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Pet Vertical Overview: Tips, Creatives, Specifics

pet vertical overview

We continue our investigations of unusual verticals. Today, we are going to talk about the Pet vertical – a rapidly-growing segment in affiliate marketing

Most urban citizens treat their pets like family members and really like to pamper them in all ways, spending a lot of money on their cats and dogs. Not only dogs and cats are happy about this fact, but also businesses, ad agencies, and affiliate marketers are. Because high demand makes the global pet market grow. 

Yahoo Finance made a report with key pet market statistics around the USA in 2022:

  1. Dogs are the most popular pet, owned by 69 million households;
  2. Cats are owned by 45.3 million households;
  3. Fish are owned by more than 10 million households;
  4. Total expenses on pet care in the USA were $109.6 billion in 2021;
  5. 32% of pet owners are millennials;
  6. The number of insured pets is 3.45 million, 82.9% of them are dogs.  

Let’s see how the demand for pet food has grown worldwide over the last years:


As you can see, in the last 12 years, the demand grew three times and these are treats for dogs and cats only. However, the spending trends go far beyond food, since loving pet owners eagerly buy training programs, accessories, toys, wellness and healthcare products, and so much more.  

Pet vertical potential and reasons for growth

  • COVID-19 pandemic and online shopping

As Zippia claims, during the COVID-19 in 2020, the global pet market grew by 28%. It is logical because a significant segment of the Pet vertical is eCommerce. This market experienced a rough spike due to pandemics. Since that time, the growth tendency remained, just at a slower pace. 

  • Generation shift 

Also, the possible reason for further Pet vertical growth is that more millennials are becoming pet owners and their attitude to animals is different from the previous generations. Millennials are more attached to their pets. They are more likely to spend significant sums for animal goods and buy accessories, training programs and treats that were not popular among the Generation X representatives. 

  • Meeting needs

Last but not least, online pet shopping grows because it is simply convenient. Ordering online is time-saving, people can read product descriptions right on the landing page, and choose whatever they find suitable without going to a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

The variety of offers in the Pet vertical 

Now that we know how promising the Pet vertical is, let’s check which product types you can promote as an affiliate. As example, we took a pack of offers from Clickbank and other open sources. 

The Online Dog Trainer

  • Average payout value: $35.7
  • Starting Commission: 70%

Pet products can be both – physical and digital. This one is a training course for dog owners, willing to train their pets correctly and efficiently. 

The course is paid and it costs $47 (no fees) + additional upsell ($9 per month) for solving more dog issues. The product is claimed to be a cost-effective alternative to hiring a dog trainer and buying special equipment. The same seller offers more pet stuff, like an audiobook version of the instructions, plus – puppy coaching products and other training materials.  

Also, the affiliate program includes a lot of useful instruments and items, like texts, banners, a landing page, keywords to use, email swipes, and more. So you just have to put them all together and start turning your visitors into leads.

The product owners claim that their affiliate program has already paid more than $3 MLN commissions. 

Fresh Breathies by Pup Lab

  • Average payout value: $75.32
  • Starting Commission: 51%

Fresh Breathies are chewing pills for dogs to eliminate non-fresh breath. As it is said in the offer description, the chews are aimed not only at a symptom – bad smell – but rather at the reason, which is digestive issues.  

This offer also includes a pack of affiliate tools for promotion, where you can find images, banners, demographic information, and other campaign elements. The offer owner provides 50% commission on the entire funnel, which makes $75. Not bad! 

Cat Spraying No More

  • Average payout value: $27.71
  • Starting Commission: 75%

This offer is another program aimed at helping pet owners improve their pets’ behavior. It addresses a very common issue for cat owners – inappropriate peeing of their furry friends. As it is stated on the offer landing page, the author of the program is a ASPCA Veterinary Technician. 

Cat Spraying No More provides 75% commission which makes $37 + upsells to receive up to $97 more. 

As the previous offers, this one also has a pack of tools and materials for a campaign, including guidelines for affiliate marketers who want to improve their Pet vertical knowledge. 

Cat Spray Stop

  • Average payout value: $29.78
  • Starting Commission: 72%

As we mentioned before, cat spraying is a widespread issue among owners, so we have another offer that addresses it. This is a cat training program designed by a vet and a cat behaviorist, as stated on the offer’s landing page. 

The offer owner provides up to $60 to affiliates. The upsell funnel for additional income is also included. And since the issue of inappropriate cat peeing is eternal, one can work with this offer as long as he wants. 

Furbo Dog Camera

  • Average payout value: $19
  • Starting Commission: 10%

Furbo Dog Camera is a camera, as you have guessed, designed for dog owners to let them see their pets when they are away. The camera is based on Alexa and can be connected to a smartphone. It also has a scheduled treat-tossing function. 

The camera costs $187 with a 10% affiliate commission, so the average payout is about $19. The seller provides optimized creatives and other marketing tools, so you won’t have to make them yourself.


  • Average payout value: $17,5
  • Starting Commission: N/A

Odie is another example that proves a great variety of Pet vertical. This is the pet insurance offer that saves owners from extraordinary stress about any costly emergencies (accidents or illnesses) that can potentially happen to their cats or dogs. 

Talking about the popularity of such offers, we would like to refer to NAIC, an American social organization. According to them, the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) report of 2021 shows the total number of pets insured in 2020 reached 3.1 million, up from 2.5 million in 2019. Dogs continue to make up the majority of insured pets (82.9% vs 17.1% for cats). 

Odie’s offer includes customized insurance plans for different emergencies. They have different prices, but the approximate payout for affiliates is $17.

How to set targeting for a Pet campaign?

So, you must be craving for some practical tips for a campaign launch. After making an online research and consulting with our Sales team, we figured out potential targeting settings for your campaign: 

  • Ad format: Push/Interstitial 
  • Platform: Mobile – Android/Desktop – Windows 
  • Pricing model: CPA Goal
  • GEOs: Tier-1 and Tier-2
  • Additional tools: Demographic and Interests Targeting (most dog owners might be 18+), S2S Tracker to make CPA Goal work properly.  


Logically, offers that contain products and services for pet owners should have relevant creatives – with pets, of course. Most offers described above already have banners and images to use, but if you choose something else without pre-made and recommended creatives, orient yourself to these:

So, you’ve got the point. Highlight the problem and show how your product/service solves it. Choosing images is also super-easy – all kinds of pictures with cats, dogs, and other animals are the right choice.


The beauty of the Pet vertical is that you can choose any traffic source for promotion, since this is a 100% white niche that will pass most policies. Say, affiliates who launch pet campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube successfully scale them with PropellerAds. And this is the strategy you should try. 

As our research shows, the Pet vertical has a huge potential, great variety of offers, and pretty appealing payouts. The best thing – all of these benefits come together with a relatively low competition level, compared to other profitable verticals. So, if you are ready for experiments, grab our recommendations and/or offers above, and good luck with your campaign! 


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