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monetization ad fomats overview

What Monetization Format to Choose?

Are you curious to know how you can monetize your website with different ad formats? Knowing this could help you improve your monthly performance as a beginner or even mo...

smartphone giveaway roi 215%

[Case Study] Sweepstake Offer, Push & Romania (Profit $3827+ROI 215%)

Check out a case study recommended for everyone who works or only starts working with sweepstakes. See how experienced affiliates run sweepstake campaigns.

cpa goal for push - best practices
Tutorials for Beginners

Get More With Less: CPA Goal for Push

Sure, optimization’s a hoot! But have you ever tried to sit back and relax, while we go through mountains and mountains of big data, using machine learning techniques a

custome- Zone -Bidding- CPC
Platform Updates

Custom Zone Bidding for Push & Interstitial CPC Campaigns

Maximize ROI by fine-tuning CPC bids for specific zones in Push & Interstitial campaigns. Enhance targeting and boost performance efficiently

in-page push skins
Case Studies

[Case study] In-Page Push: Light Theme & Social vs. The Classic Skin

The In-page push skins are essentially templates, or themes, which you can apply to your ads. There are two: Social and Light Theme

chrome 86 - push notifications

What Should Publishers Know About the Chrome 86 Update?

Google has recently announced a new update called Chrome 86 that may have put some publishers on edge. But do not panic!

ssp digest
Platform Updates

August ‘20 Feature Digest: What’s New On PropellerAds

We’ve been working hard on upgrading our platform to make it even more convenient. And now we want to present to you the features that we’ve released in August.

In-page push - new skins
Platform Updates

New Skins for In-Page Push: A Refined, Native Look For Your Ads

We’ve decided to go one step further and created two additional In-page push skins to help you slay specific verticals. The two new in-page push skins are Social and Li...

classic push - in page push - case study
Push Traffic

Case Study: In-Page Push vs. Classic Push Notifications

We’ve partnered with one of the marketers who compared classic and in-page push notifications, and invited this expert to share the results of his experiment.

How to optimize Push campaigns
Affiliate Marketing

How Not To Screw Up Launching Push Campaigns: Part II

Read about optimizing your Push campaign after you get your first results. We answer the most common questions and give some expert tips.

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