Sweepstake offers are so popular that nearly every affiliate you ask will tell you they tried running these campaigns in the past.

Why? Affiliate marketers seek the proverbial “sweet spot” – that perfect balance between investing optimization efforts and getting tons of conversions.

Sweepstakes are rumored to be this safe haven. Also, sweepstakes are considered to be one of the best verticals for beginners.

How to Choose a Sweepstake Offer: The Complete Checklist

Sounds great, but are there any tricks to creating profitable sweepstake campaigns? Got the hint? 🙂

What’s inside?

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  • Best ad formats for running sweepstake campaigns
  • Crafting creatives that convert like fire (Images, ad copies, and landing pages)
  • Targeting tips from our sweepstake connoisseurs
  • Bidding and optimization tips (so you can save some money, obviously)
  • And lots of real examples

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