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Manage your PropellerAds campaigns with BeMob tracking solution


We are happy to introduce you our new partner – BeMob, a performance marketing tracking solution for affiliates and media buyers.
To save your time on setup process the BeMob team has already added PropellerAds to the list of Trusted traffic sources with pre-configured settings. Now it takes a couple of minutes and a few clicks to set up tracking of your advertising campaigns!
Setup PropellerAds Campaign with BeMob

How to setup tracking using the traffic source template?

  • Log in to your BeMob account and choose the Traffic sources tab.
  • Click the New from templates button.
  • Select PropellerAds from the list and BeMob will pre-populate all the necessary settings for postback url.
  • Don’t forget to change “REPLACE” to actual IDs (aid, pid & tid) from “Conversion Tracking” screen in your advertiser’s account.

Detailed step-by-step guide how to setup PropellerAds campaign’ conversion tracking with BeMob is available in our Knowledge Base.

What are the benefits of working with BeMob?

We advise using BeMob tracker as it is a simple tool to track, analyze, optimize, control and scale out your ad campaigns.
BeMob Key Features that will help to boost your campaigns’ ROI:

  • Daily capping for offers
  • Conversion statuses
  • Traffic loss percentage
  • Error logging
  • QR Codes for mobile campaigns
  • Auto optimization tool
  • Landing page pixel  and redirect pixel
  • The most detailed and transparent reports on 28 parameters including IP subnets, Screen resolutions and parameters from your traffic source
  • Multi-user access
  • Loyal pricing

For more information about BeMob tracking solutions, visit the official website.
If you have any questions or need assistance with setting up conversion tracking – contact our support team via tickets or LiveChat from your advertiser account.


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