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[NEW Ad Format] Survey Exit: Reach the Hottest Audience

survey exit new ad format

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Meet the new ad format at PropellerAds – Survey Exit ads

Survey Exit is a really exclusive ad format to help you target an already warmed-up audience – those users who filled out different types of surveys – Finance, Giveaway, and Social. As such, you get a highly focused and engaged audience, already interested in your offer and directed right to your landing page.

Finding Survey Exit in your account is super easy. You will see it as an option among the rest formats right here:


Excited? Find more details below.

What is so special about Survey Exit?

  • Users with real intent: the Survey Exit format is your best opportunity to reach a highly-active audience carefully filtered by PropellerAds’ anti-fraud algorithms, which ensures that only real users will see your offer 
  • Such users are highly engaged with all offer types, but if you want extra targeting, you can choose a Survey type (Finance, Giveaway, or Social) to focus on specific audiences.  
  • The pricing model that fits your strategy: CPA Goal, CPC, and SmartCPC with CPC as low as $0.001.
  • Landing page as your creative: No need to spend hours designing new illustrations for creatives, your current LP will work just fine.
Propellerads - how survey exit works

Regarding the fact that Survey Exit is highly precise and interests-specific, this format has a huge potential to bring exceptional performance. What is more, the audience already engaged with surveys reacts to ads significantly better than any other, therefore – bringing more conversions.


Having access to such an active audience is highly deemed by all advertisers, meaning the competition is severe. Make sure to use competitive CPCs to tap into the audience and get the most out of it!

Try it and see!

So, in general, what you get with Survey Exit is high-end traffic – users who have already made their way from a Survey to your landing page. No risks – you reach the audience ready to convert, which is exactly the reason why Survey Exit is your source of premium traffic.

The best thing – users who completed the surveys are motivated to act. You get them at the very end of their user journey, where they are one small step away from a conversion. 

Get super-relevant and hot traffic for exceptional performance and, therefore – more money in your pocket! 

Try new format

Try Survey Exit and share your feedback on our Telegram Chat!


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