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Push Strategies for Brands and Affiliates: Monetization Cases Explained + Pro Tips

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Much has been written about Push notifications & Push strategies in this blog (and not only). However, there are still so many ways to make your Push ads campaigns maximally efficient that we continue sharing strategies and tips tirelessly.

For example, this time, we decided to reveal the secret recipe of combining various Push tools, like those we have at PropellerAds and our partner-projects – Notix and ProPush. We will talk about efficient strategies that work for various cases and needs, plus – define how to act considering your particular case.

So fasten your belts, everyone, and push the gas pedal, we are going for a really exciting ride.  

Push notifications: what for?

Since the strategy depends on your aims and advertising practices, let’s start with defining the capacities of push and ways this format can meet your needs. 

  • Collecting fresh audience: if you are seeking to boost brand awareness and retarget collected audience in the future;
  • Keeping your existing audience engaged: being pretty engaging, Push can help you keep your audience for more promotions by reminding about your offer and backing up users’ interest;
  • Monetizing and covering your testing budget: Push notifications used as a tool for extra monetization can help you return your investments; 
  • Getting direct conversions: also, you can use Push as a stand-alone source of conversions.

Which one is yours? Depends on what exactly you do in advertising. 

A well-thought strategy is where Push capacities and your needs meet. Let’s try to make this connection together and see what you can do to reach desired results. 

Push strategy for brand owners and advertisers with a website  

If you are a brand owner, you most likely have a website to promote your product, right? This is when Notix, our partner push service provider, steps on the stage. Integration with Notix can go these ways:


Step 1: Install the Push code

Just insert Push code: you’ll need to add and verify the website on the Push provider’s platform, get a code in Notix Self-Service platform (SSP) after registration, and paste it into the header of the page where you want an opt-in request to appear. 

Integration through WordPress plugin: if your website is powered by WordPress, you have to install Notix plugin through the admin panel by adding it and following the instructions

Integration through Google Tag Manager: in this case, you just need to upload the Push code through the website’s root directory. 

Step 2: Pay attention to audience segmentation

When users accept the opt-in request, they can also choose categories of content they are interested in (you are the one to decide which categories to include). This is especially efficient for News, Entertainment, Media and other similar website types. Precise segmentation can help you meet users preferences and therefore – improve your campaign performance.


Step 3: Keep your audience’s interest

Now your task is to keep users’ interest fresh. Use Push notifications to send news, promos, special offers, announcements of giveaways/discounts, etc. And to scale the audience smartly, you should…

Step 4: Purchase Push and/or Popunder traffic 

For example, at PropellerAds. This way, you will get new people and conversions (or/and subscriptions). And from this point, after buying traffic, you may repeat two previous steps: segmentation and keeping your audience engaged with content. This way, you will get your base growing, plus – make sure it stays active.

Step 5: Retargeting 

Even if your audience didn’t take the desired action after getting the first Push notification, you can still reconnect with them later. Sending more Push notifications to users that didn’t convert is a sure way to refresh their interest.  

Also, Notix has the Last Activity Targeting feature to help you reach customers by their actions on your website, which includes frequency of their visits or particular dates.   

Case studies to check out:

Push strategy for affiliate marketers with a landing page  

Now let’s imagine that you are an affiliate marketer without a website, but owning a landing page. What should you do?

Step 1: Purchase traffic for your landing page

We have plenty of Push (and Pop!) traffic at PropellerAds, so if you are an affiliate marketer with a landing page, you can opt for our network to get some. To ensure the best results, make sure to use the following tools:

At this point, the road splits into two and affiliate marketers may follow these monetization scenarios:

Monetization idea 1: Collect your own subscribers


You may want to collect your own audience by means of Notix service (as in the previous section of our article). 

The story is the same as we discussed:

  • Integrate Notix
  • Send Push notifications relevant to your offer
  • Once you get a base of subscribers (starting from 1000) enough to start monetizing, request Notix monetization feature (mind that Notix uses the CPM pricing model) 
  • Combine your Push campaigns with Notix feed

Case studies to check out:

Monetization idea 2: If you don’t want to collect your own audience


If monetization is your only aim and you are not into sending your own content to the audience, rely on ProPush Tag to send opt-in requests to your visitors and get money for collected subscribers. Available pricing models at ProPush are RevShare and CPS.

  • Additional income from subscriptions can help you cover testing budget;
  • TrafficBack feature will allow you to monetize all visitors, even those who didn’t want to subscribe or closed the subscription window;
  • BackButton feature to monetize even those users who were trying to leave by pressing “Back” in their browser.  

Case studies to check out:

Instead of conclusion

With such an extensive toolkit at hand, you will definitely make the most of your Push strategy. Choose your scenario, follow instructions, and grab some tools from all the projects you see useful. 

Feel the power of Push and launch your campaign today!

And welcome to our Telegram Chat, where you can discuss this and other topic with likeminded community!



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