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2017 Recap | Our Biggest Achievements and Hints on What’s Coming Next

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It’s this time of the year when you hear “I can’t believe it’s been a year already!” way too frequently. Obviously, we couldn’t idly stand aside while everyone shares their New Year resolutions.

Head of SSP Business Development

Vadim Kazakov, Head of SSP Business Development

Yet, before setting up new goals, we decided to recap all the amazing things that happened to PropellerAds in 2017. For this purpose, we invited our Head of SSP Business Development, Vadim Kazakov, to comment and share his thoughts on what has been our most significant launches in 2017!

The Launch of Detailed Statistics

This September, we’ve launched new campaign statistics that facilitated a deeper understanding of what the audience needs. We took the guesswork out of advertising – clear targeting and more efficiency.

Vadim: “This launch might not sound like a big deal, but when it comes to advertising, statistics and targeting are everything. We wanted to set a new benchmark for advertising networks – statistics that allows targeting even the narrowest audiences. What we can see so far, and according to the feedback we are getting, this feature does help to spend the budget more efficiently. Clients have a very clear idea of whom they are targeting, and can monitor results in real time.”

“Smart” Features: SmartCPA & SmartCPM

These two big launches turned heads in 2017! SmartCPA is a unique feature that lets you automatically test ad zones and find the best CPA rate for your campaign. You spend less on testing but, at the same time, get more accurate, refined results!

SmartCPM is another milestone that definitely changed the industry. SmartCPM campaigns are very different from what CPM advertising used to be years ago. Now you can take advantage of a dynamically changing price instead of paying the flat rate.

Vadim: “SmartCPA and SmartCPM are PropellerAds proprietary tools, and no other network can boast having such an advanced technology. In addition, I can safely say that more than 30% of our clients on the Self-Serve platform are already using SmartCPA, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Among all the other features we’ve launched, SmartCPM is probably a highlight of 2017. One of our major concerns, in terms of meeting customer expectations, was maintaining the consistently high quality of traffic, while keeping the prices low. Obviously, it was a challenging task for our IT team, and they managed to deliver a solution that was destined to become a star-product.”

New Ad Formats

Mobile Interstitial Ad Format

All this year we were actively working on expanding our ad toolkit, so you can find a solution that is a right match for your business goals. A vast variety of mobile formats, interstitial ads, push notifications; next year you will see an even bigger selection of ad formats.

Vadim: “Given the fact that technology is now shifting towards interactivity, I believe next-generation display ads have enormous potential and would become mainstream in no time.

Along with display formats, we are also eyeing up native ads. For example, this year’s launch – native notifications, we have over a million subscriptions for that feature. In other words, this year we were preparing the ground for some massive upcoming launches.”

More Funding Options

We can tell with confidence, all the funding options you were requesting can now be found on PropellerAds Platform: Skrill, UnionPay, and PayPal. Need to automate the process? We’ve added the recurring payment option.

Vadim: “We strive to optimize all operations with PropellerAds and make them as fast and effortless as it’s technically possible. Our recent launch – recurring payments – is a step towards full-scale automation. Why? Because clients don’t have to spend time filling in the payment forms or fine-tuning campaigns if we are talking about Smart CPA solution.”

New Publisher Platform

High-end publisher platform released this December has brought a ton of great new features, including in-depth statistics, 24/7 live chat right inside the platform, and fully responsive design. Even bigger changes are on the way!

Vadim: “Our new platform was developed using the monetization activity and behavior data, collected over the years. We transferred to publisher platform most of the features that until recently had been available only to advertisers. Next year you will see more formats and some tools, we are particularly excited about!”

So what’s ahead for PropellerAds next year?

As much as we would love to tell you everything, we still have to keep some new launches a surprise. How do you stay informed on all our upcoming updates, offers, and launches? Be the first to know – follow us on Social Media!

Happy New Year!


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