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Bidding and Budgeting: How to Set the Right Bid for Your Paid Ads Campaign

In this article, we’ll go over the basics of the bidding model, the different structures available, and give you tips to effectively manage your budget.

why doesn't smartcpa work for me
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Ask Propeller: Why doesn’t SmartCPA work for me?

Today, we have invited Ariadna Butler from our Affiliate Management team to spell out how to adjust your desires to fit the advertising reality

popunder traffic questions answered
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Probably More than You Want to Know About Popunder: Webinar Questions Answered

Get clarity on popunder ads with our webinar Q&A session. Learn how they work, benefits, and implementation tips from industry specialists

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2017 Recap | Our Biggest Achievements and Hints on What’s Coming Next

Before setting up new goals, we decided to recap all the amazing things that happened to PropellerAds in 2017

how to get max profit from smartcpa campaigns
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How to get max profit from your SmartCPA campaigns

Learn how to optimize SmartCPA campaigns for maximum profitability. Discover expert strategies to boost ROI and drive success. Start today!

6 SmartCPA Tips
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6 tips for running a successful SmartCPA campaign

Maximize SmartCPA campaign success with these 6 expert tips. Achieve efficiency and effectiveness in your advertising strategy. Start optimizing now!