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monetization quiz

[QUIZ] Are You a Monetization Expert?

Take our quiz to discover if you're a monetization pro! Test your skills and learn where you stand in the world of monetization strategies. Start now!

How to monetize Push subscriptions - webinar

[FREE Webinar] 3 Ways to Monetize Push Subscriptions

Come to our next FREE webinar, and we’ll tell you about three bulletproof methods of monetizing push subscriptions. We show real stats and real cases

CPS - Revshare- monetization

Revshare vs CPS: Choosing the best payout model

In Propush.me, there are two payout models available: CPS and Revshare. If you choose Revshare, you’ll be paid for impressions that your subscribers generate


For Publishers & Affiliates: What is TrafficBack and How Does it Work?

TrafficBack by Propush.me is an innovative way to monetize users, which, for any reason, didn’t want to subscribe to push notifications

Coronavirus - publishers

How is Coronavirus Impacting Publishers?

Let’s take a look at how coronavirus will impact publishers. Read our interview with Anna Efimova on CPM rates, fill rates and ways to improve your website

Push_Engage - 6 ways to increase subscription rate

6 Ways to Increase Push Notification Subscription

Push Notifications allow you to monetize traffic even when the user is not on your site. Here are the top 6 ways publishers can increase push subscriptions.

one month after chrome

Okay Google, What’s with Subscription Volumes & Chrome 80?

What was hailed as a doomsday browser update, actually turned out to be one of the best Chrome updates for publishers. We’ve talked to our monetization experts, big and...

CDD1606 banner

Sports Website + In-Page Push Banner = Extra money!

Own a sports website? Earn extra money with newest user-friendly ad format for audience monetization - In-Page Push Banner!

in-page push for publishers - monetization

Meet In-Page Push, Your Next Favorite Monetization Method

The launch of Chrome 80 taught us all an important lesson: don’t dwell on your current success, because one day a single browser update can come and wipe the floor with


Chrome 80 Explained: How it Affects Push Notifications & Your Earnings

Less than a week left until Chrome 80 is out in the wild, and publishers should be geared up for whatever Google brings to the table

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