Make it yours. Customize Native Widgets

customize your native widgets

Publishers have a very limited time (and space, of course) to make an impact and monetize their users; which means that publishers have to focus on being savvy about how they drive value from their online audience.

We’ve talked a great deal over the past few months about Native Widgets and how publishers can benefit from using this monetization format.

By the way, here’s a case study on how one of our publishers managed to increase his earnings with Native Widgets.

Now it’s time to talk about customization. Great news – now you can FULLY alter the way native widgets are displayed so they would feel tailor-made for your website.

Have a look at your new toolkit:

What can you customize?

In short: everything. But for those of you craving for details, let’s talk about all the native widget settings you can play with:

  • The number of columns and rows
  • Widget width
  • Background color
  • Font, font color, size
  • Image dimensions
  • Responsive or not
  • Hover options
  • Headline options: “From the web,” “Recommended,” Sponsored content”

That’s a lot, right? The next step is to find out why customization is a must when you monetize with Native Widgets, and what to do with all these options.

Getting to the “Why” part

If we describe it in the form of a mathematical equation: Positive user experience = Higher monetization income.

Reason #1: Profitability

Well-designed ad widgets positioned in strategic areas of your website do increase the number of clicks, making your monetization efforts more effective.

A widget that is just a tad too ugly or doesn’t go with your particular design, can psychologically deter and discourage users from clicking. Making them perceive ads as less valuable, thus, decreasing the click-through rate (read: your money).                                                                                                                       

Pretty looking ad widgets are irresistible:

Reason #2: Simplicity

We made sure that our new widget customizer is incredibly simple – with a little effort, you can modify the appearance of widgets to match your website design seamlessly.

Not just size: you can even go all the way to font attributes! There’s no need to fix the code manually – everything can be conveniently done via simple interface – you see the widget preview right away and can make changes on the fly.

Reason #3: Perfect for testing

You already know that monetization is all about testing, and the new native customizer can help you test your widgets in a more quality way.

  • How many blocks are the optimal number for your website?
  • What image dimensions bring the highest CTR?
  • Should the text be bold?
  • How does the background color affect user experience?
  • Etc.

In other words, there are dozens of parameters you can adjust and find the best-performing combination for your website.

Have you already customized your Native Banners? Where do you usually place them?

>>> Test Native Customizer <<<


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