6 Tips to Create an Effective Landing Page

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Landing pages are an inevitable part of any inbound marketing strategy. When done well they can convert traffic both existing and cold into valuable leads and boost your bottom line results. Well, if you have placed your products on a marketing platform then you certainly know the need for a high-converting landing page.

However, creating user-friendly and compelling landing pages that convert, requires adding up some essential ingredients. Fear not, in this blog we will cover essentials of an effective landing page.

Avoid ‘mismatch message’

How many times have you clicked on an ad banner only to realize that something entirely different than what was promised? Chances are you must have come across such promotional offers many times that show a particular product in the headline, and after reaching the landing page, you realize it wasn’t the same message that made you click at the first place. This is referred as ‘message mismatch,’ and it often turns away users.

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To turn your leads into conversions, you need to build the trust of your potential customers. For achieving this, your landing page needs to have consistency. Make sure your landing page CTA button shows the same product that was mentioned in your headline. This lends credibility and adds to the trustworthiness of your landing page.

Remember any kind of message mismatch can dramatically affect your conversions.

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Placement of CTA

Call-to-action (CTA) makes a crucial component of your landing page. Now the question arises whether you should place it above the fold or below the fold? Let’s take a deeper dive into this and know which option you should pick for your landing page.

Above the fold – Placing the CTA above the fold is the most common placement choice of marketers. It saves users from scrolling down till the end to find what the offer is all about and catches the attention of the users right away.

However, the drawback with placing your CTA button above the fold is like hitting someone right on their face before they get a chance to engage with your main message.

Above the fold CTA

Below the fold – Placing the CTA button below the fold is also emerging as a popular option for marketers. Thanks to sites like Facebook, lazy scrolling has become a regular feature of websites and is accepted by users as well. So, when you place your CTA below the fold on your landing page, you get enough space to share your marketing story followed by your main marketing message and then tie it together to your CTA.

The good part of placing your message below the fold is your prospects gradually progress to your marketing story. However, if the content is not well presented, a visitor may bounce back before he reaches the bottom of the page.

CTA is your last opportunity to turn your visitors into conversions, whether you should place it above the fold or below the fold depends upon the complexity of your offer or message. If you go with above the fold, then present all essential elements of your landing page into a block of content above the fold.  And if you chose below the fold option then present your information in a concise yet effective way without causing any distraction.

Content on your landing page

Provide relevant content in the most convincing and succinct way is a key for marketers. Your visitors are not interested in knowing features of your products rather they want to know how using your particular product or service can solve their problem or provide a solution to their pain points.

Copy of your content needs to be presented in a clear way that visitors don’t need to struggle to find out the main offering. It needs to be convincing and compelling and should convey your audience right from the headline that what’s in it for them. To improve the efficacy of your content copy and to grab the attention of your audience right away, you can always use words ‘free’ and ‘you.’ These are powerful words and never fail to excite prospects.

Landing Page Design

The overall aesthetic feel of your landing page design is important when it comes to the efficacy of your landing page. Here are some essential ingredients for making your landing page more user-friendly.

  • Keep the design of your landing page simple with a clean layout.
  • Break the content into bullet points for easy reading.
  • Use eye-catchy images but avoid adding too many images as it may look like a visual clutter.
  • You can also add a short video showing how your product or service addresses their needs, problems or interests.
  • Heading that grabs attention immediately and conveys your marketing message effortlessly.
  • Choose right color scheme to improve the overall appeal of your landing page design.
  • Call-to-action needs to be clear, concise, and compelling.
Design hill landing page

DesignHill landing page

Most importantly, use a lot of whitespace to give your landing page a de-cluttered look.

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Consistency in Display Advertising

Your visitors first see the display ads before they reach your  landing page. Keeping a similar flow of your ad and landing page is vital to create familiarity else visitors may feel little disconnected.

You can achieve this consistency by keeping your creatives of both matched with each other as closely as possible. Here are some quick tips for this:

  • Keep same color scheme for both your landing page and banner ad.
  • The image on the banner ad and landing page should be same. You can use many other images on your landing page but keep the hero image (main image) same.
  • Keep the main offer, marketing message, any kind of discounts shown or pricing same.

For Example- If you ad banner says ‘Avail 20% discount on $860 Surf Lessons’ then keep the headline on your landing page same.

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Add a social proof

Adding social proof to your  landing page is a good way to boost your conversions. You can always embed tweets or comments from users who have said good things about your company. Let me reinforce the same with an example. (Over 10,000 people have already downloaded this ebook) how about you? Well, that’s a social proof too.

It adds to your credibility and builds up trust instantly resulting in increased conversions.

Bonus tip

Logo helps people recognize the business, and it is especially important in the case when visitors are reaching your landing page from any external sources such as social media, PPC, and search.  In case you are thinking of redesigning the logo you can use online logo creator tools such as logo generator and get a new logo for your business.

Final Words

Creating persuasive, powerful, and user-friendly landing pages that convert are a key thing for marketers to master. Implement the said expert tips on your landing page and it will surely help you in engaging your audience, increasing your  earnings, and dramatically increase your landing page conversion rate.


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