What Does the Magical Oracle Say? Find out Your Affiliate Marketing Destiny


Shhh, do you hear the sound? These are spirits of Halloween whispering. Let’s listen carefully – they have something to say about your affiliate marketing destiny…

Halloween is the time when the spirits contact the world of mortals, so don’t miss your chance to ask them a question! How to do that? Well…

  • Dim the light, sit in front of the Oracle and relax
  • Meditate for a couple of minutes and imagine your third eye opening on your forehead 
  • Raise your head and imagine the flow of energy going through your body
  • Concentrate on your question and try to visualize it
  • Whisper your question and press the button/make up a number 

At some moment, you may hear strange sounds and see something half-transparent moving around your room. These are Halloween spirits, you were successful in calling them, so don’t be scared. 

1. Mars, the planet of drive, energy, and ambition, is on your side. So, the time has come for your craziest ideas to see the world. The spirits say you should take risks and experiment bravely – they will protect you and your ROI. However, remember: never ignore A/B testing and campaign analysis, no matter how hot-headed you feel! Spirits will stay with brave but thoughtful affiliates, so keep your mind cold and your feet – warm. 

The best vertical for Mars: iGaming/Sweepstakes. 

2. The Oracle says: “Your audience is your treasure.” Customer-centricity should be your main focus – pay more attention to precise targeting and add more value to your ads. The Oracle wants you to be empathic – this way, you will find favor in the eyes of spirits and planets. Shhh, they whisper something… its: “Demographics and Interests Targeting will be your amulet-feature this month.”  

3. The spirits chose you to be the one. You have all the magical power in your hands, this is the time of your affiliate blossoming! Since Jupiter, the planet of luck, fortune, success, and generosity, is on your side, you have all the spiritual protection and blessing. They want you to make the world a better place, and your current campaign is the first thing to improve. Start with thoughtful optimization, and you will see how everything else around you changes for the better. Like the wave of the sea.

The best vertical for Jupiter: Sweepstakes.

4. You will avoid all the obstacles on your way without even noticing them. Neptune, the planet of intuition, will protect you from low CTR, so you can forget about rationality and rules – all of your goals will be achieved effortlessly. Spirits say: “Let your inner child free!”

The best vertical for Neptune: Finance.

5. The spirits say that you should finally forget about the previous projects and campaigns that didn’t work. Oracle sees the burden on your shoulders, the one that blocks your creativity. Pluto, the planet of rebirth and transformation, will give you strength. Get rid of the dead flowers, throw them away, and give the room for new to blossom. Launch a new campaign. Be courageous to try new ad formats, creatives, and targeting settings. The spirits will support each of your new beginnings, big and small.

The best vertical for Pluto: Utilities (mostly, Cleaners)

6. The spirits say: “Growth is only possible when you go through doubts and fears.” Seems like Pluto keeps you away from making decisions, but the time has come to change that. The Oracle says that you will definitely face some challenges this month, but they will become a source of strength. Don’t be afraid of complicated decisions and the spirits will support you on your way to new heights. Go for it!

The best vertical for Pluto: Utilities (in your case – VPNs)

7. Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce, is on your side, so catch the moment. Spirits say that to get in harmony with the planets; you should make all of your marketing messages maximally clear. Such efforts are always rewarded by Mercury, even retrograde. 

The best vertical for Mercury: eCommerce

8. The Oracle sees that your next affiliate marketing month will be focused on expansion and growth. Spirits whisper: “Ole, ole, ole, ole…” This means that you should try event-targeting and launch a football campaign. 

9. “Impression” – this is what the spirits say. How mysterious! This means you should pay attention not only to the number of impressions you get, but also to the first impression your ads make. The Oracle says that Venus will help you unlock your natural talent for design and storytelling next month to create super-appealing ads. The spirits also say that you need a detailed competitor’s research to unlock the magical power you have. 

The best vertical for Venus: Dating 

Ten (10). The Oracle says that you are under the protection of Venus, a planet of love and beauty. In addition to the thoughtfulness and analytical skills, you already have, pay more attention to your creative, and artistic skills. Since Venus is on your side, stick to aesthetics and make your ads look beautiful to attract more interest and drive conversions.  

The best vertical for Venus: Dating

Now you know your fate! So… 


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