This August, we are celebrating our 7th birthday!

Whoa! The time is passing so fast: one moment you are a startup, sailing the stormy waters of online advertising. The next you are a successful ad network, providing more than 1 Billion impressions a month.

Behind this seemingly simple transformation lies an equally impressive story: our team’s vision and dedication, their passion for technology, and our common pursuit and interest in making a positive difference for our clients.

Every year we launch more and more products: new native ad formats, bidding models, targeting options, and monetization solutions. All that to help our clients grow their business from strength to strength!

We wanted to thank you all for staying with us and making these 7 years even more exciting than we could ever imagine!

Now, that’s a lot of serious talk! Shall we see some highlights from this year?

More meetings mean more FUN!

More affiliates


More scary good events


More high-tech products


More presents for our clients


More air. PropellerAds on air


More expos (You’ve finally met our HR)


More relaxation


The conclusion is easy: with PropellerAds you always get MORE.
See you at PropellerAds!


Head of Content at PropellerAds