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Masters of iGaming [Interview with Jon, a Professional Media Buyer]


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Dear readers, we have something really special for you tonight! This is a fresh interview with one of our partners – Jon Garcia. He is a real iGaming shark from the ApuestasFree media buying agency specializing in LATAM.

Together with his team, Jon mastered one of the most complicated verticals in affiliate marketing, and today we will hear his story. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy our interview!

Hi Jon! So, tell us a bit about your affiliate marketing career. When and how did you start? Was it iGaming from the start or another vertical? Why did you focus on iGaming and LATAM?

Hello! Oh, a long time ago – we have been working in the industry for 18 years already. During all this time, we have been focused on iGaming just because we know the ropes – we have an understanding of the way this complicated industry works. 

Practically, there are several ways to work with iGaming brands. Some companies are focused on forecasts, the others – on entertainment. Our aim is to develop unique and high-quality content to get organic traffic from Google. We even had some odd situations when users were searching for information about the brand, but we appeared higher in Google search. Well, in most cases of that kind, users visited our website.  

As for LATAM, we entered these GEOs 3 years ago. Before that, we were focused on Spain for 15 years, but at some point, the government regulations regarding iGaming became too tough there. As such, we scaled into LATAM – first, because this was a very prospective region, and second – in most of LATAM GEOs, users speak Spanish, so it was easier for us to switch. 

Yes, there are restrictions in several LATAM GEOs. In some GEOs, advertisers need licenses and permissions to operate an iGaming resource or promote iGaming offers. For instance, you definitely need permission to work in Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina (Buenos Aires). Some countries are only on their way to tougher restrictions, like Brazil, Ecuador, and Chile

The rest of the GEOs don’t have any regulations, and most companies operate with Curacao or Malta licenses. 

Which ad formats work best for iGaming in LATAM?

Popunder ads and pop-ups work best for us. Banners are not recommended.  

In general, there is nothing LATAM-specific here. Well, yes, flags of the targeted countries and the colors of those flags – this is a good idea that will definitely work. Everything else is the same as everywhere. 

Something that really helps is when you proclaim bonuses and beneficial deals for your customers – they react to such creatives much more eagerly. 

Oh, yes, football is EVERYTHING in LATAM! Almost all LATAM GEOs are full of football fans, maybe, excluding Mexico. In Mexico, you will find more basketball fans because it’s close to the USA, so NBA-related offers can bring you more money than football.

For the World Cup, we create customized countries for each country we target and strive to make a really efficient SEO. Also, we have deals with some iGaming houses to reach more relevant customers.  

How do you test your campaigns? Which are the most obvious signs to stop a campaign or to raise your rates?

Easy. We set a maximum budget to reach the desired amount of leads. If we don’t reach it, we conclude that it’s not a profitable campaign, and we stop it. If the profit is zero, we may increase the budget a couple of times to see if things change, but if not, we just close it not to lose money. 

Do you think newcomers have chances to earn money with iGaming offers in LATAM? 

For the iGaming companies of affiliates like us, it is a bit too late to enter the niche. The competition is crazy, and you need to have A LOT of money to be profitable. During the last 1-2 years, the industry became really tough for newcomers. 

Sounds like iGaming affiliate marketing is an expensive thing! How much money does a fresh affiliate need to start working there?

Exactly. As I already said, if you are a newcomer, you need a huge sum to start. Minimum $ but better $, or even more than that. 

What are your forecasts about Betting and affiliate marketing as a whole? Can you name any other promising verticals and GEOs to focus on next year?

In countries or continents where there is not so much iGaming yet, it will continue growing. We have heard good things about Asian, Indian, and South African markets, but due to lack of time for now, we won’t be working with those. Still, new companies and solo affiliates should consider these directions. 

However, if you want to work with Asia, make sure that you can handle the language barrier – either you hire an in-state translator or a freelancer. Actually, the language barrier is another reason why we avoid Asia and focus on LATAM. 

At the same time, considering how crowded China and Japan are, there are all reasons to perceive these GEOs as potentially profitable. 

Okay, that was interesting! Thank you, Jon! 

Thanks! See ya! 

So, grab these insightful tips and prepare for a new step in your affiliate marketing career! Who knows, maybe, you will be the next to give us an interview.

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