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Top 11 Best CPA Networks in 2024

11 best CPA networks

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Looking for converting offers but don’t know which door to knock on?

You are in the right place.

When you are an affiliate marketer, you are always searching for the best and highest-paid CPA (cost per action) offers. Clearly, you just want to make sure the majority of prospects will click your affiliate link and instantly convert.

And who to ask for help than CPA networks – they are the ones with all the answers.

No matter if you are just starting in affiliate marketing, or you are a seasoned marketer who knows all the tricks and has all the tools, it’s always good to know who is hosting the best offers at this very moment.

Here is the list of the top 11 CPA networks in 2024. Make sure to check each one and then decide which way to turn.

But first, let’s see what exactly these networks are (we know there are newbies among you), and how CPA networks work.

What is a CPA network?

In the simplest terms, a CPA network (also called an affiliate network) is a bond between direct advertisers and affiliates. It’s a mediator, an agent that can help affiliates locate the best CPA offers, the most converting ones, and therefore make money, and at the same time provide advertisers an opportunity to promote their products or services more widely.

These networks are cumulating offers for different verticals and different GEOs, which means it’s much easier for affiliates to find the right one this way than to do the search on their own, manually sift through brands, agree on conditions, etc. 

Basically, the CPA network matches CPA offers with the most suitable affiliate marketers for the job, and knows where to find traffic for specific verticals or products.

Also, when direct advertisers offer high payouts, it gives them an opportunity to choose the reliable or experienced affiliate they want to work with. So it’s a win-win situation really.

Hope this was helpful. And now, let’s start with our reviews.


Core verticals:Survey, Mobile app & Utilities, Sweepstakes
Suitable for:Both beginners and experienced affiliates
Payment frequency:Twice a month
Numbers:2,5 m+ conversions daily / 1.000+ offers / 200+ unique advertisers

Our own CPA network, Zeydoo, was launched at the end of 2019 by great experts from PropellerAds who, at that point, had more than 9 years of experience in affiliate marketing.

In these several years, Zeydoo proved it can be trusted and be relied on when it comes to exclusive offers with top payouts. The network releases updates on its in-house offers every month, which include adding new landing pages and products, optimizing funnels, etc.


“Zeydoo is a multi-vertical CPA Network with 10+ in-house products in core highly converting affiliate niches: Survey, Mobile Apps & Utilities, and Sweepstakes. The network accepts any type of traffic, except for fraud and bot traffic, but including incent – several exclusive affiliate offers are specifically designed for this type of traffic,”

Zeydoo team explained.

With 5.000 active partners worldwide, this CPA affiliate network offers traffic from more than 200 GEOs and has distributed a network of managers in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

They are also offering a loyalty program based on a referral system in which each client can receive additional payments for attracting other partners. 

Some of the advantages you will find at Zeydoo are:

  • Unlimited caps
  • Worldwide offers
  • Flexible and custom rates
  • 3+ years offers’ lifespan
  • 24/7 support from a qualified manager

When it comes to available conversion flows, for Smart Surveys, it’s CPL (cost-per-lead), for Mobile Apps, it’s CPI (cost-per-install); and for Sweepstakes, you can choose between CPL, RevShare, or SOI (single opt-in).

And regarding payment frequency – affiliates will receive payouts twice a month, on the 7th and on the 22nd day of the month. Newly registered members will have the first payout after 14 days, from the day of first impressions or advertisement.

Note: Zeydoo was considered the best affiliate program by the AffLift Peak Award in 2022. It’s also in the TOP 3 of the best CPA marketing networks, according to OfferVault


Core verticals:Nutra
Suitable for:Both beginners and experienced affiliates
Payment frequency:On-demand
Numbers:400+ offers / 200k+ affiliates / 45+ countries

Everald started its journey in 2012 and slowly became one of the largest CPA networks specializing in the Nutra vertical. This is how they like to introduce themselves:

“Everad’s been on the market for over 10 years. We accept traffic for our own Nutra offers with high payouts. We currently have over 400 offers for 45+ GEOs in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Arabian countries. Since Everad is a direct advertiser, the payouts reach $49”.

What sets their exclusive in-house offers apart are high approval rates. Their scripts are honed to perfection, with native speakers servicing each region, which is what increases these rates, among other things.


Everad accounts contain lots of landing pages and pre-landers, with all of them translated and localized to fit the specific cultural features of each individual GEO.

Answering why they think affiliates should work with them, the Everad team says:

“Everad is a direct Nutra advertiser. That means that with Everad, the affiliate will be getting the highest payouts since there are no intermediary parties involved. The logic is straightforward: no intermediaries mean more profits.”

So if you decide to join this network and register, you get access to a limited number of offers. But don’t worry, as soon as your traffic is vetted, you will be able to request access to a great number of private offers.

Bonus: Everald has a unique feature that allows affiliates to use automated up to a +20% payout bump.

At this CPA affiliate network, each client will be assigned a personal manager that will be ready to help and resolve any issues 24/7. Managers are also handling payment requests if they are not regulated through the ticket system.

Note: The minimum payout amount is $100, and you can do it anytime. Just check your balance, how much you’ve earned, and withdraw your fund without hold.


Core verticals:Sweepstakes, Dating, Surveys, Utilities, Nutra, Mobile content, Leadgen
Suitable for:Both beginners and experienced affiliates
Payment frequency:Weekly
Numbers:4.000+ offers 

With Adtrafico, you will find over 4.000 offers to choose from, where all of them have been tested, proved to be reliable, and most importantly – highly profitable. Prepared custom landing pages are another thing you can count on with Adtrafico.

“We have a combination of seasonal, trendy, and international offers. Adtrafico network’s offers fall under more than 10 different offer categories,”

the Adtrafico team explains.


This CPA network was launched in 2016, and seven years later, they are running a stable and well-known affiliate platform. Regarding verticals – they are providing offers for 10 main categories, and support for almost every GEO worldwide. But they are expanding their offer base constantly.

What they point out as reasons to join their network are:

  • Strong sales team
  • Competitive offers base
  • Competitive commission rates
  • Possibility of adding offers on a request
  • Regular payments
  • In-house offers

But there are two things you will most appreciate about Adtrafico. The first one revolves around payments, given they are very regular and on a weekly basis – each Wednesday you will receive a payment for sales generated during the previous week. The minimum earnings required for payment to be released is $250.

And second one lies in the fact you will be given an affiliate manager to guide you through the whole process, including him hand-selecting offers for you, monitoring their performance, and making all of the adjustments.

Note: Commissions can be earned through CPA (cost-per-action), CPI (cost-per-install), and CPL (click-per-lead).


Core verticals:Education, Games, Research, Auto
Suitable for:Both beginners and experienced affiliates
Payment frequency:Net-30
Numbers:200+ active clients, 4m confirmed leads, 100+ offers

CPAExchange is a CPA affiliate marketing network directed at pay-per-result advertising. Their main goal is to collect high-targeted actions for advertisers, and at the same time to provide partners the opportunity to monetize their traffic.

It is an affiliate network with a decade of experience, and it focuses on several types of businesses – Auto, HR, Research, Education, Games, and others. 

“CPAExchange has exclusive and highly profitable offers. We have more than 100 offers monthly. And we engage different publishers with various types of traffic. Every publisher can find the most suitable offers for himself.”


This network is offering lead generation, consulting, and maintaining the CPA channel of the client, production, including landing pages and other creatives, and creating mailing lists. That’s for advertisers.

And for webmasters – more than 14 categories of offers for any targeted audience, development of creative materials, technical support, and most importantly – fast generating high-quality leads.

When it comes to available conversion flows, there are four: CPI (cost-per-install), CPL (cost-per-lead), CPS (cost-per-sale), and CPV (cost-per-visit).

What you should also know is that payment frequency is quite standard – you will receive your earnings once a month, and the minimum amount is $6. Also, the affiliate tracking software Scaleo is what they rely on in terms of protecting advertisers from fraud and offering full data visualization.


Core verticals:Nutra, White Hat verticals
Suitable for:Both beginners and experienced affiliates
Payment frequency:On-demand
Numbers:630+ offers / up to 80% approval rate / 45+ GEOs

Here is another great CPA network specialized in Nutra, but also in White Hat offers you won’t be able to easily find with other networks. Their user-friendly interface is super easy to navigate and what really stands out, just as the fact they are providing predominantly in-house offers.

About why they oriented only towards Nutra, the AFF1 team says this:

“Nutra is stability and predictability, not hype. Nutra was, is, and will be in demand, and therefore profitable. If you want to earn money and not doubt the future, then this is the best choice”.

What they will do for you is conduct a thorough marketing analysis, consider all your pain points, and prepare a range of promotional materials. As a direct advertiser, AFF1 is providing exclusive and unique offers, and they are all about discovering new GEOs and opening their doors to fresh markets.


The network has an “on-demand” payout policy, and asks for nothing but the minimum amount to be no less than $50. And available commission types are CPA, CPL, and CPS.

“We try to find a personal approach to everybody and a win-win option. Aff1 managers give their all 101%. Solving the issue on the weekend is not a problem, getting the best conditions for the webmaster is possible. Plus the high speed and quality of solving problems. Working with us, each webmaster becomes a member of our big family, with whom we develop relationships and build the future,”

says the AFF1 team about the network that was launched in 2018, and now represents one of the best in this niche.

Another thing they are known for is their support team with native speakers and their great responsiveness to all of their partner’s needs. But also the fact that each client can count on a personal manager 24/7, to help with choosing the right offer, driving traffic, and dealing with bans.

“We are constantly researching the market and testing our findings. This is how the proven best offers appear in our catalog. And communication at all stages of working with offers ensures their reliability and relevance,”

AFF1 concluded.


Core verticals:Nutra, iGaming, Finance, Dating, Fashion, Utilities, etc.
Suitable for:Both beginners and experienced affiliates
Payment frequency:On-demand
Numbers:4.500+ affiliate programs / $11 mill paid to publishers / 400k users

For more than five years MyLead has been one of the most popular CPA affiliate networks that can help marketers earn money through the 4.500+ affiliate programs they offer (email submit, smartlinks, VOD, downloads).

They are especially known for their SmartLink offers – in 2020 this network was named as the best affiliate network with SmartLinks. Publishers can choose between 30 SmartLink offers that can help maximize their earnings.

Also, you can pick one of dozens of campaign categories and five monetization models – CPL, CPS, CPA, PPI, and COD.


MyLead even prepared a short but exclusive training for all of their registered members so they can fully understand how to generate profit and what tools to use along the way.

There are three things MyLead is offering to their clients that are super beneficial:

  • User-centric approach – ensuring that their affiliates receive the support and resources they need to succeed
  • Adjustable rates for advanced users – this flexibility allows affiliates to optimize their earnings based on their performance
  • Free affiliate tools – to simplify and streamline the affiliate marketing process, empowering affiliates to effectively promote offers and maximize their conversions

And let’s not forget the fact MyLead stands out by providing a wealth of affiliate materials, offering their users a diverse range of resources such as industry blog posts, ebooks, and more.

“These materials offer valuable insights, tips, and strategies to help affiliates enhance their marketing efforts and stay ahead of the competition. We understand the importance of continuous learning and provide our affiliates with the necessary knowledge to excel in their affiliate marketing endeavors”,

explained the MyLead team.

Note: The network covers more than 150 GEOs worldwide, they are offering payouts on demand, on a daily basis if needed, and they even have a forum section of their site where you can find many answers to the most common questions.

“By partnering with MyLead, affiliates can benefit from our approach which includes personalized programs and rates for advanced users, free affiliate tools, and an extensive library of affiliate materials. We strive to create a supportive and empowering environment for our users, enabling them to achieve their financial goals”,

MyLead team summed it up.


Core verticals:Mobile apps, Finance, Nutra, Sweepstakes
Suitable for:Both beginners and experienced affiliates
Payment frequency:Twice a week
Numbers:4.000 unique offers / 100k affiliates / 100+ GEOs

Let’s start with what’s so interesting about AdCombo.

The fact they have thousands of exclusive offers in low competition GEOs. AdCombo is all about gathering offers for less competitive Tier 2 with lower CPC and higher ROI. It’s what brings high conversion rates.

Also, they cover 12 verticals, have more than 100.000 affiliates as their clients, and are ready to provide landing and pre-landing pages as part of their service, with their all-native-speaking interpreters being ready to help with translations.

All affiliates will be given personal managers to consult with, multiple shared localized funnels for each offer, and tutorials to help them comprehend all processes on the AdCombo CPA platform.

This is how AdCombo presented its network:

“AdCombo CPA Affiliate Network has existed for more than 10 years, and during this time we have accumulated sufficient expertise in the niche to offer affiliates professional multilingual support and the best conditions on the market based on their personal preference and experience. That is why AdCombo is suitable for both top affiliates and beginners who are just starting their journey in affiliate marketing.”


It is an international affiliate platform that hosts more than 4.000 exclusive offers from reliable advertisers. The conversion rate of the more successful ones hits 20-30%.

AdCombo’s main advantages are:

  • Automation and optimization of advertising campaigns
  • Transparent campaign management with a wide variety of instruments for tracking and analysis
  • Unique opportunity to test and explore: numerous traffic types, different marketing strategies, and tailor-made creative materials
  • Any type of traffic is accepted

In addition, AdCombo is a unique affiliate network that has the COD+SS model in the US to increase your profit.

“As we work with internet traffic from more than 50 countries, our tech team has created an in-house multi-geo server platform that keeps traffic loss to a minimum due to zero downtime and constant monitoring, which can be checked by affiliates anytime.”

When an Affiliate has earned (via ad campaigns) more than just $50 with AdCombo, they can request a payout. Payments are made twice a week by the most convenient and trustworthy payment systems.

Note: Available conversion options are CPA, CPI, CPS, and CPL.


Core verticals:Mobile content, Dating, Nutra, Sweepstakes
Suitable for:Both beginners and experienced affiliates
Payment frequency:Weekly
Numbers:200+ offers

Now this is a very specific CPA affiliate network, given their core vertical is mVas (Mobile Value Added Services), as well as the fact they work with a very limited type of offers. 

“We have been working with mobile subscription offers since 2015. We gathered top-notch features, techniques, and funnels for every traffic source our partners use – with us, you can find the best approach to monetize your traffic”,

the Affshark CPA network said.


These are the benefits they are offering to all of their clients:

  • High-converting and exclusive mobile subscription offers and funnels
  • Campaign optimization guidance
  • In-house offers development
  • Exclusive service discounts
  • API integrations
  • Landing page development on request

AffShark clients will be able to consult with experienced affiliate managers and decide which offer fits their traffic best. The support service will be at their disposal 24/7. And as for landing pages and pre-landers – you can ask them to prepare creatives, or you can use your own.

Note: The payouts are on a weekly basis, with $300 being the minimum payout amount. And more importantly – the payments are always delivered on time.

Golden Goose

Core verticals:Mobile content
Suitable for:Both beginners and experienced affiliates
Payment frequency:Daily
Numbers:2.000+ mVas offers / 10.000+ publishers / 100+ GEOs

Golden Goose was proclaimed to be the Best Mobile Affiliate Network two years in a row (2021 and 2022) by Affbank, and it’s definitely the number one place to get the best mVas offers. It actually offers the widest selection of mVas services tied to different traffic categories – games, utilities, adult, music, video streaming, etc.

This CPA network for monetizing mobile traffic has existed for 13 years, and it is based on DCP (Direct Carrier Billing) protocol. It is actually responsible for creating the so-called DCB HUB – an ecosystem of mobile traffic monetization based on DCP, that unites more than 300 mobile carriers, and more than 10.000 mVas publishers.

Golden Goose network has great GEO coverage – it includes 100 countries worldwide, and it has existed since 2009 when several young professionals started a mVas service market in Russia. 

Note: Even though you have the liberty of choosing any tracking system, know this CPA network has a free and built-in tracker of great reputation. The tracker supports 20+ parameters and has reliable analytical capabilities.

As for payouts, they are one of the rare birds offering to make payments on a daily level, with the minimum payout amount being $20.


Other benefits you can count on with this CPA network are:

  • In-house and exclusive offers
  • In-house anti-fraud system that controls all incoming traffic
  • 3% referral program
  • Secured creatives and landing pages

“Each of our offers has a pre-lander as a rule, and many of them also contain banners, so you don’t have to make creatives yourself”,

the Golden Goose team explains.

Within this network, each affiliate will be assigned a personal manager who will answer any question and provide help in a domain of Golden Goose platform, or a specific offer.

“The Golden Goose Team is highly interested in the success of every affiliate partner, as we earn when you earn. We provide individual support to our affiliates, offer educational materials, and answer any arising questions almost 24/7.”


Core verticals:Nutra, Finance
Suitable for:Both beginners and experienced affiliates
Payment frequency:On-demand
Numbers:2.000+ offers / 50+ GEOs / 50k+ publishers

Leadbit is another well-known affiliate network that spread its wings across Europe, LATAM, and Asia. This direct advertiser has mostly in-house offers and has been part of the industry for 9 years now. At this moment, they have more than 2.000 offers available.

At Leadbit you will find diverse offers with high payouts for various niches, where Nutra (COD, SS & Trials) and Finance are the most dominant ones. But they cover Sweepstakes, iGaming, Adult, Mobile content, and some other huge niches.

Note: According to our policy rules you cannot promote adult offers within the PropellerAds platform.

The network is all about meeting their partner’s needs, so these are the conditions you will be presented with when teaming up with Leadbit:

  • Real-time customer reports
  • Multichannel reach to 50.000+ active affiliates
  • Free translations
  • Banner Rotator
  • API
  • In-house tracking platform
  • On-demand payments
  • Affiliate bonus program with Advertiser offer boost option 
  • Annual top rating awards among international CPA networks

Unlike with the majority of CPA networks, you won’t have to wait a week or two to get your earnings, you can simply request a payout and it will proceed the same day. The minimum payment is $50. And they’re never late with payouts.

“Of all the things we have to offer, the prettiest is the payment. You can get it as soon as you achieve the minimal sum for variable payment methods. You can check the minimal sun on each in your Leadbit profile”,

the network explained.

Note: The support system is what Leadbit is very proud of. Every client will get a personal manager to consult with 24/7, and in addition, they have 50+ local call centers across the world.


Core verticals:iGaming, Dating, Sweepstakes, Finance
Suitable for:Both beginners and experienced affiliates
Payment frequency:Net-7, Net-14, Monthly
Numbers:2.000+ active offers / 134k+ partners 

And here is the last piece of the puzzle – Alfaleads, the winner of the CPA network of the year at SiGMA & AGS Awards 2023. It is a leading performance marketing agency that covers a great number of verticals – iGaming, Dating, Sweepstakes, Finance, you name it.

The network has headquarters in Europe and branches in Hong Kong, the UAE, and other parts of the globe, and has existed for seven years.

“We possess a deep understanding of our industry, having honed our affiliate marketing skills since 2016. On average, our employees boast 2 years of experience in affiliate marketing, forming a proficient team of affiliate marketers and business development experts. Furthermore, we are backed by in-house departments dedicated to finance, legal matters, media buying, and research and development”,

Alfaleads said.

In terms of what they can provide, the network has exclusive offers that come with profitable KPIs, good caps, and all-around support. Also, they are promising consistency in high payouts.

All affiliate beginners will be thrilled to hear that Alfaleads prepared a campaign launch assistance for them. Their Research & Development team offers quite a help in terms of discovering new traffic sources and GEOs, advising on campaign optimization, selecting keywords, etc.


There are several additional benefits you can use:

  • Tracker and post-back configurations – network’s team will handle all technical aspects of configuring URLs and tracking
  • Two unique services – the selection of payment methods & accounts, and the option to operate through their international offices
  • Unique legal support service – their team of lawyers will assist in unblocking bank accounts, legalizing their partners’ businesses, and addressing all legal concerns

Note: As a bonus, trusted affiliates will be granted free access to their Android and iOS applications.

“Convenience is at the heart of our operations. Alfaleads is more than just a database of offers; it serves as a comprehensive hub where partners can access all the essential tools required to grow their businesses,”

the CPA network explained and concluded:

“The success of our affiliates speaks volumes. Our top 5 affiliates witnessed a remarkable growth of 220% in the previous year!”


These are the best of the best CPA networks you can come across when searching for the right offers. So you can be well assured they are trustworthy and good for the money.

The high payouts, unique offers, developed support system, and well-spread network were the main criteria we set before us when creating the list. 

Hope this was helpful and that we managed to be a dignified matchmaker.


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