5 Top AI-Copywriting Tools 2024 [Chat GPT Included] + Quiz

5 top ai-copywriting tools

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Some people mistakenly think that putting words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs means writing texts. However, this is not true! And we, the Content team of PropellerAds, insist: copywriting is a skill that requires education, understanding, and practice. 

Still, most media buyers and affiliates need high-quality texts for their campaigns even though they might not have time for making a degree in philology or taking a copywriting course.

What to do? Rely on technologies, of course! 

Modern AI allows us to create really nice copies, which are sometimes not that easy to distinguish from the ones written by humans (find a quiz at the end of this article and check it yourself). However, is AI that all-mighty? Not really. Let’s discuss top AI-copywriting tools, see some examples, discuss the pros and cons, and have fun.

Pros and cons of using AI for your marketing texts

After a couple of experiments with AI for copywriting, we came to a couple of conclusions:

  • It works. Yes, writing texts with AI and getting answers to improve your writing is a good idea. Advanced AI tools are trained on thousands of texts and they are skillful in generating new ones based on those they already know.

Fun fact: we asked an AI tool if it could evaluate its own knowledge and revise it for better learning. The answer was “yes”. Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t mean that AI is moving towards self-awareness. Or does it?..

  • It can master a lot of text types and styles, but sometimes, the result is a bit awkward. Yes, you can ask an AI to generate fiction, jokes, brain teasers, and proverbs. However, it doesn’t have a real sense of humor or aesthetics (obviously), that is why he is good at word games, but bad at mimicking emotions and nuances of human perception. Still, it works well for SEO texts, academic writing, plain facts, and marketing. 

Compare riddles created by AI and human being to grasp the difference: 

It is useful, tasty like,
Our green fellow,
He grew up in the garden,
And it’s called… (Cucumber).

I am long, green, and crisp. I can be pickled or eaten fresh. What am I? (Cucumber)
And here is our experiment with jokes (what can be more human):

How does a computer get drunk? It takes screenshots.

Why did the computer go to the therapist? Because it had a lot of bugs!

Okay, it makes sense, it’s almost funny, but even though AI can mimic the structure of a joke or riddle, it doesn’t really grasp how exactly a humorous or brain-teasing effect appears.

  • AI copywriting tools try to be objective, so if you need to express or defend a particular opinion, it will strive to stay neutral. But not always! Check how GPT Chat couldn’t resist confessing that it likes cats:

Fun fact: even though it looks more like an exclusion, sometimes, getting the answer you want is a matter of formulating your questions correctly. 

  • AI for copywriting can be inaccurate. Be sure to check information generated by an AI tool before you use it. Even though it tries to stay neutral and unbiased, there is always a risk of misinformation, like in this experiment performed by an Insider journalist. 

What does AI think about its own pros and cons?

We also asked Chat GPT about its “thoughts” on pros and cons of AI copywriting for marketing. Here is what:

The use of AI for marketing texts has both advantages and disadvantages:

Efficiency: AI algorithms can quickly generate large amounts of marketing content, freeing up time for marketers to focus on other tasks.

Personalization: AI can analyze customer data to personalize marketing messages, increasing their relevance and effectiveness.

Consistency: AI copywriting tools can ensure that marketing messages are consistent across different channels and platforms, improving brand image and messaging.
Lack of creativity: AI-generated content may lack the creativity and originality of human-generated content, resulting in generic or unengaging messages.

Lack of empathy: AI copywriting tools algorithms may not have the capacity to understand emotions, cultural differences, or other nuances that are important in marketing.

Potential errors: AI algorithms can make mistakes or generate content that is inappropriate, false, or offensive, damaging brand reputation.

Overall, the use of AI for copywriting can be useful as a tool to support marketers, but it should not replace human judgment and creativity in the development of marketing strategies and messages.

Okay, now when we’ve got the basics, let’s discuss the tools in more detail. 

Chat GPT

Our main hero today is Chat GPT, the trending AI language model. This one has already been involved in some scandals, like the one with a Columbia judge who based his court verdict on the answers provided by Chat GPT or a guy who wrote his thesis with this tool and got a diploma.


Key features and capacities

  • Understanding words in context. Chat GPT is a new-generation tool that can grasp the word’s meaning considering concrete cases of usage. For example, Chat GPT can understand how to use a word in a very real and metaphorical sense. 
  • Vast vocabulary and information processing + a pretty “humanlike” tone. This tool can produce encyclopedic knowledge still mimicking speech patterns, so it doesn’t sound too robotic in most cases.  
  • Natural and coding languages. Chat GPT knows at least 95 natural languages and 10+ coding languages. Yes, it can write simple code. 
  • Memory. Chat GPT remembers the topic you are asking it about. 


Chat GPT is free, but there is also a premium version of it – Chat GPT+. It costs $20 per month and allows access to Chat GPT, even during peak times; ensures faster responses; and gives priority access to new features and improvements.


CopyAI is a full-fledged text generator able to produce different types of copies, mostly for corporate and digital marketing purposes. This is one of the best AI copywriting tools suited for those who lack ideas and need kinda creative impulse. 


CopyAI uses the GPT-3 model (yes, they are siblings with Chat GPT) to produce product descriptions, blog posts, social media captures, sales copies, etc. + it has a pack of tools for efficient brainstorming. This one is simpler than Chat GPT and has a more common interface of a text generator. Example: 


Key features and capacities

  • Ideas generation. Unlike Chat GPT, CopyAI won’t discuss controversial and social topics with you, but it can help you get moving with your copies. If you are stuck with your content plan and need some fresh hints, try writing some basic phrases and words to CopyAI. The same is true for articles, blog posts, descriptions, and other digital marketing copies.
  • SEO-friendly content in seconds. CopyAI knows how to make your texts efficient from the standpoint of SEO, so no additional keyword implementation is needed.
  • 90+ copywriting tools in a free version and 25+ languages in a paid package.


There is a basic free version of CopyAI, a Pro package that costs $36 per month, and an Enterprise custom plan. 


Writesonic is another AI copywriting tool also based on GPT-3 technology and designed mostly for marketers, bloggers, and SMM specialists. It was trained mostly on copies for eCommerce brands and has capacities to create short descriptions as well as long reads, like articles and content for landing pages.


New features of Writesonic include ChatSonic (a tool similar to Chat GPT) and customization of your AI that allows you to train it and adapt it to your particular needs. Writesonic can produce really engaging marketing content like this:


Key features and capacities

  • Advanced and human-like marketing content. As a tool focused on a pretty narrow scope of texts, mostly marketing, Writesonic has really strong writing capabilities regarding this type of content. 
  • Original features, like Chat and AI training. These instruments allow you to reach an even higher level of customization and produce really unique content. 
  • 26 languages available. 
  • Strong and exceptionally-useful paraphrasing tool + creative content writing, like poems, lyrics, and even YouTube scripts. 


Free trial (6,250 words, 1 user), Long Form – $12.67-$666 per month (from 47,500 words and one user to 5,000,000 words for 15 users), and Custom plan.


Copysmith is also designed mostly for eCommerce brands and their marketing needs. This simple AI copywriting tool can help you create engaging product descriptions after you provide some basic details about your offer. There are writing features and templates for different text types + a brainstorming tool for those who struggle with writer’s block.


Also based on GPT-3, Copysmith is capable of producing SEO-friendly content, blog posts, landing pages, social media promos, descriptions for platforms like Shopify and Amazon, and more. The produced texts are human-like, easy to read, and pretty engaging:


Key features and capacities

  • 35+ ready-made templates available for instant usage. If you thought that AI content creation cannot be faster, templates in Copysmith make the whole content-writing process really instant. 
  • Designed for teams. Copysmith works great for coordination and collaboration of the content team. With its project management tools, you can streamline the content approval process. 
  • API integration. Copysmith also allows integration of your current toolkit for better automatization, which can save your time.


Free trial, Starter $19 per month, Professional $59 per month, and Start Up $299 per month. All of the prices depend on the number of available tools, words to process, team members, etc.


Writecream is also an efficient copywriting tool to create emails, blog posts, product descriptions, promo texts, LinkedIn requests, and other types of content. If your marketing strategy includes mailouts, you should definitely give Writecream a chance, since this feature is the most powerful in the offered kit. 


There is also a chatbot assistant, but we didn’t find it very helpful. It doesn’t understand the context and provides pretty random responses. In addition to text creation, Writecream can generate images based on your hint. It works well for simple requests, like “candle on the table”:


…And can also produce absolutely crazy stuff, like this “cat riding a dinosaur”:


Key features and capacities

  • Image generation – an easy way to get royalty-free original pictures. Even though the results may surprise you sometimes.
  • 75+ languages available. 
  • Wide scope of features, including tools for cold emails, LinkedIn outreach, backlinking, image, and audio icebreakers. 


There is a free limited version and three pricing plans (the more tools and characters included, the more expensive it is): Unlimited – $29 per month, Standard – $49 per month, and Extended – $69 per month.

Will AI Replace Copywriters? Conclusion + QUIZ

As you can see, AI copywriting becomes stronger and more efficient year after year – most of them can improve your marketing strategies and save you time. Of course, these tools can help you a lot, but in most cases the final results might need your editing. 

And let’s be honest – AI writing tools are fun to use and experiment. And do you know what else is fun? Quizzes!

So hurry up and take one right now. Challenge yourself and try to distinguish AI from humans. We took AI-generated jokes, proverbs, and aphorisms – the most challenging stuff for algorithms – and mixed them with human-made content. Can machines trick you?



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