Mobile World Congress: Harnessing the Power of Mobile Ads

mobileworld congress 2018

Things are about to heat up in Barcelona as Mobile World Congress comes to town in February for what’s been billed as one of the largest gatherings for the mobile industry.

The PropellerAds Team is a regular participant in Barcelona’s Congress, making this year the third time we are attending this event. The Congress will be held February 26 – March 1, 2018, and the team will be available for one-on-one meetings on these dates.

Why mobile matters?

Mobile advertising is taking digital space by storm! It’s been estimated that on average, mobile users spend 87 hours per month on their device.

Definitely, it’s not just about the time a user spends on the device. The way mobile advertising develops is closely tied to the advancements in technology, which dictate the way we do business and how we consume information.

Now, when most of the websites are mobile-friendly, nearly 65% of all web browsing happens on mobile devices, and that number is only forecasted to grow.

Digital advertising can’t ignore these changes. We are witnessing the evolution of the industry, which now shifts from being simply mobile-friendly to a mobile-first mentality.

Push notifications_users spend 87 hours a month on mobile devices

Having a vast experience in this field (we’ve been working with mobile traffic niche since 2011), we have developed some completely new products, capable of helping you adapt to this changing advertising environment.

New technologies, mobile-first ad formats, and an entirely new philosophy of interacting with potential customers – that’s what we’ve been closely working on the last few years.

During the event, you can get a glimpse of our most recent innovations:

  • Dynamic CPA model of traffic buying. This technology is a real revolution in media buying because it allows our customers to make up to 35% more money on the same traffic.
  • Push Notifications. The most efficient way to catch the audience’s attention and get high revenues at the same time. All the top brands promote their offers with in-browser notifications.

Curious to know more about mobile advertising? Meet our team to get an expert advice, learn about various advertising and monetization options, and find perfect solutions for your business needs.

For information on exhibiting, sponsoring or attending the Mobile World Congress, please visit the official website. See you in Barcelona!


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