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Mariia Peretyatko

While being a do-all writer, Mariia has composed thousands academic, technical, and promotional texts. Digital marketing, ad networks, and trends of CTV advertising are her latest passion. Lately, the author has investigated the ecosystem of AdTech from both sides – publishers’ and advertisers’, so she knows the ropes of efficient monetization and will gladly share a pack of magical recipes with you. Mariia also loves studying Chinese, drawing, and taking street photos.


Media Ad Campaigns: How to Advertise on YouTube, Blogs, & News Sites?

Want to know how to advertise on YouTube, news websites and blogs? In this guide you will find promo strategies and info about key metrics to consider

PropellerAds_push_strategy_for_aff_marketers_brands image
Push Traffic

Push Strategies for Brands and Affiliates: Monetization Cases Explained + Pro Tips

Discover brand and affiliate push strategies with monetization cases and expert tips for maximizing revenue. Learn the best practices today!

Propellerads_what_are_ad_zones image
Tutorials for Beginners

What is an Ad Zone and How Does It Help You Buy Traffic?

Ad zones and subzones - what are they and how do they work? Read this article with examples and illustrations to expand your knowledge

Affiliate influencers and super affiliates
Guest Expert

Affiliate Influencers and Super Affiliates: Who Are They? [+ REAL STORIES]

Affiliate marketing influencers - who are they? How did they become famous? Learn from this article and read their stories and comments!

new feature subzone
Platform Updates

Subzones to Make Your Optimization Neat and Efficient [NEW Feature]

Precise optimization is what you need for a better campaigns performance. New PropellerAds feature - Subzones - can help you with that. How? Find out here

survey exit ad format
Survey Exit

Survey Exit New Ad Format: FAQ

Survey Exit is generating a lot of interest. We have collected all questions, so now you know everything about the new ad format

champions league advertising
Ad Trends

Advertising During the Champions League Final 2022-23: Statistics and Insights

Discover impactful advertising trends and stats during the Champions League Final 2022-23 for strategic insights

promoting clickbank products
Affiliate Marketing

How to Promote Clickbank Products with PropellerAds? 

ClickBank is a well-known eCommerce network for product sellers and affiliate marketers. But how to approach it? How to combine PropellerAds and ClickBank?

user acquisition strategy for apps
App Marketing

User Acquisition for Mobile Applications: Fail-Proof Strategy

User acquisition for apps is a whole story of efficient audience capturing and turning them into leads. How to do that? Our Optimization team shares advice

deinfluencing trend
Ad Trends

Deinfluencing Trend Explained: How to Use It in Affiliate Marketing?

Uncover the core principles of deinfluencing and reclaim your online autonomy. Explore strategies for mindful digital presence

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