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[Case Study] Sweepstake Offer, Push & Romania (Profit $3827+ROI 215%)

smartphone giveaway roi 215%

Here’s a case study recommended for everyone who works or only starts working with sweepstakes.

Hints and tips about creatives – stay tuned 😉

Disclaimer. This Case Study was provided by our client. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of PropellerAds.

Traffic: Push ads
Affiliate Network: Lead Hits
Offer: Sweepstake
Testing period: 28/08/2020 – 15/11/2020
GEO: Romania
Spent: $1778
Income: $5605
Revenue: $3827
ROI: 215%+

Hey, guys! This is my second case about running campaigns with PropellerAds. Frankly, I don’t like writing and showing my results, but after a meeting with guys from PropellerAds at MAC’20, I decided to share my experience with this affiliate network ☺.

I would like to tell you about this particular case as it’s unique and beyond comparison. But more on that later.

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Since my first case, almost nothing has changed; I’m generally working with only one affiliate network – LeadHits, preferably sweepstakes. I always pay attention to certain criteria. An offer should be fresh and hype. 

The simplicity of target action, which a user should do, is the most important when you choose the offer. And, of course, high payouts. In our particular case, we are talking about a sweepstake offer in Romania with a $7.1 payout.

Choosing Ad Network

All my offers I primarily test on PropellerAds traffic. Before that, I tried and bought traffic in other push networks but then decided to try PropellerAds. That’s because most of the offers pay from the start. At least in my particular case☺

Landing Page

First, I ran a split test on two different landing pages. The first one – an ordinary wheel of fortune, where a user gets a chance to win a new mobile phone after the second spin. 

The second one – gift boxes with 3 attempts to win a prize.

propellerads - case study - sweepstakes - romania

Both of them at the beginning converted really well and showed almost the same result. But after spending a few hundred dollars, it became obvious that conversion on the landing page with gift boxes was 15% higher.

So, I deleted the first version with the wheel of fortune.


I have been driving traffic to sweepstakes for several years, and I have a list of creatives, which convert really well in different GEOs.

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It’s obvious now that push notifications have a short life period, and it’s necessary to refresh over time. The audience of push notifications is constantly updating, and certainly, the conversion will be better.

Thus, almost all creatives had the same style – an email icon with the number «1» and a new smartphone on the main image. Also, there was a standard text for sweepstakes.

In both cases, I always use suitable emoji and images. This approach increases the CTR of creatives. Here is an example of top creatives:

Campaign setup

I ran the offer test to all 3 User Activity audiences: high, middle, and low with a CPC pricing model. Initially, a bid is always recommended. I decreased the bid if an outcome was high enough.

The chosen offer quickly showed a good ROI on high activity audiences. Low and middle User Activity audiences showed a small increase.

Received data showed the importance of scaling up. We decided to increase campaigns and creatives. I didn’t spend my time on medium and low audiences and allocated traffic only to a high user activity 🙂 🙂

During this process, all data was constantly analyzed: those creatives, which have low ROI, were turned off, and new ones were added, a blacklist was formed. 


Before discussing the results, I want to mention that the main revenue gave only one creative—an ordinary creative with an extraordinary «behavior.» I have a wide experience in affiliate marketing, but I have never seen such results before.

The testing period was started in May (in a preview, it is 08/28/2020). The creative we discussed have been working since May.  Till August 28, the creative had the following results:

propellerads - case study - campaign results _1

In the screenshot, we see that between 29/05/2020 and 27/08/2020, our creative didn’t have a high ROI compared with others from the same Ad campaign. Please pay attention to the amount of traffic and profit received for almost 3 months. 

Here is the screenshot of 5 creatives statistics from 28/08/2020 to 15/11/2020 period (2.5 months).

propellerads - case study - campaign results _2

We have chosen the period from 29/05/2020 to 27/08/2020 and from 28/08/2020 to 15/11/2020 because exactly on August 28 the creative took off and still showing impressive results. Meantime, other creatives of the chosen offer have already died. Our creative is live and showing phenomenal results!

That’s why I don’t want to show you the image for now. It’s just an ordinary creative with the email icon and device image, almost the same as we’ve discussed above. I really have no idea why the results were so impressive. So, I recommend testing different types of creatives: it’s impossible to predict which one will succeed)

Let’s move to results! 

Tracker stats

propellerads - case study - romania - stats


Push notifications dead. Creatives in push notifications are showing bad results. Are those rumors on the air? Probably there is some truth, but I don’t think so 🙂

To sum up, it’s better to test all creatives and split them into different groups.

Subsequently, those creatives, which showed the best results in one GEO, most probably will show the perfect conversion in a similar offer in another GEO.

According to this Case Study, it’s obvious that push connection can perform for a long time as in our example of 5 ad campaigns, which have been working for 5.5 months.

Meanwhile, you can join our busy Telegram chat and talk to all the b!est affiliates!

Wish you a good profit! ☺ 


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