Analyzing and optimizing your ad campaigns has just gotten a lot easier. Thanks to the new campaigns’ statistics update all the data you need is now near at hand – on your Advertiser’s Dashboard.
Once you start sending traffic to your campaign, you should pay close attention to statistics reports:

  • Which traffic converts better on your offer: desktop, TV or tablet?
  • How to optimize your campaign to increase ROI?
  • Are there non-English-speaking users who don’t understand your ad’s message?

To avoid wasting your advertising budget on a non-relevant audience, it is important to get this data as soon as possible. For this reason, we have gone out of our way to make your advertiser dashboard more informative and user friendly.
Today, it is our pleasure to announce the launch of the Big Advertisers’ Statistics Update. To provide you with the most accurate information, we have already extended your campaign statistics by 7 additional filters. You will get a detailed report showing the traffic that you are buying without the need for any third party software.
Stats by Browser
You can go deep into the provided data to view how many conversions there are within each campaign, grouped by Device type, Device, Browser, Language, OS Type and much more. Gain valuable insight and easily scale your success.
Stats by OS Version
Find out what audience is the most relevant for your offer. Monitor your campaigns’ performance in real-time.
Stats by language
The new filters are already available in your account and more useful updates are on their way!
Have any questions about the SmartCPA technology? Ask us!