Our Push Notifications database has already reached a 600 Million users mark, meaning that you don’t have to build your own subscriber-list. You can start promoting your offers right away!

And since Push Notifications are available to all PropellerAds Clients, let’s discuss how to set a Push Notification campaign. But not just any campaign, but one that will get the attention your product deserves to rise above social media algorithm madness.

As an experienced advertiser, you are probably leery of social media marketing. Well, who wouldn’t be? Apart from all the hype surrounding social media marketing and, let’s admit, very vast advertising opportunities, you still don’t have full control over delivery.

When and how a customer sees your message? In what context? Will he see the ad in general? You have no idea how to respond to these questions. That’s when Push Notifications come in handy.

4 Reasons to choose Push Notifications over Social Media advertising

Push Notifications and Social Media advertising are two of the main advertising channels for affiliate marketers. But are there any differences, or reasons why you’d want to choose Push Notifications instead of Social Media ads? Let’s see this more into details:

  • Higher viewability – Given the volume of social media posts and ads alike, along with the over increasing ad blindness recorded in the rows of Social Media Ads, we cannot be sure the user would even see the ad. No matter how high your budget is. 
  • High engagement rates – Unlike Social Media ads, Push Notifications are delivered directly to a user’s device (be it phone or desktop), therefore, they get all the attention. Also since they appear as system notifications, they create a sense of urgency, inviting the user to immediately engage with them.
  • Instant delivery – Have a time-sensitive offer? Well, here’s another advantage Push Notifications have. In less than a minute you can send over a million messages, and promote offers, campaigns, events – whatever you can imagine!
  • Cost-effectiveness – If you’re looking to save money, the fastest way to do it is by not spending unnecessarily. PropellerAds’ Push Notifications come in handy, as its Tier 1 CPC is much lower compared to the average CPC of the most popular social networks.
PropellerAds - Tier 1 CPC vs Social Media CPC

Our research wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t compare push notifications to other ad formats as well. We’ve selected some of the most common ones: OnClick and Interstitials to see whether Push Notifications are worth the effort.

How can Push Notifications complement your Popunder campaigns?

Finding the right way to promote your product is challenging. OnClick Popunder ads are possibly one of the best ways to get the word out, as the cost-per-visit rates of Popunder campaigns are relatively low. This way you’ll manage to increase brand awareness in no time. 

Yet you might want to reach more engaged users, and that makes Push Notifications a better match as they require users to click on an ad before being redirected to the offer.

PropellerAds’ analytics team has been monitoring these “complex” cases. They searched for the optimal ad solution and found out that Push Notifications are almost a universal solution for any kind of offers or products. Especially those that tend to face difficulties with OnClick.

We’ve checked the results of the top-performing verticals for Push Notifications and Popunder. For this we analyzed the percentage of the generated impressions by top-performing verticals, over the span of a month:

PropellerAds - Push vs Popunder % of Generated Impressions by Vertical
Push vs. Popunder: Impressions %

As you can see, the top-performing vertical for Push is Utilities & Softwares, followed by Finance and then Sweepstakes. Utilities & Softwares is a clear leader of performance, for Popunder as well, being responsible for 27.31% of the total impressions. The following verticals for this format are iGaming and News & Media.

Nevertheless, as with everything in advertising, you should take your time to test and find the best option, particularly suited to your product.

Using Push Notifications and Interstitials

Interstitials are the chosen format for advertisers that really want to get in the face of their users, with short and catchy text, and bright, interactive designs. They can be set to appear or close after a certain period of time, or even during transitions or breaks in the user activity.

Push Notifications, on the other hand, can be shown at any particular moment, especially complementing the content that they’re viewing. If you have something scarce, urgent, or exclusive, this is the best format you can use. They’ll almost instantly react to your offer, and can even go down the funnel more easily. 

Using both these formats together, will greatly benefit your campaigns. As a strategy, you can target your users with  Interstitials, and then retarget your collected audience with Push, to improve your CTR. This will help you ensure great campaign results, in terms of CR and ROI.

Of course, we had to check how the Interstitial impressions volume compared with that of Push Notifications, as we did for Popunders, and the results are amazing! Just check for yourself:

PropellerAds - Push vs. Interstitials % of Generated Impressions by Vertical
Push vs. Interstitials: Impressions %

Utilities & Software take the lead for Interstitials as well. Making up for almost 40% of the entire Interstitial traffic, this vertical is followed by Finance and iGaming. Not bad at all! Combine these two formats and you’ll have a sure chance to succeed.

Use this information to create a solid strategy, knowing that your best shot for a successful campaign from the start is proper testing, in-depth data analysis, and optimization. 

PropellerAds - free pdf - ad campaign optimization guie

Prepare your Campaigns for the win with the Advertiser’s Essential Guide to Optimization

So what’s so special about Push Notifications

Before we start with the strategic side of Push Notifications campaigns, let’s quickly sum things up and review what makes Push Notifications so unique.

  • First, you can get a direct line to your customer whenever you need it. 
  • Secondly, Push Notifications work with almost every type of product, complementing other formats as well, which makes them a universal solution for advertisers. 
  • And last but not least, you have full control over how and when your customers see your message, allowing you to fine-tune your marketing campaigns, making them timely and truly customized.

5-Step Push Notification Strategy

Setting your first Push Notification campaign is simple, yet there are some pitfalls (of course!) to avoid. To help you with a smooth start, we have compiled a list of 5 steps you should take to succeed with Push Notifications.

1. Define your objectives

Every strategy usually begins with setting your goals. These goals will determine your campaign’s targeting, what creatives you will use, and of course, your budget.

PropellerAds - Push Notification Preview
What are your users looking for?

What can you achieve with Push Notifications?

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • User acquisition
  • User Retention
  • User Return
  • App installs
  • Boosting your content

Depending on what you are aiming for, you will need to decide what message you will communicate to your audience: an offer, fresh blog update, and sale announcements, etc., and choose the right type of content.

2. Target your audience

A question of utmost importance is targeting the right audience. Don’t try to appeal to everyone, define who your client is and proceed with creatives.

With PropellerAds you have an opportunity to target precise audiences with unprecedented accuracy. To launch your Push Notifications campaign and keep it budget-friendly, pay attention to these parameters:

• GEOs & Bidding Model

Choose your conversion type and the cities, states, or countries, to stay focused on your target audience and custom-tailor your offer.

PropellerAds- GEOs & Bid Targeting
GEOs & Bid Targeting

Keep in mind that based on the bidding model that you choose, you’ll be able to benefit from our GEOs customized recommended rates (on CPC and CPM), or auto-optimation (CPA Goal).

• Smart Optimization Tools

For when you don’t have all the experience or time to optimize your campaigns. Just decide what is the ideal price you’re willing to pay for conversion, and the platform will do all the work for you, optimizing everything until you reach your target price. 

In addition, you can also set a test budget, either automatically or manually.

PropellerAds - Smart Optimization Tools
Smart Optimization Tools

• Technology

Pick the right OS/Platform, browser, browser language, connection type, and mobile ISP. These parameters are significant if you are promoting an app or software and you want to make sure your product is compatible with certain tech specifications.

PropellerAds - Technological Targeting Settings
Technological Targeting Settings

• Zones and Collected Audiences

You can include or exclude zones and collected audiences. This way you’ll be able to zoom in on your targeting and improve your CR by reaching more interested audiences for your campaigns.

PropellerAds - Zone & Audiences Targeting
Zones & Audience Targeting

• Interest & Demographics Targeting

This new PropellerAds function allows you to target audiences by their specific interests, age, and gender. It will help you reach users that are specifically looking for what you have to offer. 

PropellerAds - Interest & Demographics Targeting
Interest & Demographics Targeting

3. In-Page Push for a More in Depth Reach

This format is ideal for when you want to target iOS users with urgent messages that they can’t ignore. It allows you to target them with banner-like alerts that appear on the website almost as native ads. They feature various skins to customize your notifications based on the specific of the page where they will appear.

PropellerAds - IPP Skin Selection
In-Page Push Skin Selection

4. Audience Collection for Retargeting

When you launch any new campaign with PropellerAds you can collect your click, engaged, or converted users for further retargeting. This super useful tool allows you to get cheaper leads that you already know are interested in your offers.

 PropellerAds - Audience Collection
Audiences Collection for Retargeting

Everything you need to know about retargeting strategies

5. Get creative!

In order for your ads or promotions to have its greatest effect, you need to be able to wow and entertain your audience, bringing the timeliest offers and wittiest lines.

PropellerAds - Push Creative Preview
Push Notifications Preview

Your creative space is limited though, here’s what you can play with:

  • Icon or an image (192 x 192px – max 200KB)
  • Image (360×240 – max 720KB) 
  • Catchy title (up to 30 characters)
  • Short description (up to 40 characters)
  • Button with Custom Text (up to 15 characters)

6. Manage your ad frequency

Feeling the urge to remind your customers of your business all the time? Not the best idea. Most of the companies are now concerned with so-called “alert fatigue” and “notification overkill.”

“But with so many apps and services out there demanding attention, users are starting to reach a point of notification fatigue,” AdWeek writes.

So how do you avoid it? The solution isn’t overly complicated: reduce the frequency of your Push Notifications, focusing on content that can be really of value for your client. Or if you really don’t know what is an appropriate frequency, go with our recommendations: 

  • Frequency/ Capping by Clicks – 1 click per user in 24 hours.
  • Frequency/ Capping by Impressions – 3 views per client in 24 hours. 

With the CPM Pricing Model you can even set your frequency by the number of clicks one visitor leaves on your ad, or just by the number of impressions.

propepperads Frequency-and-schedule

Read our super-detailed post on ad frequency and scheduling

The general rule of thumb is contacting your customers only if you really have something to say. Schedule the right time (in EST format) and date for your Push Notifications to establish a more effective connection with your customers, as we all tend to gravitate towards the least intrusive methods of communication.

Here are the most common unsubscribe reasons from Push Notifications by verticals. Definitely, something to learn!

PropellerAds - Push Unsubscribe Reasons
Source: Business of Apps – Push Notifications Statistics for 2021

7. Think about finances

Budgeting is a tricky field when it comes to advertising. Should you go “all-in” with one ad? Should you try and A/B test a couple of creatives? Or even diversify your campaign with various ad formats? These are the questions you have to ask yourself before launching a new campaign.

To make your life a bit easier, we have created an estimation tool: check approximate ad campaign outcomes (impressions, bids) based on the format and your pricing model, targeting, and budget. The tool is available on the Self-Serve Platform, in the Create Campaign area.

PropellerAds - Traffic Estimator
Traffic Estimator

Clearly, when done right, Push Notifications can be a big win for any advertiser, willing to stay in close touch with its clients.

And now launching Push Notifications campaign becomes even simpler as you can access it on PropellerAds Self-Serve Platform! Time to test?