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Audiences 2.0: New Retargeting Toolbox

Audiences 2 - retargeting

Sometimes only one retargeting method is just not enough. This is exactly why we decided to further develop our retargeting toolbox and give you MORE ways to reach your ideal audience.

Meet Audiences 2.0 – a set of tools aimed at helping you create custom audiences and enjoy the most precise targeting you can find at Propeller.

Time to review three new ways to build a retargeting audience (making the total number of retargeting methods – 4; advanced math, we know).

4 Ways to build an audience

This week, we’ve added three new exquisite retargeting solutions, let’s have a look and analyze how to apply them in your real-life campaigns.

How can you build an audience? We suggest four options based on:

  • ? Clicks (Push ads & Interstitial ads
  • ? Engaged visits
  • ? Converted users (Leads via postback S2S)
  • (Old)  Retargeting pixel

#1 Audience based on clicks

This method is available when you run Push or Interstitial campaigns.

Why are audiences based on clicks a total win? First and foremost, because these users clicked = showed they’re interested in your offer.

Probably, something in your initial offer wasn’t enough to convert, or a user was still researching his/her options (the top of the funnel).

With retargeting, you can create more appealing content and experiment with bolder ads, just because these users are more likely to convert. Also, you can run other offers in the very same vertical.

#2 Based on engaged visits

This method of collecting an audience is perfect for OnClick/Popunder ads fans. Chances are you remember that we released a new tracking tool – Viewability pixel.

Now, using engagement data (engaged visits, to be specific), you can build an audience of people who were engaged with your offer – spent at least 2 seconds on your landing page or pre-lander.

It’s a surefire way to find the audience that is genuinely interested in your offer. Exactly what we need!

#3 Based on converted users

Actual leads, people who have already spent some money on your product/service are the creme-de-la-creme audience and everything an affiliate marketer can hope for.

So gathering all these people in one audience can increase your chances to upsell big time.

Read about S2S tracking setup

#4 Collecting with a retargeting pixel

Old and trusted retargeting method that allows you to build audiences no matter where your user came from: be it Facebook, email campaign, or one of Propeller’s ad formats.

Another cool feature of the retargeting pixel is that you can place it pretty much anywhere – landing pages, pre-lander, thank you pages – you name it.

More about retargeting pixel can be found here

Do you really need retargeting?

Yes, you do.

We could stop here, but let’s briefly discuss how retargeting can seriously up your ROI game:

  • Higher CTR & CR – if that’s not enough to convince you, we don’t know what is.
  • More in-depth audience segmentation – you can tailor ad copy and images based on what landing page or creatives users were initially interested in.
  • A great alternative to interest & look-alikes targeting – basically, you can now collect your own audiences interested in Nutra or Finance, for example.
  • Possibility to construct the most intricate funnels – while these methods do look similar, they offer immense opportunities to play around with your retargeting funnel: clicks and engaged visits are more suited for the top/middle of the funnel, and audiences consisting of actual leads are perfect for targeted offers.

The “where” and the “how” 

In this part, we’ll go over some technical details you should consider when starting with retargeting.

  • Audiences moved to the campaign creation form – find it in the targeting section.
propellerads - retargeting - build audience
  • You can create up to 15 audiences. You can create up to 15 audiences; if you already have a large number of audiences in place – you wouldn’t be able to create new ones. In case you require to create additional audiences, please contact your personal manager or support.
  • Audience duration is 90 days – users you wish to keep will remain in your audience list for 90 days.
  • You can now exclude audiences or add several audiences.
propellerads - retargeting - include - exclude audiences
  • You can delete audiences, but be careful once deleted – it cannot be undone. 
propellerads - retargeting - delete audiences

TLTR: All takeaways in one place

  • The new audience tool offers four ways to collect users: based on clicks, converted users, engaged visits, and retargeting pixel.
  • You can seriously boost your ROI and easier segment the users.
  • The technical opportunities have also expanded: build up to 15 audiences in your campaign creation form, target several audiences in one campaign, and delete audiences.

We hope you will enjoy the new retargeting tool, which is now packed with affiliate goodness! 

Don’t forget to share your feedback (we really read it) in the comment section below and on our Telegram chat!


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