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How to promote financial offers – Olymp Trade Affiliate Program case study

OlympTrade affiliate program

Today we’d like to discuss launching advertising campaigns and making money on financial offers using the Olymp Trade Affiliate Program as an example.


Affiliate marketing in Financial niche
About the target audience
How to start and promote Binary Options affiliate program successfully

Tips for setting up an effective advertising campaign of Olymp Trade affiliate program

Affiliate marketing in financial niche

The financial niche (binary options, forex e.t.c.) in the affiliate market is considered to be one of the most profitable. This is the main reason it attracts the majority of affiliates. There are a few more advantages of this niche:

  • Long-term (“lifetime”) payments. This means that you can make a profit as long as the customers you attract, make deposits and stay active on the trading platform.
  • High payments due to the fact that you receive up to 60% of the broker’s profit. With  competent work in the financial niche, monthly profit can be 2-3 times higher than in other verticals.
  • More opportunities for building a custom sales funnel, and therefore more space for experimentation. As a result of your competent and skillful work attracting traffic, you can get a working system that will generate profit over a long period of time and the customers should generate revenue within a year or more.
  • You do not need to invest a lot of money to get started. Many ready-made promotional materials are provided by the partner program.
  • Available for all platforms: web, mobile applications and mobile web.
  • Over the last years, binary offers have become very popular; there are hundreds of affiliate “journeys” on forums, strategies can be employed, case studies, and affiliate advertising-related lifehacks that can be of great use.

However, there are some drawbacks you should keep in mind:

  • Attempting to draw “cold” traffic straight to the binary option platform registration page won’t bring you conversions. You have to work with this traffic over the long term, drawing users towards making conversions. This may require constantly enlarging and developing your sales funnel. Because of this, there is a risk of investing a substantial amount of time into the project and not reaching your goals.
  • Due to the volatility and complexity of profits from the financial products, some brocker’s affiliate programs leave no other option except for revshare. Working by CPA is often a privilege reserved for successful, trusted partners.

Here are some strategies that are trending in the financial niche:

  • Сomplex sales funnels with multiple “touches” and combinations of ad channels: paid advertising, email + blog, blog + SMM, retargeting, etc.
  • Using cases found online and existing affiliate experience within this niche and improving on them.
  • Watch your competitors, but never copy their strategies. You should always be one step ahead of your competition.
  • Constant improvement of your working sales funnels and creatives with high conversion rates is the key to success. Test different targetings and traffic sources and use different prelanders.
  • Add content marketing to your funnel: case studies, articles, social media pages, YouTube channel and anything else that can push your users toward making a conversion.
  • Don’t let your visitors leave; retain them with retargeting. It’s less expensive and it will boost your conversion rate.

About the target audience

It may seem that the target audience of this vertical is mostly traders, real estate speculators and other stock market analysts. However, the target audience is actually comprised of ordinary people (usually 23-39 years old) who have some source of primary income (which means they can make a deposit), but their primary income is not enough. Their main desire is to find a quick source of extra income.

This vertical’s audience is similar to that of online games, gambling and betting sites. This target market is constantly looking for quick ways to earn money.

That covers the basics. Now we get down to business.

How to start and promote Binary Options affiliate program successfully

At first glance, the process is simple:

  • Step 1 – Registration in the affiliate program platform
  • Step 2 – Preparation
  • Step 3 – Launch of advertising campaigns

Below, we will explore some of the nuances with each stage.

Step 1. Registration in the affiliate program platform

We choose one of the most profitable finance affiliate programs for the review – Olymp Trade Affiliate Program. Below we tried to summarize the basic information you need to know before you start working with the this program.

Olymp Trade Affiliate Program: Overview

Olymp Trade is one of the major international brokers of binary options and it’s affiliate program is a way to receive payment for attracting clients to the trading platform.
Highest payment percentages by the Revshare model. Permanent income from 50% to 60% of deposits.
Base of promo materials. In the “Promotional Materials” section you will find an exhaustive database of ready-made materials with already affiliated referral link: landings, banners, logos, videos, links for mobile applications, strategies and registration forms.
Bonus program. Bonus program is active until December 31, 2017 and will apply to all new traders from countries, except Russia and CIS countries. The bonus amount depends on the number of traders recruited over the month.
Referral program. You receive from 5% to 10% of the income of leads youl bring to the Olymp Trade Affiliate platform with your referral link.
GEO. The platform accepts traffic from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and CIS countries.
Fast payments. To receive a payment, you just need to confirm the phone number, choose wallet for withdrawals and send the request in the “Payouts” section. As stated, the payment can be processed within 3 business days from the moment you send the payment request, however, the payment usually comes within several hours or by the end of the day.
Payment methods. These payment methods are available in the accounts: QIWI, Neteller, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, Skrill, ePayments and wire transfers.
Low minimum threshold. The minimum payment is only $10.
User-friendly interface. The platform is easy to use and is available in two languages – English and Russian.
Support. Your personal manager is assigned to you immediately after the registration. You can contact your manager via his/her personal Skype or e-mail. There is also a “Support” section in your dashboard where you can ask the general support team for help and check the entire list of your tickets. The support team is ready to answer all of your questions on business days from 8 AM to 5 PM GMT.

Registration process

Registration is quick and easy. Simply enter your email, password and an additional way of communication: Skype, ICQ or any other. The rest of the information can be filled out later in the “Profile” section in your account.
OlympTrade Affiliate Program - Registration
After a successful registration, you are immediately transferred into your personal account.

Inside the account

You can see the the following menu sections on the left side of your dashboard:
Statistics – There are 4 types of reports in this section:

  • General – here, you can select Reflected Period and the type of statistics
  • Cohort analysis – here, you can select Registration Date, Deposit Date, Registration Classification, Deposit Classification, Subid1, Subid2
  • By country
  • By landing page

Promotional materials – The section contains a vast database of ready-to-use promotional materials with referral link – banners, landings, videos e.t.c.
OlympTrade Affiliate Program - Promo Materials
FAQ – Detailed answers to common questions.
Bonuses – Bonus program with a calculation table of bonuses determined by the number of traders recruited.
Payouts – In this section you can manage your payment methods and make submit payout requests.
News – A regularly updated section with the latest news from the world of finance and the platform.
Profile – Your profile, contact information and subscription settings.
Support – Here, you can ask the support team for help and see a full list of your tickets.
Ratings – Here, the “TOP 5” affiliate ratings for the last 30 days are shown: Mobile installs, Income $, Traders and Registrations. Pay attention to the Top 5 affiliate income rating for the past 30 days:
OlympTrade Top Affiliates
Referral program – Here you can take a referral link for attracting new partners (affiliates) as well as check statistics for the selected period.
Olymp Trade Referral Program

Step 2. Preparation. What additional services should you set up before starting your advertising campaign?

1) Tracker. Do you need to use any third-party tracker?
There is enough data in PropellerAds’ default statistics; usually, there is no need for any third-party services. All the info is kept in one place, you don’t have to add anything else or test conversion deliveries, meaning there is almost no risk of traffic discrepancy.
However, many affiliates prefer to integrate third-party trackers to get the most detailed statistics and be able to build custom reports. For this reason we have established a partnership with the largest trackers on the market: Voluum, AdsBridge, Thrive, BeMob. PropellerAds is already integrated as the Trusted traffic source in all of their interfaces, which will make the connecting process easier for you. In addition, you can find discounts or bonuses for some trackers in the “Special Offers” section of your Advertiser account.
2) Prelanders. Is it worth using them or directly sending traffic to a partner platform?
In most cases, the answer will be yes, they are worth using. As we’ve already mentioned, the binary options niche requires thoughtful and accurate work with traffic, complicated funnels, and multiple touches. Therefore, in our case, a good prelander will help to make the right first touch and prepare traffic for conversion.

  • The user should want to take the offer or should receive enough simple and compelling information to make a decision. If the offer’s page is just one huge registration form or if a user needs to fill in a phone number, your prelander may help to raise the user’s motivation beforehand.
  • Prelanders also allow you to target your work better and prepare narrow segments of traffic to view a general offer. This is essential if you have several campaigns with different targetings (GEOs, browser languages, etc.). Feel free to make custom prelanders, test them, and translate. You will significantly increase the conversion rate if you do.
  • Unlike the affiliate program’s promotional materials which have already been used by hundreds and thousands of other affiliates, custom-created materials will function much better as the first point of contact.
  • Last but not least, prelanders allow you to use retargeting. Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of our new feature, PropellerAds Retargeting. It will help you return visitors who have left your prelander without making a conversion and show them a personalized offer or push towards a conversion in another way. And it’s much cheaper than attracting them via other advertising channels.

Step 3. Setting up an advertising campaign in PropellerAds

If you already have an Advertiser account at PropellerAds, simply login and create a new campaign.
Never tried working with us? Register now! It will take a couple of minutes.

If you decide to use any third-party tracking service, don’t forget to set up a Postback from your tracking platform to PropellerAds system before creating new campaign. Go to the “Tracking” page, there you can find out how to connect PropellerAds system to different trackers.

To create a new campaign, click the Create Campaign button in the “Campaigns” menu section.
Adjust your campaign’s settings and decide upon your targeted audience:

  • give your campaign a simple and understandable name
  • choose the pricing model
  • add target URL (the link to the main landing page you want to drive traffic to)
  • adjust frequency settings if needed
  • choose the targetings
  • define the optimal budget limits
  • add anti-adblock zones option to reach users of Ad Blocking software

The default advertising format is Full-Screen OnClick (Popunder).

Which pricing model to choose?

The suitable Pricing model is the first thing you need to decide upon. Here is a quick overview of the bidding models currently available in the PropelleAds platform:
CPM – traditional CPM, cost-per-mile (1000 impressions), involves manual testing and optimizing, and is mostly recommended for experienced affiliates who have their own white-lists (lists of zones with traffic that converts the best on their offer)
SmartCPM – our new smart bidding model, which helps to get different CPM rates by zones and pay less for ad placements with lower competition. This way you get a fair price for each ad placement without overpaying and can even manually adjust the bids.

We strongly recommend using this bidding model if you’re not experienced in affiliate marketing and want to get the best results out of your budget.

SmartCPA – another smart bidding model which will require more attention and experience. Our smart algorithm is testing your offer on many ad placements and leaves only those which bring conversions. After the test period your campaign is fully optimized and you pay only for conversions.

We recommend using SmartCPA only if you are 100% sure about the quality of your offer and your sales funnel and have enough experience as an affiliate marketer.

Which ad format to choose?

Our primary advertising format – OnClick Popunder ads is the best choice for your affiliate goals if you’re working with desktop and mobile traffic.

  • It’s the cheapest solution for the Cost-Per-View case.
  • It’s full-screen, therefore it provides you with a huge space for your creatives and doesn’t require any additional fuss with creatives.
  • It takes users directly to your Landing Page, skipping the “banner” stage.

If you’re working only with mobile traffic, it’s a good idea to expand your OnClick campaign and try Interstitial ad format (available for CPM pricing model at the moment)

  • It’s perfectly mobile-optimized.
  • You get premium quality “click-through traffic”.
  • CTR is 7 times higher compared to banner ads.
  • You have a large 500*700 pixels (full screen) space for engaging images of your product.
PropellerAds Expert Tip:

We recommend starting your Olymp Trade campaign with “OnСlick Popunder + SmartCPM” combination.  SmartCPM pricing model will help you make the most out of your advertising budget without overpaying for traffic from ad placements with low competition.
If you see high conversion rate on specific ad zones, you can manually set maximum bids for them and get maximum traffic, or decrease the bid if you see few conversions. Find more details about setting up a SmartCPM campaign here.

As soon as your campaign get some traffic you can start optimising it by setting the higher bids on best converting zones or excluding zones that don’t bring conversions.
Optimize SmartCPM campaign

Tips for setting up an effective advertising campaign of Olymp Trade affiliate program

GEO. Decide which GEO you need to target and limit targeting within the compiled list. The narrower your GEO segmentation, the greater the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. We recommend creating separate advertising campaigns for each country so that tracking statistics is easier and more transparent.
Expand the horizon and test traffic from new countries. Never worked with tier-3 market? It is worthwhile to test, perhaps the conversion rate from such GEOs as Thailand, Africa and RSA will be higher.
Adapt creatives and landing pages. Create different creatives and landings for individual GEOs and languages. If you know your target audience, use bright and candid images for that audience and adapt creatives to different audience segments. By doing this, you can quickly attract your audience’s attention. When the target audience views a simple and straightforward proposal, the effectiveness of the ad campaign increases.
If you use creatives from the Olymp Trade Affiliate Program’s base of promo-materials, then try to find the one that suits your target audience. For example if you choose landing page, pay attention to its language, as well as its structure: detailed landings, landing for social traffic and more.
Test different creatives. Remember to move beyond one creative: run several different creatives at the same time to determine the most effective one for a particular audience.
Update your creatives. Do not forget to update your creatives and get rid of old ineffective landings. Any landing may lose its relevance for your target audience in course of time and bring you less conversions. Check the relevance and pay attention to new promotional materials in the base of Olymp Trade Affiliate Program.
Buy more mobile traffic. Olymp Trade Affiliate Program’s team istrying to constantly update their applications for both iOS and Android platforms. In the promo-materials base you will find links for App Store and Google Play, as well as a universal link for mixed traffic, which itself defines the platform of the user’s device.
Retargeting. Sometimes there can be so many steps in the conversion funnel that it is necessary to return the audience to help it make a decision and to bring a conversion. To do this, use Retargeting – an effective tool that allows you to remind your site visitors about the product and come closer to making a purchase decision.
Arm yourself with patience. As we stated previously, to achieve success in the financial niche you should constantly improve your sales funnel. You sometimes need to wait for two or more weeks for the changes to take effect and to be able to evaluate your results.
That’s all you need to know to start promotion of financial offers with PropellerAds. We wish you the highest ROI and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance!


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