Weekly payouts from $5. Best conditions on the market!

Min_Payout dropped to $5

We are all about making your life easier. When it comes to monetization, you can’t afford to wait for too long to withdraw your earnings.

We get it! And that’s precisely why we are changing our payout conditions for publishers. Payouts just got faster and are now fully automated.

Let’s jump into what the newest payment conditions update will mean to you.

1. We pay every Thursday!

From now on, you have an opportunity to receive your money every Thursday, meaning that we are launching a new feature – weekly payouts. How does it work?

  • The hold period is now only 4 days.
  • Every week on Thursday we will send the payment (the amount you would like to withdraw). Keep in mind that this amount should be larger than the minimum transfer amount your payment method (e-wallet, for example) allows.

Here’s an example: the minimum transfer amount for e-wallets is usually $5, while for bank wire transfers at least $500 is required. That means that even if you would prefer to withdraw $5 every week with bank wire, we won’t be able to send the money due to the policy restrictions.

  • Your available balance is equal or bigger than the payout threshold you’ve set.

Here’s an example: You have $3 on your balance, but the minimum withdrawal amount is $5. You won’t receive the money until you have $5 on your payout balance.

  • All your profile and payment details must be fully and correctly completed; otherwise, we are not allowed to proceed with your payouts. These are the financial regulator’s requirements that we must follow.

2. Easy start for new publishers

New publishers can now receive their first weekly payout 14 days after the impressions started coming in.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you’ve registered with PropellerAds on March 4th and started sending us traffic on March 5th. Your very first payout will be sent on Thursday, March 25th because:

#1. You are a new publisher, and according to our terms, the first payout is allowed 14 days after the ads on your website started getting impressions.

#2. We make payouts on Thursdays, so 5 + 14 is March 19th (Friday) – next Thursday is March 25th.

After that, your payouts will be sent every week, according to the schedule.

3. The minimum payout is now as low as $5

Even if you are just starting things out with monetization, you can already withdraw your earnings… even if it’s only $5. We are happy to cooperate with small, niche or beginner publishers!

4. Payouts are fully automated

No need to make manual requests, all the payments are fully automatic. The system will send you the earnings every Thursday. Set your financial preferences and enjoy money coming in!

All publishers can enjoy weekly payments, as long as their verified website has 10,000+ unique daily visitors. 

If you want to enable this payment period for your account, all you need to do is send a screenshot of your website’s statistics for the last 30 days, to our support team for a manual check.

5. A wide range of payment options

Enjoy the wide range of payment methods, select the one which fits best your needs and lifestyle:

  • PayPal (min. $5)
  • Payoneer (min. $20)
  • ePayments (min. $5)
  • Skrill (min. $5)
  • WebMoney (WMZ) (min. $5)
  • Bank wire (min. $500)

How to set up the payout?

Setting the payout amount is extremely easy.

Go to your publisher dashboard – “Payment methods”. This option appears on the right-hand side of your screen.

Here you have to set the minimum withdrawal (payout) amount and select the payment method you prefer.

Tick how often you would like to receive your earnings: every 7 days or every 30 days.

Careful not to make these most common rookie mistakes

  • Thinking that BTC payments are processed within the same day

The first time making a BTC payment, we need to verify the wallet. For this, we usually take 2 days. 

If you want your next BTC payment to go on your new wallet, make sure to send us the details in advance.

  • Disregarding the Hold Period

We have a 4 day Payment Hold Period. This means that the payments honored on Thursday are for the previous week, from Monday to Sunday.

  • Requesting payments in an account other than that of the registered account (3rd party accounts)

In order to provide you with the safest payment methods, we need to strictly comply with the KYC rules.

These are designed for your utmost convenience.

  • Incorrectly linking Payoneer accounts

In order to make sure everything was properly connected, make sure to run through the steps with your account manager.

That’s it!

Enjoy earning more with PropellerAds!

Set up the payout

Editor’s Note: Originally published on November 20, 2018, this article was updated for accuracy reasons.


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