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across the formats verse

Across the Format-Verse: What are You Better At — Running Campaigns or Superheroes Movies?

Have you watched the new Spiderman movie? Here is our edition: meet the Across-The-Format quiz for seasoned affiliate marketers.

5 top ai-copywriting tools
Tutorials for Beginners

5 Top AI-Copywriting Tools 2024 [Chat GPT Included] + Quiz

Modern AI allows to create nice copies not that easy to distinguish from the ones written by humans. Let’s discuss top AI-copywriting tools in 2024!

PropellerADs -Halloween -Monetization-Quiz

[Monetization Quiz] Can You Avoid These Scary Mistakes?

We asked our account managers about publishers' most popular problems and typical questions. And we made a quiz. Yes, another quiz (guilty!).


[Quiz] Does CR Stand For Cristiano Ronaldo, Or Are You Good at Sports Campaigns?

Do you know nuts and bolts of affiliate campaigns during big sports events like the Football World Cup? Check this out with our new quiz!

Publisher quiz - monetization 2022

Publisher’s New Year Traditions Quiz

New year, new you. But what monetization formats and strategies could you use? Take our quiz to find out! We also included some New Year traditions

affiliate quiz_the witcher

The Witcher – Autumn Trends Quiz for Affiliates

As a glorious affiliate witcher you should prove your worth in the crafts of affiliate marketing, by making accurate predictions about the autumn affiliate marketing tren...

Propellerads - Quiz - what do you know about Propeller

[Quiz] What do you know about Propeller?

We created this quiz to make you a bit closer to Propeller and give you a chance to win one of the amazing prizes. We have our 10th Birthday after all!

mortal kombat quiz

[Affiliate Quiz] Which Mortal Kombat Fighter Are you?

The world as we know it is yet again at a crossroads, and only you have the power to stop Sub-Zero from taking over the affiliate Earthrealm.


[Quiz] What’s Waiting at the End of Your Rainbow?

We already saw whether you’ve been a good or a bad affiliate. Now, it’s time to find out if the Luck of the Affiliate is with you!

monetization quiz

[QUIZ] Are You a Monetization Expert?

Take our quiz to discover if you're a monetization pro! Test your skills and learn where you stand in the world of monetization strategies. Start now!

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