At its core, monetization is all about captivating audiences and partnering with the best in the market. PropellerAds is no stranger to this concept as our referral program has been active for some time now. However, we’re always looking to create a better experience for all of our partners, especially our publishers and their colleagues. 

The PropellerAds referral program gives publishers the chance to make extra money. Whether you’re already one of our prestigious publishers or you’re about to apply to our network, the updates we’re introducing are bound to make you smile.

Let’s take a look at the changes we’re making to our referral program.

Publisher Referral Program: How It Works and How Much You Can Earn

When publishers get approved, they are immediately assigned a referral link, which is available in the dashboard. If a new publisher signs up to PropellerAds using this link, the referer will receive a 5% commission on all of that publisher’s future earnings. 

Our referral program works on a lifetime commission. After all, every publisher has the chance to scale his or her platform and increase revenue, so it’s only fair that the people who refer new members get rewarded based on their success.


Using the Referral Code Effectively

Getting the referral link is just the first step. Now, you have to figure out the best way to convince your fellow publishers to sign up using your link. 

Always put yourself in your audience’s shoes and highlight the benefits of working with PropellerAds you’re personally enjoying the most.

In addition, you should:

  • Add your referral link to all relevant sections of your site 
  • Write a review about PropellerAds and place the link in different parts of the article
  • Place the link on one of your site banners
  • Share your referral link on social media
  • Search for forums, online communities, discussion groups, blog comments, and similar platforms as these are a great source of quality referrals

3 Tips to Attract More Referrals

When attracting referrals you have to evaluate your situation and determine the best way to engage fellow publishers. 

You may have already created connections thanks to the years you’ve worked in the industry. However, you’ll need to ensure that the publishers you’re trying to recruit are not already registered with PropellerAds.

Additionally, you should:

#1 Focus on Relevant Publishers

Simply getting new publishers to sign up doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting kickbacks from their revenue. You need to find publishers who are active and on top of their platforms’ monetization efforts. This will increase the chances of getting significant commissions from engaged publishers.

#2 Proactively Spread Awareness

Creating a PropellerAds review is a great start, but you should also take on the role of industry thought leader and spread awareness about the importance of working with the best networks.

Not only will have more credibility, but readers will organically find your PropellerAds review and increase the chances of signing up.

#3 Educate Your Referrals

If you are working with relatively new publishers that are doing well but have room for improvement, take the time to groom these webmasters. After all, you’ll be making a commission from their earnings, so giving them advice on how to maximize their revenue can also increase the profits you generate.

Fees and Payments

We pay a commission for every active referral using PropellerAds publisher services. Our system works as follows:

  • Referral commissions are equal to 5% of an active referred publisher’s monthly earnings
  • The withdrawal of the referral fees is made according to Propeller Ads’s Terms and Conditions
  • All referral fees are paid in US dollars

PropellerAds Publisher Referral FAQs

Below, we’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about our referral program.

  • Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer?

No, there are absolutely no limits to the number of referrals you can have. But, be careful not to spam potential suitors! Promoting our referral links through unsolicited emailing is against our terms and conditions.

  • My referrals didn’t use my links to sign up, can you add them manually?

No, unfortunately, we can not add referrals manually. So, you need to explain as clearly as possible that new publishers need to sign up with the link you’re providing.

  • Can I refer advertisers?

No, you can only refer fellow publishers.

Start Referring Fellow Publishers Today!

We hope that our tips above can help you refer fellow publishers and start earning money. If you have any questions or comments, contact us today and we’ll be glad to help.


While working as a writer and marketing consultant for the past 9 years, Tom has also developed a passion for the world of affiliate marketing. With first-hand experience and a solid background in online marketing, he has a deep understanding of the different ad formats, offers, and other elements that affect the performance of an affiliate campaign. Tom also loves backpacking around tropical countries, listening to the boom-bap sound of old school hip-hop, and playing amateur rugby with his local team.