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interstitial facts
Interstitial Ads

Interstitial Ads in 2024: Extensive FAQ for Beginners

Learn everything about one of the most engaging advertising formats ever - Interstitial ads. Extensive FAQ at your disposal

how to run a trading app
App Marketing

Onclick + Survey Exit + Interstitials = 15k+ Conversions for a Trading App [Case Study]

How to combine PropellerAds ad formats to build a flawless campaign for a trading app offer? Learn in our new case study from our partner.

animated message template
Interstitial Ads

Boost Your CTR With New Interstitial Templates [Real Case Studies Inside]

The new dimension of Interstitials is here: meet the new templates that boost conversion rates and get more clicks than ever before

New Interstitial Template
Interstitial Ads

New Interstitial Landing Template: What it is and How to Use it

Looking for a fast and easy landing template that doesn’t require any extra creatives? Try the new Interstitial Landing Template

interstitial templates - which one to pick
Interstitial Ads

Interstitial Templates: Which One to Pick?

Now we have 7 customizable Interstitial templates. Which one you'll choose to make your ads stand out and attract more users? Read the article, for more ?

propellerads - interstitials x cpa goal
Case Studies

CPA Goal for Interstitials: Finance Survey Case Study

When combined with a CPA Goal auto-optimization tool, Interstitials show their full potential. Check this case study & learn how to boost performance

Propellerads - cpa goal for interstitials -
Interstitial Ads

CPA Goal is now Available on Interstitials

CPA Goal is now available on Interstitials. Enjoy effective and hassle-free auto-optimization for your affiliate ad campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing

Interstitials: Brighten Your Campaigns Up with This Ad Format

Interstitials are highly-interactive, bright, and impossible to overlook. They can bring high CTR and CR. Find out how to make the most of this format!

custome- Zone -Bidding- CPC
Platform Updates

Custom Zone Bidding for Push & Interstitial CPC Campaigns

Maximize ROI by fine-tuning CPC bids for specific zones in Push & Interstitial campaigns. Enhance targeting and boost performance efficiently

CPA goal - push - onclick
Platform Updates

CPA GOAL for Push, Onclick & Interstitials|Fully Automated Optimization for Fine-Tuned Campaigns

Meet the CPA Goal – an auto-optimization tool that helps driving conversions at the target price you set. The algorithm is able to predict what traffic segments are mos...

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