Recently, we have introduced our new ad format — Survey Exit. With it, you can reach the most engaged users: those who filled out themed surveys and are now ready for your offer on a similar topic.

As this format is fresh, novel, and exclusive, some of you might not clearly understand how effective it really is. No problem, we’ll demonstrate it right now: meet a very vivid case study from our partner, who was one of the first to test Survey Exit. 

A little spoiler: the test showed impressive results. Compared to a classical Onclick Campaign, Survey Exit brought 22 times higher CR with 6 times lower conversion price.

Briefly: How Does Survey Exit Work?

To launch a campaign, just select Survey Exit among the other formats on PropellerAds’ self-service platform. You can play around with the following settings:

  • Bidding Models: CPA Goal, CPC, and SmartCPC
  • Survey Type: Social, Giveaway, Finance, etc.
  • Creatives: Your offer landing page

This is how it looks on our self-service platform:


When your Survey Exit campaign goes live, PropellerAds algorithms start matching your offer with users who filled out a survey on a similar topic.


This flow looks the following way:

  • A user fills out a survey on Finance, Giveaway, Social, or other topics. This is how they are segmented, and get ready for further actions!
  • When the user finishes the survey, they are redirected to your landing page with the offer. Survey Exit audience is usually interested in most offer types, but you can set an additional targeting by Survey Type to cover a particular vertical.
  • Only real users pass surveys, so you are sure to get top-quality traffic with only an engaged, authentic audience and high conversion rates.

Survey Exit is already available for all advertisers — find it on your self-service platform.

Recently, we have introduced our new ad format — Survey Exit. With it, you can reach the most engaged users:

About the Case Study

Our advertiser has been successfully working with Giveaway offers for a long time. His proven bundle was the SmartCPM model and Onclick format.

When he was offered to be one of the first to try the new Survey Exit format, he decided to check if Survey Exit could show better performance than Onclick.

So, our partner launched a seven-day test with two ad formats for the same Giveaway offer. He knows that Giveaway offers are relevant to people interested in the Finance vertical, too — so he created three campaigns:

CampaignDatesBidding ModelSmartCPM RateSmartCPC Rate
Giveaway Offer – Survey Exit (Finance type)01/04/2023-07/04/2023SmartCPC$0,008
Giveaway Offer – Survey Exit (Giveaway type)01/04/2023-07/04/2023SmartCPC$0,008
Giveaway Offer – Onclick01/04/2023-07/04/2023SmartCPM$7,5
Recently, we have introduced our new ad format — Survey Exit. With it, you can reach the most engaged users:

The desired price per conversion for the Survey Exit campaigns was $1.

In a week, he got the following results:

Giveaway Offer – Survey Exit (Finance type)3022111773.89$183.330.150.006
Giveaway Offer – Survey Exit (Giveaway type)680660184462.71$5010,530.270.007
Giveaway Offer – Onclick10849721206090.18$19180,841,7

What does it all mean? Here are the main insights our advertiser got:

  • The Onclick campaign generated more impressions. This was pretty expected: Onclick is supposed to give a high reach by design.
  • When comparing conversion rates, it turned out that it was almost 15 times higher at the Survey Exit campaign targeting the Giveaway audience — and about 22 times higher at the Survey Exit targeting the Finance audience
  • The price per conversion for Survey Exit campaigns was 6 times (Finance audience) and 3 times (Giveaway audience) lower
  • Survey Exit campaigns were significantly cheaper than Onclick, delivering higher CR at the same time.

To Sum Up

Isn’t that enough proof? This case makes it evident that Survey Exit does give you the most engaged users who will actively convert and bring you profit at lower costs.

Why don’t you try it for your campaign right now?


And don’t forget to share what you think in our Telegram Chat!


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