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publishers reach to google updates

Publishers React to Google’s Updates: Pricing, Anti-Tracking & Cookies

Facebook and Google, the two biggest publishing companies out there, are starting to crack down on tracking and other tools that are essential to independent publishers.

PropellerAds_Interview with Dhruv on monetization and content lockers

Interview with Dhruv C.: Monetization, Websites, and Content Lockers

Today, we have an unusual guest. Most beginner publishers have a vague understanding of how monetization business really is. “Big and fast money without lifting a finge...

Combining monetization ad formats

Becoming a Master Publisher: How to Combine Monetization Ad Formats

we’ll go over the reasons you should combine ad formats on your platform. Well also discuss tips from Anna Efimova, our Head of Publisher Onboarding, to help publishers...

What Content_to_Lock_

Gate Master Initiation: What Content Should You Lock?

Let’s take a look at some tips to help publishers lock the right content in order to increase profits. Content locking is an awesome new feature that allows you to limi...

PropellerAds_when to start monetizing

Is It Time to Start Monetizing Your Websites?

Establishing a publishing platform and monetizing your website successfully is easier said than done. Choosing a niche and building a site is already challenging, but you

customize your native widgets

Make it yours. Customize Native Widgets

Now it’s time to talk about customization. Great news – now you can FULLY alter the way native widgets are displayed so they would feel tailor-made for your website.

PropellerAds_content locker

How to Speed Up Monetization with Content Lockers?

Meet Content Lockers – special tools that limit user’s access to specific parts of the webpage /or entire page until a user completes a certain target action.

propellerads_monetize content

3 Ways to Monetize Your Content + Case Study

There are three main ways that you can start to enjoy the money rolling in. It’s about understanding your own needs and that of your website’s readers.Here we look at...

revamped native banners

Revamped Native Banners for Advanced Monetization

We are ready to offer Native Banners to all our publishers! We have enhancedthe effectiveness of the format and negotiated exclusive contracts with top advertisers.

adblock detection plugins

The What, Where and Why of AdBlock Detection Plugins

Adblockers are costing publishers billions of dollars every year, and the worst part is that this trend shows no signs of slowing down. In the US alone, adblockers are al

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