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Turkey: Hot and Promising GEO You Cannot Overlook


Turkey is one of the most romantic countries in the world. It is the land of numerous civilizations and unexplored cultures, warm sea, and historical artifacts. But our dear affiliates are willing to discover another part of this beautiful land – is Turkey a profitable GEO? And what are the unique traits it has? 

Well, from our experience, Turkey is a shiny Tier 2 country and a winning GEO for fresh affiliates. One should consider this GEO because of super-low traffic prices, incredible traffic volumes as well as low competition level. Entering the sweet world of Turkish traffic is a great first step and numerous verticals work really well here. 

By the way, economists define Turkey as one of the world’s newly industrialized countries. The level of its income and employment has grown significantly since 2000. The country can also boast of fast technological development.

Today, you will learn everything about Turkish affiliate campaigns, GEO peculiarities, most converting verticals, winning creatives, customers preferences, and more. And, as always, see the stats, get some insights, and campaign launch tips. Let’s get started!

Background information 

Before we dive into affiliate marketing insights, let’s discover some general facts and numbers regarding Turkey:

  • Population: 85 million people
  • Average wage: 4750 Turkish liras per month ($550)
  • Internet access: 74%
  • eCommerce market size and revenue: 20th in the world – 250 billion Turkish liras (around $32.5 billion), which is more than Switzerland 
  • Smartphone users: 69%
  • Official language: Turkish 
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Turkish users: what do you need to know about them?

In terms of cultural aspects and interests, Turkish customers are different from Western and European ones. Still, just like in Europe and Western regions, Turkish eagerly follow trends, love shopping, and are fond of small pleasures. 


Islam is the most widespread religion in Turkey – 99.8% of its population are Muslim. This religion is accepted on the governmental level as a prevailing one, so social rules and laws rest on Muslim postulates widely. 

Yes, as you have already guessed, regulations of everything connected with iGaming, Sports, and Dating are rather strict here. However, it doesn’t mean that locals are all that conservative and follow the traditional interpretation of Islam without exception. According to Cultural Atlas, some of them are not practicing Muslims. They might find iGaming and find Dating offers rather appealing. 

However, even though users might be interested in such offers, the regulations still exist and you should keep them in mind. Make your creatives light – this will help your campaigns avoid being rejected. 


Apart from the official Turkish, the list of widespread languages in Turkey includes Kurmanji plus less common Zazaki and Arabic. There are also minor languages around different parts of the country, like Armenian and some Caucasian dialects. 

Only 17% of Turkish can speak basic English, though fluent speakers are rare here. You got it – all of your creatives should be translated into Turkish.


According to Santander research, Turkish consumers are fond of luxury goods, like electronics and mobile devices. That is why, some types of Finance offers, eCommerce, and Sweeps might be really winning here. We will discuss the best-performing verticals in our next section. 

Top-performing verticals in Turkey 

Now let’s get to the juicy part and discuss which verticals perform really well in Turkey. Read and take heed. 

iGaming and Sports

Working with iGaming offers in Turkey, you should remember two main things:

  • This vertical is strictly regulated by the government. Yes, Turkey used to be the heart of the entertainment industry decades ago, however, now iGaming-related activities are mostly prohibited. But!
  • Most locals love iGaming. At the same time, Turkish users are really interested in iGaming offers! As our experts claim, this vertical is a real champion around the GEO. 

To avoid getting rejected with your iGaming offers, make your creatives look modest. It makes sense not to make them too direct – sometimes just hinting is enough. 


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Dating is another perfectly-performing vertical in Turkey. Locals are extremely communicative and never mind having small talk with a charming lady or a handsome man. They eagerly accept dating offers, especially when you frame them nicely.

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If you want to know how to conquer the hearts of Turkish with your creatives and avoid mistakes, then continue reading – we will discuss the details in the further section.


Another super-popular vertical in Turkey is Cryptocurrency. Such offers perform really well, but you should remember that BTC is regulated here. Keep the rules in mind and craft winning creatives that don’t violate them. 


Turkish users are concerned about their online safety and eagerly download antiviruses and cleaners. 

Due to regulations, Turkish cannot enjoy iGaming and Cryptocurrency without having a reliable VPN, so this is another reason for Utilities to be popular. And a hint for you. 


As we have mentioned before, Turkish are fond of luxury and expensive devices. They really like to underline their social standing.

And, as we all know, nothing represents one’s status better than a cool smartphone or some fashion accessories. eCommerce offers are rather popular here.


Yes, you already got that – Turkish love Sweepstakes, especially when you have something really appealing to offer. Let it be shiny, catchy, and plummy. 

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Creatives: how to engage Turkish users? 

Pictures! Is there anyone on Earth who doesn’t like them? Or at least, someone who can resist them? Guess, not. And, yes, creatives ginger your campaigns up, so let’s see how to approach them. 

GEO-specific images are absolutely a must – it is important to mind your audience’s preferences. 

General advice: make it smooth and light 

According to our stats, most of the creatives used for Turkish campaigns are pretty standard. They are not very different from those affiliates use for European or Western countries.

At the same time, there is one significant detail. The best-performing creatives in Turkey look modest and smooth. This GEO requires soft engagement.

Stick to modesty in Dating 

Dating creatives can be different, but when you work with Turkey, you should know what they find appealing and acceptable. From our partners’ experience, pretty selfies should be decent: portraits and pictures in evening dresses work well here. 

Also, mind that the models on your images should be typical Turkish (shiny black hair, bright hazel eyes, etc.). Locals are more interested in meeting someone from their region.

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Avoid using too anxious creatives for Utilities 

The same is true for Utilities. Turkish users react more eagerly to creatives that rather inform, not scare. This might be a suggestion that their phone or tablet would work better after cleaning or something like that. 

Even though the banners and pre-landers might use red colors and even nuclear signs, they should stay discreet. Offer, recommend, and give advice instead of insisting and alarming your users. Be mild. 

Engage people in iGaming and Sweepstakes 

These two verticals also require a special approach – make sure to emphasize that you offer to play a game and test their luck. For iGaming, use pictures with football teams and balls, for Sweepstakes – choose something as luxurious as you can. 

Stick to the entertainment rather than potential gain – Turkish has been a heart of recreation activities for a while and locals like having fun. Also, this way, you will omit troubles with moderation. Just make sure that you give what you offer.

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Be careful with Cryptocurrency 

Maybe, one of the riskiest verticals here is Crypto. First, you must meet the GEO regulations and the policy of our platform. Second, you should make your pre-landers soft – tell a success story, describe the benefits of the offer, and tell people what makes BTC so amazing. Again, keep it informative.

Don’t use the “thumbs-up” sign

Not all gestures mean the same thing around different regions. In Turkey, a thumbs-up sign is not acceptable. It has an absolutely negative and offensive meaning for the locals, so make sure you don’t use it for creatives. 

Some targeting tips 

  • Ad format: In-Page Push + Onclick 

All Turkish traffic consists of Onclick and Push notifications – fifty-fifty. They work perfectly when combined. 

  • User activity: High level

For the best results, you’d better target highly active users – hoist your sail when the wind is fair!

  • Platforms: Windows and Android 

Most Turkish users choose Android when it comes to mobile traffic and Windows when it comes to desktop. 

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  • Language: Turkish only

As we have already discovered, Turkey speaks Turkish. No English creatives will succeed here, since most dwellers don’t speak it. 


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Statistics, numbers, and facts 

And now let’s move to our most favorite part – the stats. Nothing represents a GEO better than they do!

Let’s start with the ad formats and see how they perform in Turkey:

FormatImpressionsClicksTraffic share, %
Push129,487,100214 96854%
Interstitial555,71550 5961%

So, Push goes ahead of all the other types and shows an incredible amount of impressions – 129,487,100! Onclick goes next, so as we have already suggested, you are welcome to use both for your campaigns for the best result. 
Let’s discuss the efficiency of our formats regarding the most converting verticals.

VerticalImpressionsTraffic share, %Average CPM

For Onclick, we have the following leaders – eCommerce, Utilities, and iGaming. They bring 200-400 impressions.

Push notifications
VerticalImpressionsClicksTraffic share, %Average CTRAverage CPC

Push is rather impressive when it comes to eCommerce – there are 32,293,578 impressions! iGaming shows less impressions, but doesn’t lag behind when it comes to clicks – 15,887 is a significant amount. And the third leading vertical we can highlight is Sports – 889,181 and 8,892 clicks. 

VerticalImpressionsClicksTraffic share, %Average CTRAverage CPM

As you may know, Interstitial is rarely used as a stand-alone format, but it performs great when being a part of a combination – whether you mix it with Push or Onclick. From our stats, it shows amazing results for Utilities, iGaming, and Sports.


So, dear affiliates, now you know that Turkey is one of the GEOs you should keep in mind. Currently, it is not stuffed with competitors – this is your perfect chance to take a cozy place in the warm lights of the Turkish sun. Let’s sum things up:

  • Turkey can boast of huge volumes of cheap traffic
  • The best combination for your campaign is: Onclick + Push Notifications + High Activity Users Group
  • Creatives should be rather standard, but light 
  • The best verticals are: Dating, iGaming, eCommerce, Utilities, and Cryptocurrency 
  • Target Android and Windows users 
  • Use Turkish language only

So what are you waiting for? Grab these tips and go for it – start your stellar campaign today! Good luck!

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