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webinar - 6 ways to monetize your traffic

Publishers’ Webinar – 6 Effective Traffic Monetization Methods

Maximize your website's earning potential with 6 expert traffic monetization strategies. Join our webinar for actionable insights!

monetization ad fomats overview

What Monetization Format to Choose?

Are you curious to know how you can monetize your website with different ad formats? This could help you improve your monthly performance

abusive experience report

Avoiding Google’s Abusive Experience Reports

In this article, we’ll go over Google’s abusive experience reports and tell you how to remove these warnings from your site

how to monetize sports events 2021

Monetizing Sports Events in 2021

We’ve put together an article with everything you need to know about monetizing sports events in 2021. Mistakes to avoid and risks to consider

Pub Priority Program

Announcing Propeller Pub Priority: Our Publisher Benefit Program

Discover Pub Priority by Propeller Ads: Elevate your earnings with our exclusive publisher benefit program. Maximize your revenue now!

Min_Payout dropped to $5

Weekly payouts from $5. Best conditions on the market!

Unlock weekly payouts starting from $5 with unparalleled market conditions. Maximize your earnings now!

5 Pusblisher trends -2021

Hottest Publisher Trends of 2021: Riding the Heat Wave

Let’s take a look at the 5 most significant publisher trends that will shape this upcoming year, according to our internal experts


No more lost revenues because of AdBlock!

Discover PropellerAds' groundbreaking Anti-Adblock technology, designed to empower publishers and combat ad-blocking challenges effectively


Working Around Antivirus Domain Bans

Domain bans are a real nuisance. Especially when you’re legit and the antivirus misinterprets a code. Lucky for you, we’ve got a fix

chrome 86 - push notifications

What Should Publishers Know About the Chrome 86 Update?

Google has recently announced a new update called Chrome 86 that may have put some publishers on edge. But do not panic!

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