New year, new you! But what about Popunder ads in the coming year? We’ve gathered the most important questions that affiliate marketers like you ask, and we’re giving you all the answers. 

So buckle up, and get ready to rock Popunder Ads from the ground up, in 2022.

What is OnClick Popunder?

Popunders are ads that open under the active window of the browser when the user clicks on the initial page. This way a full Landing Page or website page (your “Target URL”) is displayed in a new tab, unde the one that the user is viewing.

OnClick Popunder is a very popular ad format that was created to beat banner blindness.  

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Are Popunder ads effective?

Popunders are one of the most effective formats. They don’t need user permission to be displayed, offer enough space for long text and large creatives, and bring very good Conversion Rates (CR). 

They are very effective on mobile devices, where they boast a 0.78% CR and a $0.64 CPM, on average.

How do users get on the OnClick ad?

When you run OnClick campaigns, Popunders with your landing page or website open on various publishers’ websites. These ads are opened when users click anywhere on the web pages. 

This way your “Target URL” opens under the active tab of the browser. It allows the user to continue browsing the initial page he was navigating on, or to go straight on your content – UX effective.

How do OnClick Popunders look?

Popunder is a transparent layer on a publisher’s website. When the user clicks anywhere on the page it opens a new tab with your “Target URL”. 

Do OnClick Popunder ads open in a new tab or not?

Unlike other formats, Popunders open as a new browser tab. In fact, the moment the user clicks on the page with the OnClick tag, he will automatically open the Popunder, under the active tab.

How do you define user activity on OnClick ads?

When it comes to OnClicks, user activity depends on how many times a user has already seen your Popunder ads. The fewer times one user sees one ad, the higher the user activity. With PropellerAds you can target users based on their activity and choose between three levels:

PropellerAds - Targeting by User Activity
Targeting by User Activity Level

Do I need to add creatives on my Popunder ad?

The Popunder ad format doesn’t require any additional ad creatives, because once the user clicks on the website he automatically opens the landing page or website that you add as “Target URL”. So all you need to run OnClick ads is a Landing Page or website. 

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What is an optimal frequency for OnClick ads?

When it comes to Popunder ads, less is more. And unless you know your audience preferences very well, we recommend using the default frequency of 3 ads every 24 hours.

However, if you need to show the ads ONLY to unique visitors, you can send 1 ad every 336 hours (yes, that’s 1 every 2 weeks).

Which are the best verticals for Popunder traffic?

Popunders usually perform very well with most verticals. However, they have the best results on Sweepstakes, Mobile Apps, and Installs. During special events, they have been found to perform very well on iGaming and eCommerce as well. 

How much do Popunder ads cost? (What is the lowest bid rate for OnClick?)

The cost for Popunders is the bid per 1000 impressions (CPM). Running Popunder ads with PropellerAds you can set a bid as low as $0.01. 

However, we recommend running tests to determine your campaign’s potential and the ideal bid value. Alternatively, you will likely get a low CR.

What are the bidding models available on Popunder?

There are three bidding models available for all PropellerAds clients on Popunders: CPA Goal, CPM, and SMART CPM. Based on your experience level or campaign goal you can choose the one that suits you best.

PropellerAds - Pricing Models
Bidding Models

Is there an auto-optimization feature for Popunder?

The simplest auto-optimization tool that you can use when running Popunder ads with PropellerAds is the CPA Goal bidding model. The only expertise you need to run it, is to set the conversion price. 

Using it, the system will continue setting bids automatically, bringing you conversions based on the target price you set. At the same time, the CPA Goal also excludes underperforming zones from targeting, boosting your campaign performance. 

What traffic sources are there for Popunders?

Working with PropellerAds you can always choose between working with the broker or in-house generated traffic, on every format.

How can I get only engaged audiences with OnClick? 

One of the fastest and most effective ways to reach only engaged audiences with OnClick ads, is by targeting Direct Click traffic. It features different combinations of placements and formats, and takes interested users straight to your offer. Without any other steps of creatives in between.

PropellerAds - Direct Click Traffic
Direct Click Traffic

Can I add a Pre-lander to my OnClick Landing Page?

Yes, adding Pre-landers to your Popunder Landing Page is possible. But you’ll need to use redirecting software to add this extra step to your funnel.

What are the differences between Popunder and Popup?

The difference between Popunder and Popup ads is the fact that the first opens a new tab in the browser under the main page the user is browsing on, not obstructing his session. 

On the other hand, the latter opens on top of the page the user is viewing, so unless he notices the “X” sign to close the Popup, he will end up leaving the main page he was on. 

Popunder or popup: what is the best and why?

Popunder is the most preferred option by many advertisers because they are less invasive, opening the ad in a new tab under the main one the user is viewing. This format is also more user-friendly.

Since it doesn’t obstruct the page as Popups do, users are more likely to engage with the Popunder content (resulting in  a higher CR), as opposed to just closing the ad.

Hope this answers all your questions. And if not, come join us on Telegram, and let’s further discuss Popunders in 2022.


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