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40 % roi for e-commerce campaigns.
Guest Expert

Up to 40% ROI for eCommerce Campaigns: Interview with a Marketing Agency Member

We present an interview with Ibrahim, our partner and marketing agency member, a real specialist in eCommerce campaigns. Hot insights included!

what you don't know about utilities
Guest Expert

You Didn’t Know That About Utility Offers: Interview with David Long

We prepared the insights about Utility offers — thanks to our special guest David Long who shared his secrets of running Utility campaigns

10 questions to a media buyer
Guest Expert

10 Questions for a Media Buyer: Video Interview with Deehan Domingus

Discover expert advice from Deehan Domingus in this insightful video interview tackling crucial queries for media buyers. Don't miss out!

how to master affiliate marketing
Guest Expert

How To Master Your Affiliate Marketing and Not Give Up [Interview with Bob, a Media Buyer]

How to become an affiliate marketing pro starting from zero? Our partner Bob Zhang has the answer — read his interview for PropellerAds!

Guest Expert

Masters of iGaming [Interview with Jon, a Professional Media Buyer]

We have something special for you! Check our interview with Jon Garcia, a real iGaming shark working in LATAM for 18 years already

Guest Expert

From Fish Startup to Affiliate Marketing: a Head-Spinning Story of Our Partner

Read this interview with Anton Trantin, an affiliate marketer, IT guy, and startupper and learn about his way from a fish startup to advertisement