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Multiformat Campaign Case Study: Multiplying Your Profit or Three Instead of One


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Multiformat Campaign is a brand new feature presented by PropellerAds recently. We bet that you have been wondering how this solution can help you practically! Well, you ask – we comply. 

We have prepared a detailed case study from our partners, the one that includes real statistics, creative examples, and recommendations on how to boost your profit using Multiformat Campaign smartly. 

Just to remind you what Multiformat Campaign is

In a nutshell, Multiformat Campaign is a Push campaign with a CPA Goal pricing model. What makes it so special? When you create a Push Multiformat Campaign, you also get two same-like campaigns (initial targeting and some other settings remain) – Interstitial ads and Popunder ads.  

No manual work here – campaigns are created automatically. And all of your original creatives are adapted automatically by our optimization tool. One of the main advantages of Multiformat – you can adjust your rates for every campaign separately.

Why do you need a Multiformat Campaign?

So, you must be wondering, what are the benefits of a Multiformat Campaign? We have some to discuss:

  • You can launch three campaigns at the same time with a couple of clicks. Save your time and effort – multiply your campaigns automatically. To make your statistics clear and prevent campaign data from mixing, use {adformat} macros. This way, you will differentiate campaigns by format in your tracking system. See the performance of each campaign and change the settings, including spend. 
  • Test and see which format works best for your offer. Testing the same offer for different formats, you can see the results and decide which brings you more money. Sometimes, Interstitial or Onclick performance might be even better than Push or at least equally high. 
  • You get more traffic. As simple as that – three campaigns bring more traffic.

Okay, now let’s move to the juiciest part and discuss a couple of interesting and profitable Multiformat Campaigns launched by our partners. 

Case I: iGaming offer for IN

Formats: Push ads, Onclick, and Interstitial 
Vertical: iGaming
Platform: Android
CPA Goal: $1
Period: 05/04 – 07/04
Pricing model for Interstitial and Onclick: CPL (Cost-per-Lead)

The initial creative was a simple Push notification with an appealing text, like this one:


So these are the initial settings for the Push campaign. As we said, Multiformat Campaign implies creation of one or two additional campaigns – for Onclick, Interstitial, or for both formats – with the same like settings. As for the creative, Onclick and Interstitial campaigns used the Target URL of the advertiser as a creative. 

And now let’s see the numbers: 


This case study shows that the Multiformat Campaign makes sense – the additional Onclick campaign achieved really great results, compared to the initial Push campaign. The latter received 5 conversions only, which costs $2,3, considering the $1 CPA Goal. The medium conversion price for the Onclick campaign was lower than an established CPA Goal – $0,73. 

Case II: Utilities offer for the US

Formats: Push and Interstitial
Vertical: Utilities
Platform: Android + Google Chrome 
User Activity (for Push): High
Browser language: Spanish
Additional feature: Audiences Interests (Utilities)
CPA Goal: 0.65$
Pricing model for Interstitial and Onclick: CPI (Cost-per-Install)
Period: 16/03 – 10/05

Now let’s see the creative, simple, and neat:


The text means: “Notice⚠️ Tap to clean your phone!” Everything seems pretty simple, but at the same time – clear and appealing. 

And here comes the landing page (this one was a creative for an Interstitial campaign):


Another classical landing page with a product description. This is a great idea to increase the reliability of the offer, plus – make users reassure that the offer fits their needs (including the smartphone model). 

So, as a Multiformat Campaign, this one also includes a duplicate Interstitial campaign with almost the same targeting (excluding User Activity targeting and Demographics and Interests targeting features). See the stats:


As we can see, both campaigns show great results, bring numerous conversions, and the rate stays within the limits of a required CPA Goal. 

So, the additional Interstitial campaign launched along with the initial Push one brought a significant income growth! Without the Multiformat Campaign, testing the same offer with other formats would be harder and slower.

Case III: Another Utilities offer for the US

Formats: Push and Onclick 
Vertical: Utilities
Platform: Android + Google Chrome 
User Activity (for Push): High
CPA Goal: 0.7$
Period: 16/03 – 10/05
Pricing model for Onclick: CPI

The Push message for this campaign was:


As you can see, our partner used both – an icon and a larger banner image – for his Push messages. Such a visual decision really makes sense for Android and Google Chrome – notifications become more noticeable and appealing. 

As for the Onclick campaign creative, this one looked pretty much the same as the one from our previous example – it was a landing page with a product description and a button. 

Now let’s move to the statistics. Here:


As always, the additional Onclick campaign had the same targeting settings (excluding User Activity). We can see from the numbers that both campaigns performed pretty well. However, let’s take a closer look at Onclick – it stays within the CPA Goal limits neatly, and the best thing – 93% of all conversions were brought by this campaign! 

Well, considering the top results, we can conclude that Multiformat Campaign was crucial for this case to find out that Onclick is a very suitable format for this particular offer. 

Let’s sum up!

  • The Multiformat Campaign is a great testing tool for new offers. Whenever you have a new offer, you want to know which format is the most suitable one, right? Launching the Multiformat Campaign, you can check a number of them simultaneously and pick the best-performing option. 
  • The Multiformat Campaign is also an efficient optimization tool for your old offers. With its help, you can test new pre-landers and targeting settings for multiple ad formats at once.
  • You save your time. Obviously, a number of campaigns launched and tested simultaneously make the testing process much faster. The best thing – you won’t waste your time creating same-like campaigns with similar settings manually. 
  • You have all chances to get more traffic. More traffic means better campaign performance. You beat the competition and win the profit race much easier. 

Final launch tip: We recommend trying three formats at the same time – this will make your results more precise. As we see in practice, some of our partners launch only one additional format, which doesn’t provide a full picture. Make sure to test three of them and you will definitely find the best option. Good luck!   

Have you already tried Multiformat? Share your experience in our Telegram chat!


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