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cpa goal and new smartcpm
Platform Updates

Optimize the costs with CPA Goal and new SmartCPM

Maximize efficiency with CPA Goal and SmartCPM for cost optimization. Drive results, minimize expenses effortlessly!

PropellerAds 7th anniversary
Our News

It’s Our 7th Birthday! Don’t stop the party

Whoa! The time is passing so fast: one moment you are a startup, sailing the stormy waters of online advertising. The next, you are a successful ad network

User Activity Targeting for OnClick
Platform Updates

User Activity Targeting for OnClick | Your Targeting Checklist

Maximize clicks with precision! Explore our checklist for effective user activity targeting strategies. Elevate engagement, click by click

Tutorials for Beginners

A Complete Intro to APIs and How They Are Used in Affiliate Marketing

Unlock the power of APIs in affiliate marketing. Learn how they streamline processes, optimize campaigns, and boost revenue. Dive in now!

user activity targeting
Platform Updates

Pick the Right Audience with User Activity Targeting

While setting up campaigns, you might have noticed a new targeting option that has been implemented recently

CPC for push notifications
Platform Updates

New Bidding Model! Cost per Click is Now Available for Native Push Notifications

Discover the future of advertising with our new bidding model! Bid per click on native push notifications for targeted, efficient campaigns

Advertising-API flexible automation
Platform Updates

PropellerAds Opens Up its API to All Advertisers [UPD 2020: Now Upgraded!]

Access the power of PropellerAds' API for seamless advertising management and optimization. Reach your audience with precision and efficiency


New Interstitials: HIGH Monetization Potential on Mobile & Desktop

Today, we are introducing fully revamped Interstitial ad format that strikes a perfect balance between publishers’ revenue and user experience

Platform Updates

Expand Your Creativity with Banner Images for Native Push Notifications

Elevate engagement with native push notifications! Explore the power of banner images to ignite creativity and captivate audiences. Start now!

guide to conversion tracking
Platform Updates

Conversion Tracking Improved: Explore New Traffic Tokens for OnClick Campaigns

Elevate your OnClick campaigns with advanced conversion tracking. Unveil new traffic tokens to optimize performance and drive better results

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