Announcing Propeller Pub Priority: Our Publisher Benefit Program

Pub Priority Program

Publishers are crucial to the well-being of the affiliate ecosystem because these partners generate the traffic that affiliates and advertisers benefit from. There are different types of publishers, but all of these individuals face similar challenges and benefit from the same features.

We are familiar with the important role that publishers play, so we’ve developed the Propeller Pub Priority program to make sure that website owners feel appreciated.

Let’s take a look at the Propeller Pub Priority program, what it entails, and how you can benefit from this brand new initiative.

What Is Propeller Pub Priority?

In simple terms, the Propeller Pub Priority program is our first-ever loyalty plan for publishers. We want to take the opportunity and thank all of our outstanding publishers for delivering awesome traffic.

Our goal is to give back to these partners and provide special rewards as well as benefits that improve performance, like exclusive offers and faster services.

So, besides encouraging our publishers to keep working with our network, we also set them up to make more money and enjoy some delightful perks.

How Does It Work?

Our publisher loyalty program focuses on rewarding partners by dividing them into four tiers, which ensures that even beginners can enjoy some benefits.

The different levels are:

Green – total paid per 14 days from $0 to $280
Silver – total paid per 14 days from $280 to $1400
Gold –  total paid per 14 days from $1400 to $7000
Platinum – total paid per 14 days from $7000+

To check out which category you’re in, log in to your publisher account and look at the Propeller Priority tab.

Benefits and Advantages

All publishers are different, so developing a reward system that is positive for all partners was challenging to say the least. With this in mind, our team has developed a variety of rewards that will improve the performance of your publishing platforms and your overall profitability.

Below, we’ve put together a chart explaining the different benefits available for the distinct tiers in our publisher loyalty program.

propellerads - publisher priority program

Depending on your tier, you can enjoy advantages like shorter payment holds, the ability to request payments, access to a dedicated account manager, priority when you contact support, and access to the custom PropellerAds API. 

Note that each level has a sub-list of features that you can view once you unlock every tier.

Moreover, we are constantly working on identifying new features that improve performance for our publishers, so we’ll keep adding more benefits gradually. Like wine, our publisher loyalty program will just get better with time! 

How to Sign Up

Publishers usually have packed schedules. Luckily, you won’t need to worry about taking additional steps to sign up to the Propeller Pub Priority program. Your benefits will automatically be applied after reaching each threshold.

Propeller Pub Priority Privilege Duration

One of our main objectives is to support all active users, so we’ve developed different downtime periods for each tier. It works as follows:

  • Silver – 14 days / 2 weeks
  • Gold –  Silver – 28 days / 4 weeks
  • Platinum – Silver – 42 days / 6 weeks

For instance, if a platinum publisher has received less than $7000 in the last 42 days, that person would be automatically bumped down to the gold level.


Here are answers to common questions about our publisher loyalty program.

? How often does PropellerAds check the status of my earnings?

Our team checks the status of your earnings every two weeks, so we take the previous 14 days into consideration.

Here’s a handy table on how the status is calculated:

  • Silver – paid for the previous period > $280 (i.e., the last 14 days)
  • Gold – paid for the previous 2 periods > $1400 (i.e., the last 28 days)
  • Platinum – paid for the previous 3 periods   > $7000 (i.e., the last 42 days)

? Can I get an example of how it works?


If a publisher has received $7000 in payment by January 30th, we will review the status for the previous 42 days, which are broken down into three periods. These periods would be:

1. January 15th-30th

2. January 1st-14th

3. December 15th-30th 

As long as the amount paid to the publisher in any of these individual periods is $7000 or more, this individual would maintain the platinum status. If not, the publisher returns to the gold level.

❓ What if I have any more questions?

If you have any more questions about our program, stay tuned to our blog or contact our support team for help.

Are you ready to find out more about our loyalty program for publishers?


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