The end of the year can’t keep us from creating new tools and improving your advertising arsenal.

Today, we will review the 5 COMPLETELY new Self-Serve Platform features that will make you more informed, let you work faster and much more purposefully.

We tried to combine new releases so that we could enhance the productivity of other instruments you use to launch remarkable advertising campaigns.

Ready to learn about the new features? Say no more!

1. Simplified campaign creation form

First of all, our campaign creation form changed the look!

Now it’s much more intuitive, leading you through the steps so that you can confidently create a professionally-optimized ad campaign.

Another huge modification is a bulk campaign creator. What’s that? This novelty allows you to create several ad campaigns, featuring different native ad formats at once. Less manual work for you!

And the third biggest change to the campaign creation form are comprehensive tips that provide you with best practices and recommended actions – you don’t really need anyone’s help to create an effective, converting campaign.

2. Push Notification preview

Take the guesswork out and test your Push campaign before it goes live. Now you know how your target audience sees the ad creatives.

Why do you need to preview your campaigns?

  • Determine if anything needs fixing because it’s so much easier to edit campaigns before they are published. Once the campaign is launched, you would have to send it for re-moderation.
  • Understand if the creative is going to do the job and convert users.

3. Traffic chart – daily traffic volumes update

Where are the biggest traffic volumes? You don’t have to ask support or get unreliable information from chats or forums.

Get the automatically collected system data and see the number of total impressions per country, maximum and recommended bids. You can also check the traffic amounts for your custom targeting (Format, platform, OS, and connection type).

4. Include or exclude broker traffic

This is a special feature that makes media buying so much easier. You can now choose between two options:

  • You can buy exclusively PropellerAds’ traffic (You can’t find this traffic anywhere else – it’s extremely beneficial as you have access to unique audiences)
  • You can expand your reach and include broker traffic as well. In case you are not familiar with the term, broker traffic is traffic we get from partner networks. This option is best suited for professional media buyers.

What’s important – no matter what traffic you are buying, you can always be confident that the quality is high. We have AI anti-fraud systems in place, which scan all the traffic in order to detect and prevent cases of illegal activities.

5. New traffic tokens for Push notifications

The feature that many of you have been requesting for is here – NEW traffic tokens for Push Notifications. Make your tracking even more accurate with:

CPM campaigns:

  • {os}
  • {country}
  • {zoneid}

CPC campaigns:

  • {os}
  • {country}
  • {zoneid}
  • {cost} – the cost of a click

For more tracking tokens and usage examples please refer our Knowledge Base

[+BONUS FEATURE] Fund your account with WMZ (WebMoney)

You can now top up your account with WebMoney – WMZ transfer.  What is WMZ? As WebMoney defines it: “WMZ is a WebMoney Transfer title unit that is a US dollar equivalent.”

This payment option is available for advertisers, residing in the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam

Please note, each deposit will be charged with the fee:  $ 0.19 (flat fee) + 2.8% (percentage of deposit)

Lots of great features to test and enjoy – what’s even better – we are getting ready to launch new, awesome tools next year. So, stay tuned and join us on Telegram to be the first to know about our brand-new releases.


Content Marketing Manager at PropellerAds