Today we’re happy to present SmartCPM, the brand new pricing model in our Self-Serve Advertising Platform. The SmartCPM allows advertisers to pay less for traffic and get the maximum benefit from their budget.
We believe that the new bidding model will take advertising process to the new level and make it easier and transparent for all our Partners.

The performance bidding model SmartCPA gives advertisers an opportunity to automatically test CPA offers on our traffic, and pay only for conversions after the campaign is optimized by our system. However, it works only if the technology is used properly.
In this article we’ve collected a range of super effective tips on how to cut the optimization costs of your SmartCPA campaigns, or even get the cost to zero, and get a fully optimized campaign that brings conversions.

It is widely known that not all site visitors purchase, download, deposit and become loyal customers after the first visit to the site. Statistics indicate that more than 98% of visitors leave websites without converting and don’t come back. You’ve probably been digging your analytics for days, changing content and conducting endless A/B tests of your landing pages. Sound familiar?
Things have changed. Now you have the second chance to get them interested and establish a trustworthy dialogue with your prospects. Remind them about you. Provide your audience with relevant information at the proper time and you will be amazed at the results!