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multiformat cpa goal campaigns
Platform Updates

Multiformat CPA Goal Campaigns: Automate Campaign Creation & Testing

From now on, you can take advantage of our new instrument: Multiformat CPA Goal Campaigns, which lets you cut corners and speed up the testing

New Interstitial Template
Interstitial Ads

New Interstitial Landing Template: What it is and How to Use it

Looking for a fast and easy landing template that doesn’t require any extra creatives? Try the new Interstitial Landing Template

rule-based optimization
Platform Updates

Rule-Based Campaigns: Transparent and Simple Auto-Optimization

No more manual bidding and zone exclusion - we present a new Rule-Based feature for auto-optimization. Save your time, protect your budget!

Min_Payout dropped to $5

Weekly payouts from $5. Best conditions on the market!

Unlock weekly payouts starting from $5 with unparalleled market conditions. Maximize your earnings now!


No more lost revenues because of AdBlock!

Discover PropellerAds' groundbreaking Anti-Adblock technology, designed to empower publishers and combat ad-blocking challenges effectively

target cpa for push notifications
Platform Updates

Target CPA for Push Notifications | Your Price. Your Way

Target CPA for Push campaigns is here! It means that getting rid of poorly performing ad zones is not an exhausting manual process anymore

Platform Updates

Premium Supply & Broker Traffic for Push Notifications – Fine Tune Your Campaigns

Unlock premium traffic for push notifications with our brokerage services. Maximize engagement and conversions

684_NativeAds image
Platform Updates

Blend in. Native Ads for Advertisers are Here

Native Ad Widgets - the new ad format is finally joining the lineup of promo tools. Today, we have opened up an option to launch Native campaigns

CPC bidding for interstitials
Interstitial Ads

Cost per Click (CPC) Bidding for Interstitials is Now Available

Optimize ROI with CPC Bidding for Interstitial Ads. Get started now to control costs and boost engagement efficiently

what's new on ssp
Platform Updates

What’s New? Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers: The Best 5 Features

Today, we will review the 5 COMPLETELY new Self-Serve Platform features that will make you more informed, let you work faster and more purposefully

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