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guide to mobile app performance
Guest Expert

The Ultimate Guide To Mobile App Performance with Affise MMP

Learn the essential features of a good mobile app attribution tool. How to measure the performance results of your marketing message and strategy.

propellerads-push-guide-banner image
Platform Updates

Push Advertising: What Is It and How Does It Work [Ultimate Advertiser’s Guide]

Push advertising is a premium tool, developed by PropellerAds to help media buyers reach exceptional performance. All format details - inside!

app acquisition strategies
Case Studies

Testing Mobile App Acquisition Strategies: What Bidding Model to Choose? [Case Study]

One of the decisions you need to make as part of the mobile app acquisition strategy is what bidding model to choose. Testing different options is the key.

mobile - desktop - traffic
Affiliate Marketing

Desktop vs. Mobile Traffic: What All Affiliates Need to Know

Understand the impact of desktop and mobile traffic on your website. Explore differences, trends, and strategies for optimal user experience and conversions

How to optimize landing pages for mobile
Advanced Tutorials

How to Optimize Landing Pages for Mobile

How do you optimize your mobile landing page and get a higher conversion rate? Take a look at these quick and easy actionable tips

Industry News

AdTech News Digest | FIFA Ad Guidelines, eCommerce Highlights, and App Uninstalls Report

This week’s news digest features updated eCommerce statistics, the rules you have to follow if you plan on advertising during this year’s World Cup

Israel-Mobile-Summit image

Israel Mobile Summit 2018: Introducing Our New Products

If you are no stranger to a mobile world, you should definitely attend the Israel Mobile Summit. It is the premier annual mobile event of Israel.

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Industry News

AdTech News Digest | YouTube Halting 3rd-Party Ad Serving & Mobile Ad Trends

Discover YouTube's move to halt 3rd-party ad serving and learn about the latest mobile ad trends shaping the digital advertising landscape

mobileworld congress 2018

Mobile World Congress: Harnessing the Power of Mobile Ads

PropellerAds’ Team is a regular participant in Barcelona’s Congress, making this year the third time we are attending this event. The Congress will be held February 2...

madrid mobile summit

Come meet us at Madrid Mobile Summit 2017!

Don't miss out! Connect with industry leaders and innovators at Madrid Mobile Summit 2017. Discover new opportunities and trends in mobile tech. Register now!

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