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Hot Video Guides for All Ad Formats 2022

hot video guides

So, here you are, at the PropellerAds ad platform. You must be excited by all of the ad formats, tools, features, and opportunities we offer! To make sure that this variety doesn’t make you confused, we have prepared simple and detailed video guides on the campaign launch. 

Whether you choose Push, In-Page Push, Popunder, or Interstitial – we are here to help you start your first campaign and guide you through the entire process. We will talk about everything you need for a successful launch, show you how to navigate campaign settings, and the best thing – demonstrate the first statistics for every campaign we have created together. 

In-Page Push ads video guide

Marvelous videos about this special traffic type + statistics and campaign launch (+ Russian version). 

Classic Push ads video guide

Web push – so classic! Detailed series that include everything from pricing models to creatives advice (+Spanish and Russian versions).

Onclick / Popunder ads video guide

Have you heard of famous Popunder ads? Learn everything about them and launch your campaign with us (+Spanish and Russian versions).

Interstitial ads video guide

Interstitial – conversion prices, targeting, templates, and more – master Interstitials today (+ Russian version)! 

In every video series, we will discuss the format in general, GEOs, verticals, targeting and retargeting, creatives, budget, pricing models, and more! We will show you how to create a campaign step by step, moving gradually through the creation process, focusing on every important point. Enjoy!

Do you like our video guides? Do you have more ideas for new series? Share your thoughts in our Telegram chat!


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