Working Around Antivirus Domain Bans


Your users mentioned they’re having trouble accessing your domains? You might consider their antivirus is out to get you. Ignoring this won’t make it go away, but lucky for you being under Propeller Ads’ protective wing, we will.

Continue reading to find out more about the nuisance that might be keeping you from bringing home the bacon??? and what you can do to get rid of it. 

You’re happily browsing the internet, finding exciting and useful information when out of nowhere, your antivirus pops-up a notification that the website you’re about to visit (which you previously accessed on multiple occasions) contains malicious content.

Well, guess what: chances are there’s nothing wrong with the website. Instead, the antivirus is trying to prove its worth. 

Propellerads - Instead of Your Website - AVs Domain Ban
What the user sees instead of the blocked website page. 

Then what’s the beef, in this case – you’re probably asking at this point? Odds are, the same might happen to some of your users when navigating on your pages from a device that’s using an antivirus. Worry not! We’ve got a fix for this antivirus flex. But first, let’s see why it happens, and what triggers it.

Everything comes with a price ?

While we all need to be protected, some measures might come with a price. A price for which, especially free antivirus software need to take extra steps to persuade their consumers to pay. Call it ‘marketing technique’, if you will. 

How often have you noticed that immediately after that nagging notification, the antivirus (not so subtly) invites you to upgrade your protection plan to a (more) expensive version? Sure, that’s not always the case. But let’s face it, this happens quite often. 

Here is a very common example we happened to come across while researching for this piece:

propellerads - antivirus example
The antivirus notification informing you it secured a threat.

Every ‘Bug’ has a Silver Lining

The good news is that we know the causes for which your domain might catch the antivirus’s attention, which means we also have the solution. The result: we can fix it! So basically all you need to do is pay attention to your users’ feedback, and communicate it to our support team, while you continue doing that amazing analysis we know you’re so fond of. 

Most of the time the antivirus is just trying to show off its worth, living under the constant pressure of the industry.

While analyzing the causes for which domains might get flagged by the antivirus, we’ve identified the following: 

  • Misreading the JavaScript 
  • Getting triggered by an Ad    
  • Picking strange signals from the IP-network(s)

How we fix it: We either rewrite some of the JavaScript, make minor changes in our domain, switch the IP or get in contact with the antivirus provider so that your users can continue business as usual. Normally we’re in connection with the providers so that scenarios like these get solved the fastest way possible. 

It’s one for the money, two for fame, three, so you really get that upgrade ?

So why do antiviruses need to show what they’ve got? The reality, as quoted by MarketWatch in an extensive analysis of the antivirus market during the COVID-19 outbreak, is that the industry’s market share might be headed towards an exponential rise. The report also predicts that between 2024-2026 we’ll see some significant changes. 

It then becomes evident that every player from the antivirus industry is going for the larger piece of the cake right now. For this reason, it shouldn’t really surprise you that the antivirus software’s aggressive sales techniques are increasing. In fact, we might see even more. 

However, Statista comes with some pretty surprising and contradicting figures when analyzing the antivirus software market revenue worldwide from 2018 compared with their 2024 forecast. No matter who will hit a home run with their antivirus software predictions, one thing is for sure: antivirus software have a solid reason to want to cover as much ground as possible. 

2018-2024 AVs Market Rev

All in all, we’ve got great news! ?

You’re doing great and this shouldn’t be a cause of concern for you. Things like this, although unpleasant, occasionally happen. But what’s more important is that we’re aware of these abnormalities, and as we previously showed you, we know how to restore interruption-free browsing for your users. All that’s left for you is contact our support team, and we’ll take care of it.   

Another great thing is that mobile users aren’t as affected, since from the 4.28 billion according to Statista’s unique mobile internet users survey, only about one-third use an antivirus. This might also be the case as most of the users affected by malware are predominantly desktop users. 


The final and most important great news is the fact that we’re always keeping ahead of the trends, making sure nothing can rob our clients of the peace and serenity they deserve for always ensuring the high-levels of quality and professionalism we’re used to. Which is why we’ll always have at least one solution.

Here are some things you can do, to keep your reputation clean

We don’t need to tell you that having a domain banned is bad for business, as your users are unable to access your money-making pages, and might be so bugged as not to return a second time. So here’s a little something that you can do, to have things covered from your end.

Run your websites through the following:

All three are highly reputable research sources, that allow both parties involved in an online deal to see what the host is on to. If you have any suspicions that one or multiple of your sources are hard to access by your audience, run them through these analysis engines. 

For anything else: We’ve got you covered!

Got a question? Contact us now to find out how we can help you 🙂


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