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Top 7 Best Affiliate Marketing Conferences 2023

7 best affiliate marketing conferences

Let me start by asking, have you ever been to one?

If the answer is “yes” then we are 100% certain you will make space in your calendar for another affiliate marketing conference this year. Or maybe even several. But if you haven’t had the chance to attend any until now, then 2023 is the year in which you must change that.

And this is why:

Affiliate gatherings of this kind are what affiliate marketing is all about – opportunities, networking, knowledge acquisition, and clearly – money making.

Even though we live and work in a digital world, good old face-to-face contact with a handshake is what still gives a business relationship a more credible note. Besides, people just love meeting in person and talking about business.

Also, affiliate marketing conferences are a perfect place to get informed on industry news and trends, and to learn from more experienced marketers on how to increase your earnings as an affiliate. 

Sounds good, right?

Here is the list of the best 7 affiliate marketing conferences you should consider participating in 2023.

Affiliate World Conference

This one had to be mentioned as the very first one since it is the biggest affiliate conference in the world. It’s actually a 3-series event that takes place three times a year and in three different attractive locations.

Location No1: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 12-13 July
Pricing: For affiliates $1,999 / for companies $2,999
Location No2: Bangkok, Thailand
Date: 7-8 December
Pricing: For affiliates $1,999 / for companies $2,999
Location No3: Dubai, UAE
Date: 1-2 March (this one passed but you can already register for Dubai 2024 AW)

The Affiliate World Conference is intended for affiliate marketers and eCommerce entrepreneurs, both newbies and experts.

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It includes more than 120 speakers overall, just as many advertisers, 170+ affiliate networks, 40+ traffic sources, and it hosts around 4,500 attendees at each event.

Here you will be presented with workshops, panels on key campaign strategies, intensive talks on the most popular industry topics, and a variety of networking events. 

Just so you can get a sense of what these conferences are about – the latest AW Dubai covered topics on affiliate marketing in the Middle East, the future of affiliate marketing, Facebook and Native ads track, eCommerce track, and several more. 

The next gathering in Barcelona will be focused on AI in advertising track, Meta and Google ads track, and currently the most relevant affiliate subjects – like affiliate marketing in Europe, Lead generation, email marketing & SMS, and landing pages designed to increase ROAS.

And when it comes to the educational part, it’s outstanding. You will be learning from leading experts from Snap, KISSmetrics, Eight Loop, Tik Tok, Google, Amazon, STM, etc.

Benefits: Networking is what people love most about AW, as well as the fact this is a world-class marketplace for all who are participating.

Note: PropellerAds is sponsoring all AW conferences in 2023 and will have big booths as well as rejuvenation stations. Zeydoo will also be there with a premium booth.


This is definitely one of the world’s largest digital advertising events. It is a 2-day online conference with 30+ hours of exclusive interviews, speeches, and panels covering burning digital marketing topics.

Location: Online
Dates: 29-30 March
Pricing: $49 a month (paid monthly) / $29 a month (paid annually)

Yes, the conference is now behind us, but here are all the reasons why you shouldn’t miss a chance to be part of it in 2024.

This year attendees got to learn how to leverage AI, boost their scales, make creatives that convert, run Tik Tok ads, scale Facebook ads, improve conversion rates, write compelling copy and so much more. Next year, the program will probably be even better.

AdWorld welcomed around 60 speakers and 20,000+ visitors. They had speakers from Meta, Akimbo, Twitter, Reddit, and Samsung, so you can just imagine how many useful tips and insights you can get from such elite names.

The conference organized 1-on-1 networking and live Q&A sessions, and it prepared a certification badge for each attendee that can be placed on a LinkedIn profile, website, or next to an email signature.

It is a must visit event for all levels media buyers and advertisers.

Benefits: Learning opportunities, online connections, and the variety of speakers are the things people mostly praise when talking about AdWorld. 

Note: With this membership, you will be getting weekly newly released masterclasses, all the speeches, panels, and interview material, access to the AdWorld community group, and more.

Sigma World

Sigma is a huge event and media organization that stands behind several biggest conferences located worldwide. And all these events are focusing on iGaming, affiliate marketing, emerging tech, and digital health.

Regional SummitsInternational Summits
Location No1: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dates: 14-18 June
Pricing: $99 – $1499
Location No1: Manila, Philippines
Dates: 19-22 July
Pricing: $174 – $638
Location No2: Limassol, Cyprus
Dates: 4-7 September
Pricing: $153 – $557
Location No2: Malta, MFCC
Dates: 13-17 November
Pricing: $269 – $641
Location No3: Nairobi, Kenya
Dates: January 2024
Pricing: $49 – $299
Location No3: Dubai, UAE
Dates: 4-7 March 2024
Pricing: $89 – $349

As you can imagine, it would be impossible to cover everything all these conferences have to offer, so we will focus on the program and organization of one happening in Malta at the end of the year, since that one is particularly popular.

At this specific event targeted industry segments will be affiliates, eSports, casino operators, horse racing, online gaming, responsible gaming, visual sports, etc.

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The half of conference attendees are decision makers or C-level, so it’s clear the program is molded to suit their expertise level mostly.

As for speakers, there will be the founder of Crypto OGs, the chairmen of the International Gaming Association, the co-founder of Metaverse Architects, the NFT marketing expert from Sold Out NFTs, etc.

Will there be time for making new contacts and networking? For sure, since the organizer prepared several side events in the form of iGathering dinners, awards ceremony, as well as Sigma Pitch – an opportunity for the best startups to battle for several prizes.

Benefit: A chance to learn from high-ranking industry professionals, to make business deals and win mentorship, and investments are what you will gain by attending Sigma.

Island Conference

The affiliate world cannot wait for the Island conference to start, since this is the first year the event is being organized, and in a new and luxurious casino hotel. It is an event for affiliates by affiliates, as they like to say.

Location: Cyprus
Dates: 29-30 June
Pricing: $299 until 15th May / $350 on the door

According to our event team, a lot is expected from this conference. The main vertical is dating, as well as casino, eCommerce, crypto, and iGaming.

The event is suitable for industry beginners, but also those who are working on expanding their business and have some experience. There will be thousands of advertisers, publishers, and affiliates in one place, with networking being the main focus of the event.

The organizer is promising a lot of panels and speeches from key people and the brightest minds, and the plan for these two days is to cover the latest trends and the most relevant topics in the affiliate world right now.

The main speakers at the Island conference will be Dayna Deruelle from Adnium, Michael Reul from Traffic Partner, Gala Grigoreva from Adsterra, Alan Cladx, the founder of Cladx, Craig Campbell, and many more, including our own Matvey Shmidt, Head of Advertisers Departmanat at PropellerAds.

Benefits: Insight into tactics and strategies of well-experienced industry names, debates, big idea talks, and networking.

Affiliate Summit

This is an event we at PropellerAds do not miss. And with reason. It is actually another 3-series event, where two are located in the United States and one in Europe. And it attracts affiliates and digital marketers from more than 80 countries.

Affiliate Summit East

Location: New York, US
Dates: 31 July –  August
Pricing: $699 – $999
Affiliate Summit West

Location: Las Vegas, US
Dates: 15-17 January, 2024
Pricing: $649 – $1099
Affiliate Meet Markt

Location: Berlin
Dates: 31 October – 1 November
Pricing: $899 / Free for affiliates

One of the biggest affiliate marketing events is all about empowering and helping affiliates, advertisers, content publishers, media buyers, and eCommerce sellers find their way in this hard-competing industry.

The upcoming Affiliates Summit East will focus on data enrichment solutions, the impact of emerging social channels on lead gen, optimizing for high-quality leads, ChatGPT for eCommerce, advanced strategies for nailing your ads, scaling your Facebook ads with reels, creating pillar content that converts, etc.

There will be 3,500+ participants, 60+ sessions of proven tactics and tips from the experts, and 2-day Meet Market speed networking in place.

The program is intended for both newbies who are just starting to learn about the business and marketers with experience.

As for pricing, for different amounts, you will be getting different levels of access to both workshops and meet ups. For instance, a VIP pass will give you access to a 2-day Meet Market and all content sessions and meet ups, except AM Days workshops.

Note: The Meeting Table, where we will be, does not include the event ticket, so bear that in mind.

Benefits: Networking, networking, networking! 

Afiliados Brasil

This one is the greatest affiliate marketing conference in Latin America, and the first and only one on Brazil soil. The main goal of the event is sharing secrets about monetization through affiliate programs.

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dates: 25-27 May
Pricing: $80 – $150

At this point, affiliate marketing is on the fast track of growth in this part of the world, which is why Afiliados Brazil was established – to help everyone in this line of business with increasing their revenues, developing better strategies, and staying on top of the game.

The conference is focused on webmasters and bloggers, but also affiliates, advertisers, agencies, and traffic buyers.

There will be more than 5,000 visitors and 45+ exhibitors, and the main topics that will be covered at the event are customer acquisition, content creation, digital entrepreneurialism, leveraging digital services for success, etc.

When it comes to world-class speakers, you will be able to hear Micha Mendez – the specialist in perpetual sales funnel strategies, Roberto Cortez – digital entrepreneur, Damian Lanfranchi and Todd Brown – COO and CEO of Todd Brown Inc., Paulo Faustino – cofounder of Digital marketing agency, and many more.

Benefits: A perfect surrounding for learning and networking through several smaller and intimate events.

Note: PropellerAds will be there – come to booth #48 and say hello!

India Affiliate Summit

When the date approaches, India Affiliate Summit is all the affiliate people are talking about. The expo last year was spectacular, so if you weren’t there make sure not to miss it this year.

Location: Leela Ambience, Gurugram
Dates: 11-12 October
Pricing: Unknown

This is by far the biggest affiliate event in the whole of India. With many panels, discussions, keynotes, masterclasses, and networking events, IAS is aiming to push the business forward with innovative ideas and data-driven strategies.

The conference will welcome more than 3,000 attendees, 700+ companies, 150+ advertisers, just as many affiliate networks, more than 70 speakers, and 70+ exhibitors.

If you want to get a distinctive strategy and tips for affiliate marketing, the eCommerce industry, web3, performance marketing, influencer marketing, mobile marketing, and SEO, this is the place to be.

Here, you will be able to develop new and strong professional bonds, learn from affiliate experts, get a sense of the latest trends, learn how to expand your avenues of monetization, generate high-quality leads and so much more.

As for vertices, most of them will be covered in the India Affiliate Summit, and as for speakers, their names have not yet been revealed for 2023. But if we take a look back at 2022, they should be quite impressive

Benefits: Meet the India affiliate community and take notes on success stories. 


For every serious affiliate, media buyer, or advertiser this type of social and educational engagement is highly recommendable.

Yes, the attendance at most of these best affiliates conferences is quite costly, but look at it as an investment, because it sure will pay off. 

The amount of knowledge and the number of contacts and business opportunities you will gain in just a couple of days are immeasurable.

And let’s not forget how much fun you can get here as well. The parties and following events the organizers of these expos stage are usually quite memorable.

If you still haven’t, join our Telegram Chat to discuss this and other topics!


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