New Interstitials: HIGH Monetization Potential on Mobile & Desktop


Fresh on the heels of our latest ad formats and revenue models launches, we decided not to stop there, and continue to develop monetization tools that are smart, powerful, and native!

Today, we are introducing fully revamped Interstitial ad format that strikes a perfect balance between publishers’ revenue and user experience.

Interstitials are ad units, overlaying the page content.

Let’s dive into details and see what changes have been introduced in Interstitials 2.0.

1. Monetize both mobile and desktop audiences

If previously, while using Interstitials, you could monetize mobile traffic only, now you can increase your revenue with all those desktop visitors that still make up 44% of all traffic.

Desktop vs mobile

2. Get higher CPM rates

Classic Interstitials ads are distracting and annoying users, ultimately leading to negative user sentiment, lower engagement and less profit than expected.

PropellerAds Interstitials are spared from these shortcomings and have increased monetization power.

One of the factors that add to higher CPM is the focus on ads, which are relevant to website content. Users tend to click more often on ads that appeal to them, and that’s the case with reputable content providers. These companies usually have quality offers and creatives, which can, in the long term, enhance your website’s reputation.

3. Customize the ads and the flow

Publishers now have full power over how and when their visitors see the ad, furthermore, Interstitials are no longer covering the entire website – part of your website stays visible at all times, keeping user experience intact. Users can easily close the ad and proceed to the content.

One more feature that you can adjust according to your website needs is Setting the delay. What is this feature for? Setting the delay helps avoid bombarding the audience with ads, especially if you are using several different formats for monetization. (If you would like to change the settings described above, please contact our support team or your personal manager).

Publishers, who put enough effort into analyzing the flow of the content and ad frequency, usually boast higher revenues.

Interstitial ads: how they look on desktop and mobile

4. Enjoy the tech: faster ads

Optimizing the visual appearance of the ads, we couldn’t leave the tech aside. Our developers had significantly reduced the load time of ads. Faster ads – faster revenue!

5. Mix & match with other ad formats

One more aspect to keep in mind: if you are using AdSense, you have no reasons to be worried – Interstitials are compatible with all advertising networks and ad formats.

How to add interstitials to your website

If you are already using the Interstitial ad code on your website, you don’t need to change anything. Interstitials will be updated automatically.

To start monetizing with this ad format, you need to create an Interstitial Ad Zone in your account – the code will be generated automatically.

Interstitials on SSP: where to find

Once you have the code, place this code on your site to monetize both desktop and mobile traffic.

Ad zone_interstitials

Are you a WordPress user? Good news! Interstitials have already been added to our plugin, and you can customize the settings right inside your dashboard.

WordPress plugin_Interstitials

>> Monetize with Interstitials <<

If you are experiencing any problems, please get in touch with our support team from your account via Tickets or Live Chat.


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