometimes struggle.

This case study we are about to lay out for you showcases how a good mobile app user acquisition is done. It also presents why our advertisers rely on our expertise and guidelines when running campaigns on popular eCommerce apps. 

To help you out – it’s because of the results we can together achieve.

We believe going from only 200 conversions a day to no less than 2,000 is an outstanding result and a definition of success. And all that for less than two months time period.

How did we do it?

We will relieve all the secrets, don’t worry. But first, let us remind you that mobile commerce controls 73% of the global eCommerce market share and that the average annual mobile payment growth rate is constant – it increases by more than 60% each year.

If that’s not enough, the statistics show 85% of people prefer mobile apps to mobile websites.

So the future lies in the hands of mobile eCommerce apps, that’s clear. But we wanted to point out the relevancy of this case study as well.

Now let’s get to know the man (app) of the hour.

About the Shopping App

Some of you might have heard of this app, but people living in Southeast Asia and Taiwan are familiar with it for sure, given Shopee is the leading online shopping platform in this part of the world.

It is very reliable and offers nothing but convenient and seamless shopping for millions of people. App users can buy and sell at low prices anytime and anywhere, and find various exclusive offers.

App User Acquisition Campaign – How It Started?

Our advertiser, with whom we have worked for five years, now runs campaigns on different well-known short-video mobile apps, in a lot of different GEOs (ID, US, GB, BR, IN, MX).

But this time, our suggestion was to run Shopee. And we pulled all the guns we had.

The overview: We started with Popunder and added Direct click as well as Push notifications + when Survey Exit appeared on our platform, we included more campaigns and set them running on this format. As a result, we have had around 70,000+ conversions in less than two months. 

Geo: ID
Offer type / Vertical: eCommerce
CPI: $1
OS: Android
User activity: All
Ad formats: Popunder, Push notifications, Direct click, Survey Exit
Case study time frame: March 7 – May 3

The campaign flow

Day 1

On the 7th of March, we launched Popunder, Push notifications, and Direct click campaigns, all at once.

Onclick65 475016
Direct click57 3470141
Push2 157 1336 40472
Total (3):2 279 9556 404229

We ended the day with 229 conversions with a $1 CPI price. The decision was to leave those campaigns for more than two weeks so we could see the dynamics and optimize campaigns if needed.

Week 1 and 2

From March 7th to 23rd, campaigns were working perfectly, bringing around 300 conversions on a daily level. In total, we got 5,254 conversions with an average price of $1, which was the adverts target. And our mobile app user acquisition strategy was working.

Onclick ads2 201 80901 468
Direct click361 23401 198
Push ads29 209 361225 1562 588
Total (3):31 772 404225 1565 254

Quality feedback was great. All formats were bringing good results. But we wanted more!

We were looking for ways to get more traffic for each ad format.

Week 3

The next day, we decided to launch additional Pop, Push, and Direct click campaigns targeting all user activity levels. The only difference was that now we set off campaigns without pre-landers. Based on our research, we thought that’s what could make a difference.

In addition to that, we used different creatives, as well as badges on push campaigns (Announcement badge, Cup badge, Fingerprint badge, and Cart badge) to try to stimulate better results and increase CTRs. 

When the results came, we were impressed – traffic volumes grew 5 times.

7 296 245
+4 553 267
64 207
+43 902
1 866
+1 503
7 687 905
+4 483 447
68 903
+48 241
1 636
+1 305
4 292 570
+2 286 829
49 259
+30 434
1 396
+1 044
6 293 644
+4 855 186
59 745
+46 810
1 632
+1 357
26/03/2023 Sun
19/03/2023 Sun
4 160 879
+2 596 399
39 614
+26 060
1 590
+1 318
7 396 417
+5 980 029
50 563
+36 762
1 623
+1 357
5 233 486
+3 610 063
34 784
+19 206
Totals (7):42 361 146
+28 365 220
367 075
+251 415
10 466
+8 321

Note: Testing different pre-landers or landing pages without pre-landers can help reach a higher conversion rate, and brand-new creatives can be very helpful in increasing CTR.

In this case, the app was tested without pre-landers, so the landing page was the page in Google Store. The app showcases all its functions right away, as well as a bunch of positive reviews, which is sometimes enough to warm up a new user to install and continue with further activity in the app.

Bonus In-Page Push

Aside from all that, we wanted to start running In-Page Push ads as it usually works great with eCommerce.

We are referring to the Push notification type that usually results in higher CTR rates. It showcases better results than classic push because it is shown directly on the publisher’s website, so the possibility of users seeing it is 100%.

And the first launch brought us additional 91 conversions. 

IPP445 31010 56991

Bear in mind: In-Page Push ads work on all platforms, including iOS and all browsers. But there is no subscription collection, unlike Classic Push.

Time for Survey Exit

It’s always a good idea to launch different ad formats to find the best-converting combination and locate new opportunities to grow volumes. You should never be afraid to play and experiment a bit.

So we continued with our plan of launching fresh campaigns on different ad formats when the Survey Exit ads appeared.

Survey Exit helps target an already warmed-up audience that is pre-engaged with themed surveys, and is more likely to convert right away. 

It was clear we had to give it a go. We set in motion some campaigns there as well, and it brought an additional 70 conversions daily on average.

03/05/20238 445052
02/05/20236 886012
01/05/202311 850038
30/04/2023 Sun20 563042
29/04/2023 Sat30 782095
28/04/202325 169089
27/04/202319 098089
26/04/202325 1810101
25/04/202313 894075
24/04/202316 3190123
23/04/2023 Sun11 895083
22/04/2023 Sat16 883059
21/04/202322 718095
Total (13):229 6830953

For the period of 13 days, we had 953 conversions based solely on Survey Exit.

If you haven’t heard about the new and exclusive ad format PropellerAds recently released, this is the best way to find out about it – through some kickass results we achieved with it.

Note: The thing with this format is that you will always get a highly motivated audience; the risk of them not converting is super low.

To Sum Up

In this particular case running top-performing campaigns, and testing different traffic formats, pre-landers, and creatives brought us great results.

From 200 conversions a day to an average of 1500. You have to agree this sounds amazing!

And from the moment we started working on Shopee, till the end of the second month of running campaigns, we achieved a total sum of 70k conversions. This marked success was reflected in the overall revenue generated.

Also, it proved Shopee was a great mobile app user acquisition platform to start with.

Total (18):373 524 8833 111 39870 245

Bonus tip: Always keep in mind that fear has no place in this line of business. Be brave, don’t hesitate to engage with testing – it can be very fruitful, and choose wisely your advertising partners.

Final Thoughts

The main point is this – running mobile app campaigns on the PropellerAds platform will help you achieve great results. Another one comes in the form of encouragement for the advertisers to give a proper chance to all of our ad formats. Including our newest features.

This client trusted its manager to guide him through the testing of all ad formats, even the just-released Survey Exit, and it led him to tremendous growth in conversions and profit.

But manager or no manager, you should always strive to test new hot offers we are sending you via email + different funnels (with or without pre-lander). 

On a final note, the Shopee case study emphasizes the importance of being proactive and open to auditioning new approaches when scaling campaign performance. 

“By continuously monitoring market trends, seeking guidance from managers, and exploring innovative strategies, our client achieved significant growth in conversions”,

– explained Diana Antsupova, the Account Strategist at PropellerAds who worked on the case.

This serves as a testament to the effectiveness of adapting to market dynamics and leveraging data-driven insights to drive success in mobile advertising.


And don’t forget, you are always welcome to join our Telegram Chat — network, discuss, share your experience!


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