Get Profit From Every Subscriber – Try CPS Revenue Model


When it comes to traffic monetization, the opportunity to choose the right revenue model is what matters. Keeping this in mind, we were working on developing a new model of traffic monetization for our publishers – CPS (cost per subscriber).

This revenue model was specifically designed to give broader monetization opportunities for publishers who are using Native Subscriptions ad format.

CPS revenue model means that you are paid each time a user subscribes to Push Notifications on your website. Payment comes just once, at the moment a user allows Push Notifications.

How is CPS different from CPM Revenue Model?

Comparing to traditional CPM Revshare revenue model’s rate, the CPS rate is much higher, and it’s not the only benefit to be considered:

  • You are getting paid right after a user subscribes, meaning you don’t have to wait for ads delivery. Yet, you have to remember that the payment comes just once.
  • Your revenue doesn’t depend on advertisers’ campaign performance. Will a user click the ad? Are users interested in the product featured in the ad? With CPS revenue model, you are relieved from this stress.
  • CPS model works even for smaller websites. You can’t boast a high traffic volume? No worries, even smaller or niche websites can collect enough subscribers and enjoy high revenues.

When should you opt for CPS?

While selecting a revenue model is always your personal choice, and we can’t recommend one over another, there are certain cases when CPS model proves to be more beneficial for your account balance:

1. Your website is very niche

If your website is tightly focused on a single subject, and the visitor numbers aren’t huge, then it’s a good idea to seriously consider CPS.

Getting people subscribed will allow you to get stable, fast income; meanwhile, you can concentrate on creating quality content and developing your website.

2. You are not happy with your CPM rate

The CPM rate is quite complex and depends on multiple factors (we are working on an exhaustive article about CPM), therefore, smaller websites or websites with unsteady traffic flow (focused on seasonal topics, for example) cannot demonstrate high CPM rate.

What’s the solution? Opt for CPS as it can help you benefit from every visitor subscribed. In addition, the good part, you don’t have to think whether visitors are clicking the ads or not.

How can you select the CPS revenue model?

Go to your publisher’s dashboard and click to create a new Native Subscriptions zone. You will find the CPS model under the “Choose monetization type” menu.


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