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PropellerAds Evolution: What Does It Mean for You?


You might have noticed that something has changed at PropellerAds. You are right!

However, not only do we have a brand new website now. We have grown significantly (not so long ago, we reached 12 BLN impressions per day), and our technological capacities as well as your advertising opportunities expanded. At the same time, we stay your time-proven provider of exclusive ad inventory without compromising traffic quality.

What does it mean? What will change? What should our customers and partners expect? Let’s discuss.

We are a multisource advertising platform  

During 11 years on the market, PropellerAds has been developing and delivering numerous unique advertising technology solutions for media buyers and performance marketers to help them reach the most relevant users online and meet business goals. With such a wide kit of high-tech instruments, calling ourselves just a “traffic source” is not entirely right, because now we are much bigger than that. 

At this point in our development, we want to answer the question “Who are we?” more precisely. We are still the provider of unmatched and high-quality traffic for our partners, but we must admit that the structure of our technological system has changed significantly. Our aim is to stay maximally transparent with our current and future customers to be 100% assured that you know how everything works. 

In 2022, PropellerAds system has already been offering access to multiple exclusive and well-tested traffic sources via a single advertiser’s account. Today, we continue improving our technologies to provide all-in-one solutions for your marketing. One of our main focuses is to help you scale your user acquisition campaigns and add new, reliable, and unique sources to boost your conversion rate. This is what we call multisource.


Now, with our new website announcement, we want to share the current structure with everyone and emphasize our technological readiness for new integrations. 

Our system has been enhanced, therefore we will add new traffic supply partners easier and quicker, providing you with new traffic types in 2023 and keeping the high level of your ad performance. Our main aim is to help you scale your campaigns for new audiences, including those you have never tried before.  

More steps to make – adding new traffic types and bidding models to our platform. At the same time, advanced ad rotation algorithms will take care of your audience’s relevance and quality, as they do now. Due to the latest technology, you will continue reaching the best suitable audiences for your offer type and marketing funnel. 

“We’ve been working on improvements and high-tech solutions from the very first day of PropellerAds existence. We started as a small Popunder network, and look where we are now! This rebranding is more like a glance around, a moment when we realize how far we have come in these 11 years. 

Now we are a multisource platform with expanded advertising opportunities especially when it comes to lead generation and communication with your audience. Our technologies allow you to work with various sources, process numerous users, and find the most relevant audience for your business. And we have more exciting innovations to present very soon!”Matt Schmidt, Head of the Advertisers Department at PropellerAds.

What changes for you? 

So, to put it shortly, the main changes at PropellerAds are: easier ways to reach the most relevant audiences for your business and maximal scaling opportunities. 

What stays the same? During all of these years, our main priorities were your results and convenience. As such, the main things, such as platform usage, purchase, prices, efficiency of platform tools, and availability of traffic for everyone (disregarding your account balance and Loyalty Program level) don’t change. 

Not only is our website going to be much more comfortable now and reflect the new brand concept more precisely, but we also have significant technical updates to present. Our new developments provide:

  • New traffic types to expand your media buying strategy 
  • New bidding models
  • New ad rotation algorithms 
  • Exceptional traffic quality and purity ensured by the latest anti-fraud software update

PropellerAds’ traffic quality is famous all over the market. So, some things change – we grow and expand, and some things are forever constant – our high standards. We are happy and grateful that you have been with us during all these years. Get ready to experience even more new highly-advanced developments in the near future. 

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback regarding our new website and functionality, feel free to contact our Support Team and share your thoughts! 

Check out the new website

And let’s discuss the new website in our Telegram Chat!


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