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PropellerAds Becomes Multisource: FAQ

Multisource ad platform FAQ

PropellerAds reached 12B daily impressions last year, and the platform continues to grow and develop. Recently, we have announced a new era in our cooperation with partners – now we become multisource. 

We have gathered the most popular questions of our clients and now we want to provide answers and give you some details. What does it mean to be multisource? What exactly will change? What to expect?

Spoiler: we have only good news for you. 

Check this FAQ to find out all the details. 

What will change for me?

We upgraded PropellerAds from all sides – both, functionality and brand representation. The changes include:

  • New traffic types for simple and optimized media buying (coming soon)
  • New ad rotation algorithms
  • New bidding model
  • Advanced anti-fraud software to ensure partners’ traffic quality and purity
  • New website with more precise positioning that matches our business structure

We expand the traffic providers network actively. This way, we will scale existing traffic types – Push ads, Interstitial advert, Popunder ads – and add new ones very soon. We strongly believe that expansion and scaling will increase your chances of reaching your business goals, whether you are an affiliate, brand owner, media buyer, or advertising agency member. 

For agencies, we deliver new solutions to help their businesses reach desired KPI while staying within the budget and showing the best customer performance. If you are an affiliate marketer, we can increase your chances of getting the highest ROI and maximum reach within budget. Plus, we have a large arsenal of optimization, CTR-boosting, analysis, and targeting tools. 

What exactly will stay the same for me?

The main things you value PropellerAds for, such as beneficial traffic purchase conditions, convenient platform usage, prices, efficiency of platform tools, and availability of traffic for everyone (disregarding your account balance and Loyalty Program level) don’t change. 

Does “multisource” mean that traffic quality will change?

No. Traffic quality has been our main priority from the first day on the market, which is 11 years already. All of our partners’ traffic is checked before you get access to it. Our high-tech anti-fraud software ensures that you work with carefully filtered traffic.    

So, traffic quality will stay at the highest level. 

How do we find relevant audiences for your business? 

We cooperate with exclusive and third-party suppliers of high-quality traffic (Tier 1-3, checked by our advanced anti-fraud software). 

PropellerAds’ advanced algorithms work efficiently to find the most relevant audiences, especially for your business. The technology makes an optimal decision based on your offer type/flow and numerous dynamic traffic behavioral parameters that are analyzed every second.

This way, we ensure that the most relevant users visit your offer. 

Advanced ad rotation algorithms will take care of your audience’s relevance and quality, ensuring your high performance on any combination of traffic sources and advertising channels. As such, your chances of boosting conversions grows! 

Who can benefit from PropellerAds now?

Our multisource platform serves brand owners, advertising agencies, solo affiliate marketers, and affiliate teams. We provide advanced media buying solutions to meet your needs and help you drive traffic across all Tiers with the best possible result. 

Will the traffic distribution principles change?

No, traffic distribution principles won’t change. Just like before, our system will take your creatives’ performance into account, plus – other campaign parameters to find the matching audience.  

How about all of my current account benefits, status, manager, and Loyalty Program level? 

Your account benefits, including your status, manager, and Loyalty Program, stay as they are. The terms and conditions for getting benefits also stay the same. 

In addition, the Loyalty Program is getting expanded, so our customers will start receiving even more benefits from cooperation with PropellerAds soon.

How can I set and choose traffic sources in my advertiser’s account?

Enter your account and open the Traffic Sources tab. In the tab, you will see two traffic options – PropellerAds (exclusive traffic sources) and Partner Traffic (our supply partners). If you want more advanced settings, make sure to focus on your zone ID and make changes accordingly to your campaign settings. 


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