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How to Promote Clickbank Products with PropellerAds? 

promoting clickbank products

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Advertisers and media buyers become more experienced and well-versed when moving through their marketing journey. The only thing that stays the same for both newbies and professionals is… Where to get the best offers and how to promote them efficiently? 

When searching for offers to promote, one of the first ideas that comes to mind is ClickBank, a well-known eCommerce network for product sellers and affiliate marketers. In a word, this is exactly the place where these two parties find each other. 

Okay, you may know that ClickBank actually exists and has a lot for affiliate marketers. But what’s next? And how to approach that? How to promote products? Let’s find out.

To start from: What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a global affiliate marketplace. As stated on their website, they “enable businesses with great products to connect with elite affiliates who can promote those products”.  

In addition to a wide range of legit offers to promote, ClickBank also provides marketing services, tools, and educational programs for advertisers and product owners. 

How to promote offers with ClickBank?

So let’s imagine that you are an advertiser who works in the Beauty niche. You are looking for converting offers that would bring you a commission. When you open ClickBank, your actions are:

  • Traffic. You need a traffic source, which can definitely be your favorite PropellerAds, plus – social networks, your blog, or any other. We will come back to this question later.
  • Offer. Now you choose the offer relevant to your audience. 
  • Tracking link. The next step is to create a tracking link from ClickBank for your Beauty product.
  • Promotion. You put the product and the tracking link in front of your traffic source(s) to generate sales of the supplement product.
  • Get a commission. ClickBank pays a commission directly for each sale you generate. 

Easy, right? 

Pros and cons of ClickBank


  • Numerous offers in various categories that mostly include packages of affiliate tools, visuals, texts, etc. This means that you don’t have to prepare the promotional materials yourself – grab the offer and roll it;
  • The commissions are pleasantly high and typically make 50-70% on each sale you make. This is great news for everyone looking for a long-term passive income opportunity. 
  • ClickBank has a payment platform, order forms, refund policy, mobile checkout, and other in-built features. This means that you don’t have to set them up yourself. 
  • ClickBanks tracks, calculates, and processes all payments automatically, which excludes risks of being cheated. 


  • This platform has strict policies and the approval process can take time (and not always end positively for you). 
  • Everyone heads to ClickBank and competition is high, which is a good and bad thing at the same time. So basically it may take a while to beat the competitors and start earning good with ClickBank, but luckily they have a huge amount of educational materials to help the beginners.
  • ClickBank is a bit inconvenient for dormant users. If your account stays inactive and doesn’t get any earnings during 90 days, the platform will start charging a commission ($1 per day).

What products to promote at ClickBank?

Now let’s see which offers are there at ClickBank. Globally, they are sorted into categories:

As you can see, these are mostly eCommerce and “white” products, which means that promotion requires corresponding creatives. With ClickBank, you won’t be able to promote iGaming, Mobile Content, most Sweepstakes and definitely anything related to adult offers. 

Thus, even though ClickBank has a wide range of offers to choose from, you can also promote your own ones using this platform. Create a direct response offer for your top product located on your landing page or just copy the sales funnel you already have to work with ClickBank.

Best ClickBank products to promote in 2023

However, if you have decided to pick something from ClickBank, then you will find a whole section dedicated to their top-converting offers right on their website. Among the best selling ClickBank products of 2023 you will find:


  • Category: Dietary Supplements 
  • EPC (earnings per click) = $1.49
  • APV (average payout value) = $133.36
  • Hop Conversion Rate = 1.12%
  • Affiliate Tools Page

The supplementary product Prostadine is promoted as a solution for men worried about the health of their prostate and potential issues that can be caused by hard water. 

This product would interest affiliates who work with such niches as men’s health, natural remedy, and anti-aging. The offer includes a pack of compelling creatives. 


  • Category: Remedies 
  • EPC = $1.09
  • APV = $125.32
  • Hop Conversion Rate = 0.87%
  • Affiliate Tools Page

ClickBank mentions Sonofit as one of the products that has been on top for a year already. This one is a hearing-loss remedy and a natural alternative to mass market options that include ototoxins. Targeting tip – for this product, your audience is 45+. 

The offer already includes affiliate tools and content you will need for a campaign. Works well for both newcomers and experienced advertisers.


  • Category: Dietary Supplements
  • EPC = $0.73
  • APV = $146.17
  • Hop Conversion Rate = 0.49%
  • Affiliate Tools Page

Weight loss products are ever-green, including Metaboflex, another top ClickBank offer. The supplement is described as the one that specifically fights belly fat by boosting metabolism. Again, natural ingredients, no soy, no dairy, no GMO, etc.  

As ClickBank claims, the high APV of this offer indicates its high potential to stay on top for a while. And yes, since the beach season is coming, the weight-loss goods are on the rise, so catch your chance. Consider a 30+ audience.

This offer also has a whole pack of affiliate tools, so you can start working with it right away. 

Pelvic Floor Strong

  • Category: Women’s Health
  • EPC = $0.98
  • APV = $71.71
  • Hop Conversion Rate = 1.36%
  • Affiliate Tools Page
PropellerAds - Clickbank - pelvic floor offer

Pelvic Floor Strong is a wellness program for women aimed at improving health and preventing bladder leakage. This fitness pack includes training on kegels, exercises to improve posture and metabolism, abdominal strengthening, and more. If you work with the Women’s Health niche, this offer will fit well to your marketing activity.    

And this offer also contains visual materials and appealing texts, including a real-life story that back up product efficiency. Also suitable for green and seasoned affiliates.

Moon Reading

  • Category: Spirituality, New Age, & Alternative Beliefs
  • EPC = $0.36
  • APV = $24.49
  • Hop Conversion Rate = $1.39%
  • Affiliate Tools Page

Moon Reading is a popular application for everyone interested in astrology, horoscopes, and self-reflection. As stated in ClickBank’s description, this offer works great with cold traffic and enjoys exceptional admiration from returning customers. 

How much money can you get from ClickBank offers?

When the conversion occurs, the order is being processed and the lead gets a receipt, here is how ClickBank counts the commissions: 

  • 7.5% + $1 transaction fee from the total purchase price goes to ClickBank (+ taxes and shipping);
  • The rest of the sum is divided between the seller and affiliate, regarding the chosen commission structure.

So, example. Let’s imagine, the initial price of the product you promote is $100. ClickBank takes $8.50 off the top, leaving $91.50 + $6 for taxes and shipping. It remains $85.50 to be split between the seller and affiliate. Say, if you work with the RevShare model, this is going to make 65%, which is $55.58 for the affiliate (and $29.92 for the seller).

Traffic sources for ClickBank offers

In general, there are two primary ways to generate traffic for your ClickBank offer: paid and free. 

Paid: PropellerAds and its tools

  • Efficient ad formats and traffic types. ClickBank agrees that banner ads are efficient in terms of bringing fast results even though they cost money. 

And PropellerAds has something to offer here: Popunder ads, Push ads, In-Page Push ads, Interstitial ads, Direct Click and Survey Exit ads. They cover various marketing purposes (maximal visibility with Interstitials, the hottest traffic with Survey Exit, exceptional user experience with Push, etc.) and work great with all verticals. 

  • Performance-boosting tools. Direct Click and Survey Exit will help you access the most engaged audience, Retargeting – to re-engage users, User Activity Levels will help you balance your costs and conversions, and Interest and Demographic Targeting will help you focus on audience with the relevant interests, age and gender.
  • Optimization instruments. AI-Powered CPA Goal can automate ad optimization, bidding, and zone exclusion, so you don’t have to do that manually. Plus, the Multi-Format Campaign will speed up your tests and scale campaigns.

Free marketing: social networks and blogs

  • Facebook groups. How to promote ClickBank products on Facebook for free? After spotting the most active groups relevant to your offer, you might start posting and commenting there (just don’t be spammy and make sure your offer complies with the Facebook policies). You can also create a media page to scale your online presence. 
  • YouTube and Tik Tok. YouTube and Tik Tok can become rich sources of organic traffic, especially if you already have channels. The best video formats for YouTube/Tik Tok affiliate marketing include product reviews and comparisons, unboxing, and video testimonials. Collaborations with influencers are also a great idea. And never forget to include a clear CTA with an active link to your product right in the video.
  • Instagram and Pinterest. These two networks are known for being visually-oriented, so they will work for corresponding products (eCommerce, Health and Beauty, for example). Locate links to the offer page in your posts or/and account descriptions to drive sales and commissions. 
  • Blogs. Your blog can also become a place to promote ClickBank offers, especially if you will post product reviews there. 

Just to remind you, PropellerAds policies are less strict than most social networks have. And the best strategy we totally recommend is combining different marketing channels, both paid and free. 

A small ClickBank FAQ instead of conclusion 

  • Is ClickBank a reliable platform for affiliate marketing?

Yes, indeed, ClickBank is credible and has a wide range of products in numerous categories for promotion. They do pay commissions (payment periods are one or two weeks) and can boast of a large base of active affiliates and sellers. 

  • Is ClickBank a paid service? 

No, it’s not, you can use ClickBank offers for free as long as you stay active. Remember that 90 days of inactivity will cost you $1 per day.

  •  Which is the best traffic source for ClickBank offers?

We recommend combining paid traffic from PropellerAds and free organic traffic from social networks. 

  • Is it profitable to promote ClickBank products? 

In general, what makes ClickBank an attractive option for earning is their high commissions for affiliates. So our answer is “yes”. 

  • Do you need a landing page to start promoting ClickBank offers?

No, you don’t need to set up a landing page for that. What is more, most ClickBank offers already have pre-made promotional materials, like creatives and copies. No hassle. 

Well, now you know where to find offers and how to approach the ClickBank platform. And PropellerAds is always here to help you scale your campaigns with high-quality traffic! See you soon!

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