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Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Tools to Use in 2024 [FREE + Free Trials]


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Affiliate marketers used to do everything manually have made a long and complicated way. It was not easy (and sometimes, impossible) to deal with the lumps of stats, conversion tracking, and optimization on your own.

However, the dark times are over – we have arranged a top 10 list of affiliate marketing tools to benefit from in 2024. We present only free ones and those that come with a free trial version. Check them out!

WIX – landing page building


One of the most widespread requests among affiliate marketers is a free landing page builder. And also a code-free opportunity to create a small site or a page to promote your offer. That is why we decided to start with WIX.

WIX is a simple drag-and-drop landing page builder with 30+ stylish customizable templates, where you can change and move all the elements however you want. So not only can you make them look good and modern, but also functional and user-friendly. Here are some templates examples: 


By the way, WIX is not only about landing pages – but it also has tools for efficient email marketing and social media.

If you want to go even further and make your campaign wow-wow, the tool includes video templates for social media to help you engage more people with juicy visual material. And, of course, it has an analytics board where you can track the content efficiency. 


All the integrations, analytics, and 30+ templates are available for free. There is only one nuance – using the free version, you will get a WIX watermark on your landing page. We decided that this might be an important point, but if you don’t really care about watermarks – go for it! 

If you want a paid version, there are different plans at WIX with a starting price of $5.50 per month. There are also website plans for $29, $17, and $10 per month. 

Canva – visual content 


Not only may you need a landing page, but also – appealing creatives. Banners, logos, or maybe even graphs and diagrams – all of these can make your offer look more appealing and original. One of the best tools to create visuals is Canva. 

You can find numerous images, icons, stickers, and visual drafts in Canva. This way, you can craft professional-looking images with a couple of clicks, like this:



The free version of Canva includes dozens of eye-catching pics and templates – why don’t you use them for your affiliate marketing campaign?

If it’s not enough for you, Canva Pro costs $11.99 per month.

AffJet – performance analytics 


AffJet is a tool for affiliate marketers who work with different affiliate networks at the same time. With its help, you can unite all of your statistics in a single dashboard for your convenience. 

The entire process is easy, you just have to add the networks you use and import all the required data into AffJet: 


After doing so, you can sort the information, apply filters, track the hottest trends, find new opportunities, and create meaningful reports – shareable or downloadable. 


By the way, AffJet has a free trial for all its plans, so you can try any of them, not just a basic kit.

If you want me, check the paid plans. The prices are $5.79, $17.35 and $34.70 per month depending on your needs + a custom plan. 


Rebrandly can help you create short URLs, track what’s happening with your links, and build UTM parameters. Basically, you can turn a link that looks like “” into “”. 

The free package also allows you to route users from branded links to destination URLs. Branded links are much more appealing, reliable, and memorable.

As Rebrandly claims, your CTR can grow up to 39% with tidy links like that. 



Rebrandly has a limited free version.

Paid packages go for $29, $89, and $499 per month + a custom plan.

Offer18 – tracking and protection


Offer18 works the best for newcomers in affiliate marketing – it is simple and pretty rich for features at the same time. As it is said on their main page, they have services for all layers of your campaign – optimization, performance measurement, and anti-bot protection. The set of free features includes tools for white list creation, tokens, conversion tracking, etc. 

This is how the interface looks like (not so scary):


Account managers are ready to help you 24/7, so if you get lost in a variety of features, you can rely on customer support. 


The Offer18 free trial is available for 25 days. 

For a paid package, prepare to spend $49, $149, $349 per month + a custom plan.

Google Cloud – website hosting 


Google Cloud provides a hosting service with a huge free trial that lasts for a year (or until you spend $300 credit) and includes unlimited storage, extensive support documentation, and an opportunity to keep one website for your product. 

Basically, Google Cloud was designed for large businesses, which doesn’t mean that you cannot use it for a small website – say, to gather subscribers or promote your offer. To start working with this tool, you only need a Google Account. 


So, as we said, you can use a huge and long-term free version. If not – use a price calculator on the tool’s website to see how much the service will cost in your case. 

Imagify – image optimization


One of the reasons for a high bounce rate is slow loading time of your website or landing. Logically, this is one of the sure ways to lose conversions. 

Image compression is one of the easiest ways to improve your landing page or website performance and avoid high bounce rates. If you have a landing page or a website for your offer promotion, Imagify can help you optimize images to make it work faster. 


Imagify does this by removing excess pixels from pictures and reducing the file size. Good news – it doesn’t spoil the quality. 


And more good news – the tool has a free version. 

Also, the paid versions are affordable – $4.99 and $9.99 per month. 

SpyOver – competitors analysis 


SpyOver is a spy tool designed to help advertisers analyze their competitors and latest trends. This one is a really efficient solution for affiliates who work with native ads. 

SpyOver helps you retrieve analytics data and discover effective bundles used by your competitors. This also includes their landing pages and banners downloaded in one click. 

Basically, SpyOver will help you find and analyze trending offers, get some fresh ideas for your creatives and texts, and see what decisions your competitors make to succeed. 



A free (but limited) version of the tool is available on the website. 

Paid versions cost $149 and $299 per month. Ouch. 

TOR – anonymous browser


Okay, all serious affiliates should have an anonymous browser to keep their data safe, especially if you work from elsewhere – cafeteria or hostel, for instance. What is more, TOR, just like a VPN service, can change your IP, allowing you to check how your offer looks in different countries! 

TOR uses high-tech multi-layer encryption algorithms and thousands of volunteer-run servers to hide you. Avoid blocks, encrypt your online traces, and keep your data safe from the eyes of others (including your competitors, who might be using spy tools). 


It’s free. Also, TOR accepts donations.

ScreamingFrog – SEO 


ScreamingFrog is another tool for advanced affiliates, who want to go deeper and research the technical SEO part of your competitor’s website/landing. With this service, you can evaluate competitors’ pages as well as perform a comprehensive audit of your own to make sure that no SEO issues can spoil your performance. 



The free version of ScreamingFrog includes a wide package of services, including auto-verification of search engine bots, detection of errors, broken links, and redirects, identification of slow and large URLs, and more. 

Paid version includes more functions and costs $209 per year.


Since the competition in the world of affiliate marketing grows every year, you need some extra advantage, right? We are pretty sure that additional tools for various aspects of your campaign can make this difference.

For you, we have gathered free and free-trial instruments to create landing pages and banners, analyze your performance, track your progress, host your website, spy on your competitors, improve your SEO, and more. Grab them all and prepare for a great affiliate marketing journey! Good luck!

If you have any favorite affiliate marketing tools, share them in the comments section or let’s discuss them in our Telegram chat! 

Do you know more amazing affiliate marketing tools? Share in our Telegram Chat!


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